Monday, March 5, 2012

- Oh Jeez... The OWS Idiots Are Back!!!

All this does is bring to light precisely how stupid the occupy movement really is. They are not an example of style over substance, they're an example of style instead of substance. Let me explain.

Back when I was getting started on Wall Street, computer trading had not yet begun to dominate the market. And back then a protest on Wall Street still meant something. If it was determined enough, and large enough, it might even disrupt trading. They almost never were, but it was still possible. Now though, a protest on Wall Street won't have any effect on trading whatsoever. Cause the NY stock exchange to be abandoned and business will continue totally uninterrupted.

There is still plenty of business down there, as there is in lots of places in Manhattan. But it's not the kind that the occupy movement has a problem with. So all they will accomplish by 'storming wall street' is making a general nuisance of themselves and further alienating the very people they claim to represent.

I guess if they knew how to do anything right, they'd all have jobs someplace instead. They really are our society's refuse. In a just world, they'd all be too hungry to protest.


chess. said...

cant we just load these idiots up and ship em off to australia?? england did and it worked ok.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I would prefer Liberia or Sierra Leone. Some of the locals there still practice cannibalism (Google 'General Butt Naked' if you don't believe me).

At least they could do something useful like feeding the natives.