Monday, March 5, 2012

- What's (Really) Ailing The Chevy Volt

The left always thinks that spin is the issue. For them it’s only the narrative... the story. It’s never a question of one set of decisions leading to one result, and another set of decisions leading to another. It’s never a question of objective reality. In their minds, it’s only how they talk about it that effects the outcome.

The Chevy Volt doesn’t sell because it’s a crappy design that no one wants. It costs a fortune and it performs poorly compared to gas engine vehicles selling at a tiny fraction of it's price. It’s a bad idea shoved down the throat of consumers who would have laughed in the face of the GM marketers but for the massive tax payer subsidy they were given. It was a program designed by the environmental lobby and used to funnel electioneering money to the unions, and big Democrat contributors. Building a good car was the very last thing on their minds.

But don’t try to tell that to liberals. To them it’s all about ‘the story’. In their minds, if they had told the story of the Chevy Volt better, then the program would have been a smashing success. If they had only explained how desperately the environment needs a $250,000 micro-economy car that can only go 375 miles at a clip, things would have been fine. If they had managed to convey all the good it was doing for slovenly union labor, voters would have rallied out of patriotism.

As usual, they were just wrong. This was all just another case of liberal myopia. Politicians shouldn’t be making these decisions. The real decision of which car to make should be driven by consumers. Chevy should be encouraged to give the consumer what they actually want, not what politicians want them to have. But that doesn’t work with liberals because to quote ex-President Bill Clinton, consumers might want “the wrong thing”.

Liberals want to remake the world in their vision. They want to be the people who make all the decisions, not to just allow those decision to be made by the ‘idiot’ consumers. So when they talk about reviving the Chevy Volt they don't talk about making it a better car. Instead, they talk about changing the political environment for every other choice consumers might make, in order to make the volt look better in comparison. They talk about a new tax on CO2 or Gasoline, or some other politically driven incentive to force consumers to see the world the way they do. And while those things may happen, (and when they do - do huge damage to employment and the economy overall) they aren’t going to save the Chevy Volt.

That isn’t to say that the Volt will stop being produced, because it probably won’t. Since it was never about making consumers happy or making a profit for government motors, the fact that it’s failing in the marketplace is no reason to abandon it. GM will continue to produce it, and continue to collect the subsidy, and continue to employ otherwise unemployable union labor to build it. They’ll use it to accomplish all the political goals that they set out to accomplish by making the crappy thing in the first place. The money will continue to flow to the union (and back out to the Democrat party) and to big Democrat contributors. Envori-lobbyists will still point to it giddily as 'the wave of the future'.

And to liberals, it's continued failure in the marketplace will still be about ‘the story’. They’ll never admit that it was a bad idea – launched and supported only by bad decision making. And in a free market, (the ultimate test for a good idea - and the operating word being 'free') it would have never been built in the first place.

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chess said...

lets see.they predeicted 45000 would be sold this yr. they hit 1000+.. thats close enuf for a liberal...rounding error...the only good thing about this debacle was i made really good money shorting A123 systems... battery maker..enuf for them to take my taxes and subsidize another 10 cars... wtf????????????