Thursday, July 19, 2012

- Here Is The Whole Election Right Here


For all you young unemployed kids out there trying to figure out why American businessmen aren't doing their patriotic duty and hiring people like the government has commanded them to, this is why. Obama and his team despise achievement. Business people know that, and have reacted rationally in the face of that hostility by not going out of their way to achieve. The whole country is on hold until the anti-business climate in Washington is gotten under control.

Washington is not the solution, it's the problem.


ikaika said...

Should have Marv Albert's voice at the end: "Yes!"

frithguild said...

I just had to delete my post of the exact same video.

"After four years of being torn down, it's time to rebuild"

How do you counter that? Not a good day to be Bob Axelrod.

Less regulation to keep the lights on in old businesses.

Tom said...

Beat you to it did I? Sorry.

ikaika said...

poor Mr Whipple

frithguild said...

The whole country is on hold until the anti-business climate in Washington is gotten under control

evidence of liberty deflation

frithguild said...

poor Mr Whipple

I can't stop laughing!

Tom said...

Can you imagine if someone in the mainstream press actually called OBama on this stuff? Can you picture the reaction if they were hounding him with it like they did George Bush with... well with everything? Can you imagine the image he'd project when he got his 5th question about it or his 6th? Can you imagine if, just to pretend to be non-partisan, people from NBC started asking him about it?

With his thin skin I'm sure it would be a very non-presidential moment. Talk about "must see" TV!

Chess said...

Just imagine fomo...
.Kentucky's distillers would have to start a 2nd shift for just me.

ikaika said...

When the debates start, these points will be addressed.
The "press" will go into full-on defensive mode by reframing questions, reporting different outcomes etc... It's already happening: just look at Reuters coverage of Romney.

When you look back at the repub debates - that was boot camp.

The libs are pretending that the repub field was goofy and the debates were askew... they really know that their 'fella' is not prepared for a full-on frontal assault. You can't sidestep the truth. Romney will be hung with Romneycare and he will answer "states Rights" and 5 pages vs 2500 pages of legislation.

Please remember that Romney was the guy that the Dems most wanted to battle. Be careful of what you wish for.

Ideologiclly he may be more liberal than the rest of the Repubs, but strategically and tacticaly, they picked the wrong fight.

Santorum, Paul & Gingrich would have been easier to polarize and mobilize against. The money flow wouldn't be there.

ikaika said...

Here ya go - Reuters gives you their "slant" in an easy to digest column of links...

If you read nothing but Reuters headlines, this guy Romney is floundering, unreaalistc, uncoordinated and is soon to withdraw...

frithguild said...

they picked the wrong fight

Great post. Romney is a mild mannered killer.

Obama stepped away from the teleprompters for about a day or 2 to get a little extemporaneous, and we got "You didn't build that." What a gift!

Tom said...

I know those guys - they're a day late and dollar short. This "You didn't built that!" issue isn't going away, and in a week or so they'll finally recognize that they can't keep ignoring it without looking like fools.

ikaika said...

What a gift indeed...

All style and no substance.

With the press ignoring "you didn't build that" and leaving the lock-steppers to defend the comments, eventually it will harang and sickly reverberate in the cocktail circuit. It will be the labor day BBQ topic. The shrieking lock-steppers will run out of excuses. They will grouse up the chain.

It will be hysterical.

ikaika said...

oh and of cours - we will be reminded of the Bush Debt and how the Clinton Admin was business friendly. As if Obama is a bridge to span a gulf!

What needs to be done is to remind these demokooks that Clinton was a job, wealth and enterprise destroyer. Clinton programs strangled growth for years to come with a garrote of regulation.

I Submit Arthur Levitt's SEC as the first colossal blow to the economy:
1. Tax Revenues Declined - top tiers thinned out
2. Job Growth (Financial Industry)
3. Uptrend in overregulation
4. Cronyism drove regulatory moves
5. Dysfunctional - electronic shooting gallery markets. Step right up! you too can play with the big boys!
6. The decenralization of the US Equity Markets into ether.

Yep - we are still suffering from Clinton. They unleashed a monster in the name of protecting the little guy and "leveling the playing field"

ikaika said...

Simple math: if you had 100,000 people earning on average $200k+ for a few years and then suddenly you removed 80,000 through regulation, 20,000 people are expected to fill the gap of exponential math.

Add-in guys like Elliot Spitzer that were willing to destroy the markets in order to make a name, we are lucky NYC is in business at all!

That was the economic Paradise that Dimocrats want to return to!

Tom said...

You know... the more I think about it the more the desperate and flailing the Democrat electoral machine looks. It isn't just that they don't speak our language (which they don't) but they have nothing but contempt for us and our views. It's nearly impossible to hide that over the long term. Obama got elected the first time thanks to some good timing and the fact he pretended to be someone totally different than what he really was. He didn't let any of his contempt show, and the press was more than happy to preserve the illusion for him. But now he's president of the united states - what's more - he's a president who doesn't have a record to run on. The election therefore must, at least in some part be, about who he really is.

In his heart of hearts, Obama has the same contempt for the voters that has been the hallmark of the left for generations. And he isn't going to get to pretend that he's a different kind of Democrat anymore. The press and his handlers will try to contradict that, but they really don't speak our language. they use the words but people can tell when it's blatant spin designed to obscure the truth. The 30% of true believes will hear the spin and respond to it, and call it 'unfair' that the rest of us all it the BS it is.

The Democrats believe, absent any evidence, that only they know what is best for the country in spite of racking up failure after failure after failure. And they truly believe that the reason they always fail is because the 'commoners' are too stupid to follow their brilliant plan effectively. That message is going to survive any spin by the press, but they don't realize it yet.

Chess said...

Unfortunately the 47% thatl autovote for BHO and Mitt are there no matter what the press does.You have to hope that every last repub gets out and votes and that some of BHO base doesnt.The 18-34 that voted huge for BHO are said to be less motivated this time. That helps.
Then theres the 6 % in the middle.. Women. Independents etc...Those are your focus.To get them they need to have a brain which most do.All of this apeal to the voters comes down to roughly 6 %. Get them to go 4% to 2% for Mitt and somewhat less turnout from youth and a few blacks and we win ?? 51.5 to 48.5.Mandate?

I dont give a shit about a mandate. those days are gone.
Show the freakin world what we can do.

Chess said...

This looks more like something from South Beach..