Saturday, July 28, 2012

- If The Law Restricts You...

... simply ignore the law!

Here it is. A three point plan for executive order gun control from the National Journal.

So that's the end of that. Anyone want to start a pool on what we name the next Republic?

My broader point is that it's unlikely in the extreme that Republicans retain permanent control of the government, even if they win the next election. If Obama doesn't do this in his next term, it will be a term one priority for the next Democrat President because Obama has already laid the groundwork.

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Chess said...

BHO will wait to play this card only if necessary. He will take poll after poll to see who he gains and loses . If he deems it doesnt serve him well he wont play that card. If he can win without it then hell exec order it during his 2nd term.
As Ikaika says --fomo means fubar. The constitution will be Fubar'd so badly that Jefferson will rise from the grave.
Fomo of BHO and I think the 7 seels will start getting broken.That is of course unless BHO exec orders God out of existence.