Friday, July 20, 2012

Black Bloc OWS Evidence? - Hate Is On the Rise

Over several days I invited viewers of this thread to make their own conclusion whether an image appearing in a YouTube video titled Occupy Wall Street included an image of James E. Holmes being carried away by the police.  The images on the video were accompanied by a ballad sung by James Willie Holmes.  After some time and effort, I located a Reuters image captured on October 1, 2011 on the Brooklyn Bridge depicting the protester that appears in the YouTube I found so curious.  The clarity of this image lead me to conclude that the protester that appears when James W. Holmes sings "hate is on the rise" is not James E. Holmes.  Once I realized my mistake, I posted the following:

"I apologize to the man being taken by the police for associating him with a mass murderer.  I also apologize for associating OWS with James E. Holmes with images and opinions I posted below.  I sincerely regret my mistakes."    



Anonymous said...

I see match

Tom said...


Anonymous said...

I had the sound off when I first ran the video.
No Coincidence - not luck of the edit.

frithguild said...

RFNJ exclusive!

Anonymous said...

Excellent job frith...

as for theknee-jerk reaction by Jurassic Press:


Chess said...

Tom...This was sent to me for you.. Maybe you have seen it but the guy said get the veal ready.

Sorry about Colorado idiot but you cant police everything..There is evil in this world.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

So will this guy turn out to be a lunatic like the Giffords shooter? Or will it be a murderous but sane like Anders Breivik?

chess said...

1:00 p.m. -- According to University of Colorado Hospital spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery, James Holmes was studying neuroscience in a Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado-Denver graduate school. Montgomery said Holmes enrolled in the neuroscience program in 2011 and was in the process of withdrawing. She said she did not know why he had decided to withdraw.
Something made him snap...Maybe was taking whatever he was doin his PHD on...or too much acid...Booby trapped his apt pretty weel... ILL GO LUNATIC

Anonymous said...

James EGAN Holmes was the shooter not James WILL Holmes. It does look like him though. Maybe it is him-who knows.

James Holmes registered as a Democrat on June 14, 2011 in Colorado. He only lived there a year or so.

(After being steeped in liberal California schools from K-12 though Master Degree and then steeped in liberalism more by enrolling in University of Colorado how could he NOT be a democrat.

James Egan Holmes DOB 12/13/1987 24 years old from San Diego CA. Holmes family home is on Sparren Avenue in the Rancho Penasquitos area of San Diego and police are guarding. In 2006 graduated from Westview High School in Carmel Valley. The Poway Unified School District issued a statement, confirming reports that James Holmes was a graduate of Westview High Schooll
He lived at CA home while working bachelors and master’s degree in neuroscience at the University of California – Riverside. He graduated.

Last year (2011), James Holmes moved out of his San Diego CA home & moved to Aurora Colorado where he was a University of Colorado Medical School studying for PHD in neuroscience. Enrolled from Fall 2011 until June 2012 when according to university, he “withdrew”.

Colorado ADDRESS:
James E Holmes
1690 Paris St,

frithguild said...

Anonymous said...

Copy the video. Youtube is notorious for removing any video which does not reflect well to the left.

Anonymous said...

In “The Dark Knight Rises,” a masked villain leads a murderous crew into a packed football stadium and wages an attack involving guns and explosives.
“The Dark Knight Rises” features at least two scenes where unsuspecting people are attacked in a public venue, the stock exchange and a football stadium.
The Batman video game called “Arkham City” takes place in an abandoned movie theatre.
In the third issue of DC Comics’ “Batman: The Dark Knight,” the Joker kills an entire late-night TV audience with gas. In the same book, a man starts shooting up a porn theater after getting fired from his job.
Info from StarTribune

Tom said...

In looking around at some of the other sites that have picked this post up I see the gun-ban circus has already begun. "Why oh why is ANYONE allowed to own a weapon like an AR-15" the commenters breathlessly ask?

And so, we rational folk need to explain it ... again.

The gun did not commit this crime. The nutjob murderer could have done the same with gasoline and a match. If someone wants to do harm they will find a way. There were no guns at all in Rwanda and they still killed (a minimum estimate of) 1/2 million people... with Machetes.

A much better question would be "Why oh why wasn't some honest and law abiding citizen allowed to carry a gun into the theater and could have then stopped this lunatic?"

Guns are used to prevent and minimize crimes ALL THE TIME. And a solution like that would not only have kept the mayhem to a minimum, but it would have done so without tossing the constitution on the liberal bonfire.

Zoe said...

It's a guy with dark curly hair, same as the shooter. Could be the shooter. Or it could be one of about a million (and that's a low-ball estimate) other dark curly haired young men. Nice job smearing the OWS movement with a nutter without any evidence at all other than the shooter may be (have not seen the evidence yet, but it's certainly possible) a registered Democrat.

frithguild said...

