Friday, July 13, 2012

- Liberals And "Citizens United"

In the New York Times today Benjamin Sachs has written a hysterical OpEd (that's hysterical as in "LOL" and hysterical as in the the type of thing to make heads explode) titled "How Pensions Violate Free Speech". This is his attempt to draw some equivalency between union political spending that until last week was done without the consent of their members, and the "citizens United" case, which we know from liberals has ended the world as we know it by allowing corporations to invest in political campaigns the same as the aforementioned unions. It's Mr Sachs claim that public pensions need to 'get back' the money that corporations spend on politics that the public union pensions membership doesn't agree with.

Even if this wasn't totally ridiculous on it's face, some public unions devote something like 40% of their expenditures on politicking - while corporations spend a much tinier amount. And the investment (by choice) in an equity designed to produce a gain for the pension is by no means the same thing as union dues collected under compulsion of the law which are designed to do... whatever the hell it is that unions are actually supposed to be doing other than corrupting the political system. But it's all the same to Benjamin Sachs.

Like I said... hysterical. Nothing more than "I'm rubber you're glue" taken to the point where it's treated as if it were a real idea on the pages of the New York Times. If anything, it demonstrates the twin axioms that if you give Liberals their way they would unravel all of civilization, and that you shouldn't take liberals seriously, - especially when they demand that you do.

It must be really quiet in their newsroom every day around Nap Time.


ikaika said...

Libs are watching their world come apart.

It is like the end of the Island of Dr. Moreau where all the monstrosities that emerged from the Dr's lab ultimately turn on him.

California, NJ, Wisconsin all the Union strongholds are rolling over an liberals are wondering why?

Tom - I'm trying to figure out this whole Romney stayed on at Bain longer argument.
Rachel Madow tried to say it was "criminal".
Harry Reid says Romney couldn't even run for "dog catcher" because of this revelation.

Oh.. they are an unhinged lot!

Tom said...

Just remember that they understand no more of how the world actually works than your average 16 year old (which is when they all stopped maturing.)

Chess said...

If Nevada Teaparty had put up a better candidate Harry would be drinking his Ensure at home in his bankrupt state..

That was a huge moment that was pissed away.

ikaika said...

I thought Hairy Reems had the NRA endorsemnet.