Monday, July 16, 2012

- Fantasy Brought To You By A Compliant Media

This is an interesting story because it only holds water so long as no one actually thinks about it.

The Democrats want to raise tax rates on the rich. Not taxes per se, just tax rates. They can make tax rates 99% on the rich and it isn't going to so much as get a penny for the government - in fact it might actually lower revenues. But for the sake of discussion, let's suppose there are a few 200K per year guys out there who can't manage to hide any of their income and end up having to pay the Democrat's new tax. Revenue or no revenue this plan will certainly hurt the economy because the capital that could otherwise be put to productive uses will have to be hidden and remain untouched to keep the Democrats grubby hands off it. (And the truth is that it won't increase revenue for the government.)

The media knows this of course if they would just think about it a little. This isn't some big secret. But they aren't going to say anything to anyone about it because it would both make the Democrats look like stupid petulant children, and take all the excitement out of the story. So instead they'll treat it as if it's a real thing and film the whole game of chicken to be repeated as often as it draws viewers.

That's a real shame. It's not just that the media is only telling one side of this story, but in the process they are charting a course ofr the country that leans into fantasy land. The are complicit in a distortion of reality, so the people who don't understand tax policy end up believing that higher rates on the rich means more income for the government. It doesn't. Here's the thing, there is no 'fairness' being issued from government. There is no law that will make the rich poor and the poor rich. All those envious men and women who believe otherwise need to be smacked on the nose with a newspaper and sent to bed without supper so they learn the harsh lessons of reality. And that is reality - it's not an opinion of mine, its a description of the inescapable objective truth.

Government can't make things fair. And the only real shot those people have of ever getting rich is by working for it, just like virtually all of the people who are rich now did.

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ikaika said...

The people levelling this threat (theat the media is "fascinated by the game of chicken") should be tarred and feathered and thrown out on their asses.