Friday, May 11, 2012

- Those Who Can't...

I live in an upper middle class town in NJ not unlike many others, in a modest home appropriately sized for my small family. It's a nice quiet suburban life, free from ostentation.

My daughter attends the public school, which is considered among the best in the state. But as a public school in deep blue teacher's union dominated NJ, it's also a science lab for the progressive left's theorizing and idiotic "special programs". Every few weeks there is another special team rolling through promoting diversity, anti-bullying, the pro-gay political agenda, and the other far left talking points that have been embraced by the teachers union. But it's turning out that achieving results with those programs is harder than the far left initially thought. They aren't fooling the kids, like they had hoped to.

In my daughter's middle school in particular, the promoters of those programs have a real problem in that most of the students are smarter than most of the teachers. They don't know more - they're kids, that would be ridiculous. But they are smarter. Their parents are bankers, lawyers, doctors and professionals. At home they're constantly exposed to the kind of thinking that's required to achieve success in the private sector. Many of them are also children of immigrants from Israel, the eastern bloc countries or east Asia who have been conditioned to be cynical of the 'collective' and anything other than individual effort leading to individual success or failure. In effect they know more about how to process ideas if they want achieve success, than virtually all of their teachers do.

This is the reason the 'diversitoids' have become a joke to Americas youngest generation. This is why my daughter and her friends think it's funny to call me a racist every time I reach for the coffee creamer. In the end, it's because all the nonsense being promoted in the schools is coming from people who are too obviously stupid to convince anyone of anything that can't be objectively confirmed by outside evidence.

As an example, yesterday the 'conflict resolution team' broke into my daughter's regularly scheduled science class to emphasize the importance of making eye contact and nodding while talking to each other. When they asked the class "Can you think of any other gestures which might be used during a conflict resolution?" My ever polite daughter held up her personal suggestion for a "gesture" behind her second hand so only her giggling friend could see, and the whole class broke into hysterics anyway. The joke was obvious to everyone except the people running the program. To them, it was all a deadly serious part of 'socialization' and an important part of these children's development. The kids laughed at them all the same.

We on the right tend to complain that the schools are populated by far left ideologues, but we forget that they're teachers too. Those who can't... teach, and those who can't teach, teach education. So while the people in America's public schools are doing all they can to turn them into mini indoctrination camps for the progressive vision, it's actually turning out that they can't actually accomplish that either.

This is an unintended benefit to having driven all of our least competent thinkers into the education establishment. An inability to achieve in the private sector is what drives those people into education just as it's what pushes them toward the leftist vision in the first place. And once there, that trend of being unable to actually 'do' anything seems to continue for them. That comes as a big relief to me.

When my daughter started school I was very concerned that her teachers would lie to her about how the world works, and that it would do her some indirect harm. I imagined having to spend hours undoing the damage that her teachers would do . But since seeing how naturally she and her friends ridicule their teacher's positions and laugh at their attempts at indoctrination; and even more how readily they recognize them for what they are, my fears have largely subsided.

It's all a big joke to them, the same as it is for the rest of us.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

glad to see things are improving. When I was in public middle and high school, the majority of the kids drank the coolaid.

More open access to information via the web helping maybe?