Tuesday, July 24, 2012

- Bloomberg Recommends A Police Walkout

If ever there were a commercial for liberal tyranny this is it. Mike Bloomberg, Napolean on the Hudson, thinks police should go on strike until Americans submit to his vision of a disarmed populace.


Tom said...

By the way monsier 'le petit corporal', whether the bullet is armor piercing or non-armor piercing, those vests aren't designed to stop rifle fire, just pistol. Rifle fire is usually too high energy to be stopped by anything that's light enough and thin enough to wear.

chess said...

Would the walkout include his bodyguards? Doesnt the little pos have security for his family at the mansion? Ask the little shit when hel have the peeps surrounding him go unarmed.
I wouldnt need firearms either if I had a securiy force being paid for by the people of NYC.

Tom said...

Personally I think the best thing that Mike Bloomberg can do for the second amendment is get himself on TV as often as possible and keep talking about this issue.

He's morally bankrupt, and the world knows it even if the press corps doesn't. Just watch what they do with this on "The Five" tonight.

frithguild said...

Well if the police walk out, will you be more safe if you have a gun or you do not?

What would a police strike for more gun control do for gun sales?

This just gets funnier the closer you look at it.

frithguild said...

More gun control when pigs fly

Keith said...

My visceral reaction listening to ths idiot is reminiscent of the one produced listening to a Matt Damon espouse his worldly geopolitical views. Such nonsense on so many levels.

Bzod said...

Doesn't lib wasteland Chicago have strict gun control? They're on pace for Aurora-plus victim counts every month this year. Maybe Mitt should tie that inconvenient truth to Obama while we're at it.

Keith said...

Predictably, Colorado guns sales have spiked. Partially out of fear of future gun control laws, no doubt.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

A bit off-topic:

From PJmedia:

Judge Legg has issued a permanent injunction against enforcement of the requirement of needing a “good and substantial” reason to obtain a permit to carry in Maryland. The injunction is to be effective in 14 days.

Copy of the order for Frithguild & Co:


When is NJ's turn?

Hey Tom, on a lighter note: Do you think NJ will require a Rifle/Shotgun purchase permit for this device?


Anonymous said...

RFNJ, comment on the Ice T comments in England... please. A black American anti-police rapper turned Hollywood actor is going to be the new Charlton Heston and I'm glad for it. If the democratic voting base i.e. inner city hispanics and blacks begins to see arms as a means of defense against government tyranny rather than a tool to murder their neighbors... we'll all be a lot better off.