Thursday, July 12, 2012

- The California Crack-up

If only there could have been some way that prudent people might have seen this coming:

Some California Towns May Cease To Exist

I guess they're just more victims of the tragic mysteries of finance. (It would now be perfect justice if no one who is a registered Democrat were allowed to leave.)


ikaika said...

Chess said...

What isnt so funny is that a lawyer said yesterday on CNBC that alot of these cities financial mess is due to the LIBOR crap and he did it with a straight face..When will Americans look in the mirror and finally take responsibility for our mess.??When?? Ever ???

frithguild said...

She lives in Mojave in a Winnebago
His name is Bobby, he looks like a potato

She's in love with a boy from the rodeo
Who pulls the rope on the chute
When they let those suckers go

He's a slobberin' drunk at the Palomino
They give him thirty days in San Ber'dino

Chess said...

Ikaika??? Maybe you are our "Renaiassance Man " .Zappa for breakfast!!