Monday, July 23, 2012

"By Every Measure, The Economy is Improving...."

"The Fiscal Cliff is a Good Plan."
....blurted out on CNBC this morning in a manner similar to a junkie in need of a fix tends to vomit-up whatever hits his stomach, Howard Dean is in "fool-on"... I mean Full-On DNC Talking Points Overdrive.
He even got down-right obstinate in his defense of the utterly incomprehensible!
Of course CNBC has yet to "publish" the video since it really makes anyone that marches behind Howard Dean look like a buffoon. (FYI - that would be every Democrat in the USA!)
To think - this maniac could have been president!
My pop always said "Never Trust a Doctor that doesn't practice medicine."
Howard is that Doctor.
Howard also has a fantasy that there are such things as "Gazillionaires".... Yes he's childish enough to use those terms. The Democrat Fantasy is that if they raise the Tax rates, then the money pours-in. It always does... just like during the Clinton Surplus!
The Democrats will always point to the Clinton Surplus just like some Italians used to say "Mussolini made the trains run on time".
The Clinton Surplus was a MYTH. It was creative accounting at best, but I don't expect Democrats to glance a skeptical eye upon one their own, Hell, a vast number of these people believed Howard Dean should have been President!
FYI - Dr. Dean was a rotten governor too. I refuse to visit Vermont until the stench of liberalism has been Eradicated. That may be ... never.


Tom said...

Ikaika and I were emailing our shared horror this AM at gov. Dean's threat to leap from the fiscal cliff. He said in his little diatribe (which we'll link for you if CNBC ever dares put it up) that it would mean recession and 750,000 people losing their jobs. But he felt that was the only way to get reticent conservatives to agree to punish rich people for being productive.

Howard was always nuts, but I confess, I find it a relief to hear a Democrat admit that there are 750,000 people who they don't care if they become unemployed.

If it were up to them it would be exclusively white men over 40 who make 200K a year or more - which would maximize the negative economic consequences for everyone else.

Chess said...

It has always amazed me how you get the shit kicked out of you in the primary and then turn around and become their "champion".????
I turn sound off when Howard comes on. That clip of him should be used in a tv commercial by tomorrow am...I think Ikaika would use the word TOOL.

I dont trust doctors who dont practice either and I am one. I have also always had a problem with people who say they dont drink coffee.. At 430 am there had better be some caffiene source somewhere.

frithguild said...

It is too bad that Dean approaches an impact to the economy that everybody agrees is looming in such a trite way. That is 750,000 PEOPLE he is talking about - and all the others who depend on them to keep spending so they can keep working.