Wednesday, July 18, 2012

- The NRA Vs. The UN

I don't know if you've been following this story, but the UN has gotten all fired up to pass a 'conventional arms' treaty. They want to disarm all the unwashed so the fine people who arr running the UN Human rights council can take ... "better" care of them. The NRA, of which I am a proud member, has responded to this by pulling out all the stops to prevent US ratification of it, if and when it happens.

In the past I never worried about that sort of thing much. Any such treaty would be illegal under US law where a right to keep and bear is a enshrined in our highest law. But the law doesn't mean what it used to around these parts. So now I'm wondering if the whole thing might happen anyway, and there really might be good cause to be concerned.

The good news though is that the NRA is all over it. As you know the NRA is the one totally unrepentant political organization in Washington with the singular goal of ensuring that America's private citizens retain power. Every win for the NRA is a win for the private citizenry of America, even if they're liberal and don't realize it. Because as soon as they take the guns away, they can take away everything else too.

and how long do you imagine that would take with the Democrat party in the state it's in?

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ikaika said...

Your 2a Rights will be modified by some sort of tax in the next 10 years. It's in the cards. It will be the tinder box issue as it impacts all americans.

The libs always say: "The UN Small Arms Treaty is designed to get AK'sand Uzi's out of banana republics... it has nothing to do with America..."

These people are brain damaged. They are worse than Yankee Fans. Yankee Fans cheer for the pin stripes, the uniform, the history of what once was and always remind you how many rings "they have".

I hae to remind them of that poignant scene from "A Bronx Tale" when "little C" is upset about Mickey Mantle and "Sonny" says "you think Mickey Mantle cares what you think?"

Liberalism and most importantly the Modern Democrat voters cheer for a nebulous Ideology. They don't care about the country... they don't even care about the impact their vote places on themselves. They only care about "our guy won".
These people are morons.