Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Tomorrow is the 5 year mark for this blog - an astounding thing when you think about it. But what kind of astounding thing it is, is still a mystery to me. I'm still thinking about it, and should have a piece up tomorrow to explain my current feelings. In the meantime I'd like to reflect a little about what's changed here in 5 years.

In May of 2008 after a trip to the gun range, John Derbyshire sent me an email to ask what kind of Shotgun I would suggest he buy. He posted a link to my response in the Corner on NRO. That post is still the single most widely read piece I've written, having been viewed literally millions (multiple) of times. Put the words "buying a shotgun" into google, and for years that post was the first item to come up. It's only recently become number 2. (last time I checked, google had an Ad in the number 2 spot and mine was number 3).

That link lit a fire under the rest of this blog. Between there and here, It went from being something that a few of my Wall Street friends were reading, to having a meaningful and broad audience. It's not drudge or anything. But it's settled into a stable and steady 12 to 13 thousand unique visitors a month. Since then, Michelle Malkin has linked a few articles, other conservative sites have linked a few more, and Sean Hannity even read one of my pieces on his afternoon radio show. That was fun.

It's built up a bit of its own momentum, which is astounding when you think of how little goes into it. Imagine a child's go kart rolling down a mountainside at far, far too great a speed - bouncing and careening off the rocks while small decorative pieces fly off in every direction - and there behind what's left of the wheel is me, hanging on with white knuckles and grinning wildly, totally unaware of the danger to myself and others. That's something like what I imagine. and while the ride may or may not be worth watching, it's easy to imagine that the wreck that comes will be. Maybe that's what everyone's showing up to see.

I'm very appreciative that so many people find my views worth the trouble, but I have to tell you I don't really get it much of the time. I'm not anyone after all. I'm a middle aged suburban white guy from New Jersey with a wife, a daughter, a dog, and a few hobbies. Drop an asteroid on me tomorrow and the world would never notice. I don't mean this at all disrespectfully but, surely you guys all have your own opinionated friends right? That's all this really is - a guy who lacks the good manners to keep his opinions to himself, who built himself a megaphone and is taking it to some hysterically large scale. And yet, people do continue to show interest, so I keep doing it.

Anyway, I've trolled through the last roughly 1500 posts and pulled out a few that I thought were particularly insightful given their date, or were particularly fun to read. Since quite a few of them predate the Shotgun post that John used to 'put me on the map' you might not recognize them. But I think if I were to build a greatest hits reel they all deserve inclusion. Many have been reposted at National Review or other conservative websites. The one Hannity read on the air is there too. If you've got the time to kill and wanted to get to know me, I think they say a lot about who I am.

I personally think you should peruse them all as they each contain their own tiny gems, but if you only read a couple, then make them Keynesian Monopoly, An Open Letter To Greek Protesters, Hail Ants, and Civil Servants gone wild. They have less substance than many of the others, but are probably more fun.

I stopped the links in November of last year, since beyond that I think you can peruse on your own.

New Jersey's Image Problem - June 22, 2007:

My Favorite Gun Statistics - June 25, 2007:

The Rise of the "Obama" Liberals - July 2, 2007:

A follow up with an argument with "The Derb" - July 12, 2007:

Global Warming (back when it was still happening) - July 7, 2007:

"Unfunded Liability" inspiring night terrors - July 13, 2007:

The 60th Birthday of the AK47 - July 16, 2007:

"Disco" Frank Lautenberg Returns to the US Senate - July 18, 2007:

There Ain't No Free Lunch - July 30, 2007:

Talking About Eminent Domain - August 7, 2007:

Rock/Paper/Scissors as Social commentary (follow the links in order) - August 17, 2007:

The Charles E. Schumer Memorial rifle Range - August 27, 2007:

The Problem With Western civilization - September 28, 2007:

Why we need a recession - November 8, 2007:

Why Healthcare is so expensive now - December 10, 2007:

Shooting down a Jumbo Jet - August 6, 2008:

Obama Elected President - November 8, 2008:

Keynesian Monopoly - January 5, 2009:

The Left's Guilty Conscience - August 6, 2009:

Don't Blame Smart People - April 26, 2010:

An Open Letter To Greek Protesters - May 5, 2010:

How Obama can fix it all but wont:
Part1- November 4, 2010:

And 2 - November 16, 2010:

The Public Sector Union future - January 21, 2011:

A bit about Mike Bloomberg - February 1, 2011:

Liberals live in an Invented world - April 10, 2011:

Becoming a Lawbreaker - June 25, 2011:

Occupy Wall Street Issues It's Demands - October 3, 2011:


ikaika said...