Zoe - right eyebrow higher than left, left eyebrow low on the orbit on the medial side, hazel eyes, gaze palsy, high cheek bones, straight nose bridge, long chin, earlobes. Still think different? If so, OK.

Any comment about the timing of the "hate is on the rise" in the video?

Tom said...

It's not presented as a statement of fact, purely intuitive speculation.

And the OWS movement seems perfectly capable of making themselves look dangerous and foolish, they certainly don't need any help from we here. Between the rapes, the violence, the lawlessness... oh and that terrorist plot in Ohio, I don't think there is any rational human who thinks the Occupy movement is what its proponents believe it to be.

It's not a grassroots movement for promoting justice, it's a group of entitled libertines who want their turn to push people around even if they haven't earned it. It's an organization dedicated to the destruction of the western world such as it is. So it's perfectly reasonable given its past history, to assume that a crazed killer might be among their number.

The Tea party is bourgeois suburban types - the people who go to work every day and quietly build a whole world. They even clean up after their own demonstrations. The OWS movement is dedicated to that world's destruction and reorder based on their vision. That is not by any means an equivalent thing.

Chess said...

they say hes not being cooperative.. I could have him talking in side of 5 minutes and never leave a bruise.
A technique sometimes used in the Korean War involved an anesthesia technique for putting the endotracheal tube thru your vocal cords and int your windpipe.We put you to sleep with wha was pentothal and now propofol. Then we paralyze you for a minute or two with a paralytic agent called sux for short.Works in 30 seconds . Interogation in the war would include NO sleeping agent and just the sux. In essence paralyzed awake. As your oxygen drops and co2 increases your brain is screaming to take a breath and you cant.Tape the eyelids open cause they can still see.Then you breathe for them as the agent wears off. If they dont talk the 1st time yougo again.A few testimonies said ther wasnt a single pow that didnt talk after 2 times.
By suppertime you would know his life story... Pisses me off

Chess said...

And yes Zoe or anyone else I know that tramples on his rights. This is not a human being. This is an animal. You put animals down. I dont need to be paying for legal fees or 50 years in prison. I can spend that money on food banks etc.
I would learn his story and put him down.
I believe in God and thus I believe in evil.No sense in giving Satan any more tv time.

Chess said...

Facial recognition. They said that once he graduated with neuroscience degree he could only find work at Mcdonalds. Could be he was crazy as a loon or there just were no jobs.
50% of recent grads are unemployed or underemployed. Lots of disgruntled people out there just like this dude..To think this wont happen again somewhere is foolish.Maybe not to this degree but it will. .We have promised way too much to too many and cant fulfill those promises. And its just the tip of the iceberg.

BHO will let it die down till after all the memorials but he wont let this go...He wont let this crisis go unused.. Expect some common sense ?? gun contrl to become an election hot button. Maybe even try to get Mtt to sign a pledge of some sort.Shit
They say hes still not cooperating...Give me a call folks...Not a problem.

Anonymous said...

Pure speculation that all started with pure speculation by a Florida PI on his blog which has since been edited. Those photos aren't anywhere near conclusive and photos on the internet are occasionally not real themselves.
And really why does it matter? Crazy doesn't have a favorite ideology. It's very equal opportunity.

enoch301 said...

I am the creator of the youtube video "Keep Love Alive" written by James Willie Holmes...When I created the video I only took images from the Occupy Wall Street events from all over the world.....You owe Mr. James Willie Holmes an apology for associating his name(even though they share the same first and last name) to this mass murder!!! We promote positive enlightened music....PERIOD!!!

Tom said...

For my part I think you owe him an apology for associating his music with something as wantonly destructive and hate filled as the Occupy movement.

This was simply an error made in good faith. There was no malice involved... just a simple mistaken identity. Even so, I have it on good authority that Mr James William Holmes' music is actually more popular on iTunes since this drama started, so it's unlikely that any real harm was done.

Either way, I don't recognize your authority to demand that apology on his behalf.

If Mr. Holmes does feel that he has been harmed in some way or that an apology is necessary, then I'm completely confident that Frithguild will be willing to offer him one regardless of any real or perceived slight.

frithguild said...

I found the YouTube video I linked here from internet discussions focused on its political content. The YouTube pages that contained it nowhere stated that the visual images and their editing was the work of James Willie Holmes. The images certainly referred listeners to iTunes, where "Keep Love Alive" may be purchased. I have stated here, that, "I draw an inference from the YouTube upload of this carefully edited video that it was NOT produced by the song artist James W. Holmes." It could not be more clear that the message in "Keep Love Alive" has nothing to do with the insanity of James E. Holmes, who certainly would have benefited from listening. I wish nothing but the best for James Willie Holmes. I am a new fan. I hope many people visited iTunes and bought his beautiful works.