Tuesday, April 17, 2012

- Teacher's Union Election Corruption

Today is election day in NJ for School Board members, and an interesting dynamic has emerged that I wanted to make mention of. These are all local elections, and the job of School Board Member is a volunteer position that comes with no compensation. So the campaigns don't look exactly like normal political campaigns.

There are usually a couple of politically involved parents running - by no means professionals, and usually talked into it by a friend in the PTA or something. They're usually active, well intentioned moms with kids in the district who are anxious to help but that don't know the first thing about contract negotiation or budgeting. Then there are the pros.

The teachers unions, for reasons that should be obvious, make it a critical issue to have a number of people on every school board in the state. And since they can spend VAST amounts of money on the election process, the people with the best ads and the robo-calling and the largest signs and billboards, are always union plants.

In our area, the Freehold Regional School district, the main union plant is a woman named (I kid you not) Bonnie Sue Rosenwald. When asked about her career by the local paper she declined to answer, but her son is a teacher in the district, as is her daughter and her daughter in law, so she's got three members of the family whose livelihood depends on her towing the line on all Teacher's union issues. (with three teacher children what do you imagine the odds are that Bonnie sue was once a Dentist?)

She'll probably win of course - the Union plants almost always do. They are the only people with the kind of resources required to do it. But it's the people you don't know and haven't heard of, who actually stand a better chance of doing the right thing for NJ's public schools. They may not be any more competent that he Bonnie Sue Rosenwald's of the world, but at least they aren't so obviously a part of Teacher's union corruption.

So if you see a bunch of big signs and great advertising, or if you get a robo-call from a school board candidate, remember, these are the people that the union wants you to vote for. And no organization is more responsible for the deplorable state of Education in America, than the mercenary Teacher's unions.

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