Great Stuff - I'm glad you compiled that list.

I managed to read a few of the comments on the two or three essays I had a chance to peruse.

the Shumer Memorial Shooting Range has a memorable comment LOL!

Anonymous from that post shows up quite a few times. It could be the same sour-grape-liberal posting on all of these.

Hail Ants - comments section is gold! I would want to see some of those posters of yore return for a plate of crow!

Chess said...

In fact one major cost you probably forgot to consider is that if you have an emergency room, then under a 1986 law you cannot turn anyone away for treatment for any reason, including their inability to pay. That means that so long as they show up at the emergency room door you are required to provide them service, whether you are getting paid or not. Can you imagine a restaurant where you had to feed anyone who shows up at the back door whether they’re able to pay or not? Can you imagine that same restaurant trying to remain profitable? And when your potential profit shrinks, how many people will be interested in going into that business with you? Will you be able to borrow the money you need for leasing equiptment, or buying office furniture, or hiring the squads of accountants and clerks necessary to keep up with the government mandated paperwork? In a word, no, you won’t. No one wants to be involved in a losing business, why would they?

In fact, under that 1986 law, so long as someone comes to you through the emergency room doors, you and your staff are in effect, their medical slaves. You must provide your service to them because the government orders you to, even though you will not be compensated for your work. The government bureaucrat may not have a bullwhip and fedora, but just see what happens to you if you turn someone away. In truth, according to that law, you are only required to treat them if it is an emergency, but you’d be amazed how many emergencies there are when the treatment for them is free

TOM.EXACTLY..The group I worked with did a trauma center etc. 13% of everything I did was free.FREE.No collections.No bill sent out. Medicare=35 cents on the dollar. Medicaid is 11 cents on the dollar.Overall we collected 51 cents on the dollar.

And yet someone in a gun fight who was shot and no insurance could then sue me into oblivion even though i had pumped blood and exposed myself to everything the pos had been around his life.I quit

Tom said...

As dark as your typical view is chess, you should stick to the lighter stuff. Try "why we need a recession". It details one of the greatest (and by far the wildest) party I've been to in my entire life.

Chess said...

Timing was a wif early but the msg was true.. So did you buddy up with Paulson and short the hell out of the cmbs market.?

Tom said...

I wish. But I made some money on the bounce afterward.

Chess said...

We had some great parties in med school and residencies but nothing like that...Once we got through our pharmacy class we had to try everything we had read about.You sorta think you are indestructable at that age and if you can read about it its probably ok to swallow or put up your nose...We survived.. Good times.
But I had a friend who went to Parkland for his residency.. 2 weeks into it he calls me and tells me how to prevent a hangover no matter how much of what you have drank or done. PREDNISONE...that was 1980. I havent had a hangover since.. This isnt for the 3-4 drinks with lots of food over 5 hrs. This is for the --now that Im 58---rare benders.But during those younger days it helped a load.When you were looking at a 36 hr shift and still sweating from the night before it saved my life...and maybe some pts lives....

Tom said...

That party involved pretending to be passed out after getting caught in the sack with the hostess by her dad, and later seeing how many naked drunken college girls would fit in a standup shower at once. Including me there were 6 of us.

We were young, shameless and indestructible, as all kids are. And it was one hell of a party.

Chess said...

LMAO...Since you missed Paulson's trade at least tell that you had -from that experience-- put venture capital into Girls Gone Wild and 5 Hr. Energy....

Tom said...

For the record, I think my most persuasive piece ever is the first of the three I linked in my prepper rant the other day - the one about New Zealand's evolution. But I mentioned them so recently that I didn't think it made sense to link them again.

I also left off my "E-Trade Carbon Credits" piece, which was more fun to write than it was to read.

Chess said...

Excellent piece...the Amish would be gone faster than the bird...I dont want to live if I cant have a frozen "marg" in the pm..

99% of the folks in this country would look like a bad episode of Eva Gabor in Green Acres....

Oh Oliver!!!!!!