Wednesday, July 18, 2012

- Obama's Jobs Council

The truth about Obama's Jobs council is that for the most part it's a bunch of political hacks trying to ingratiate themselves with the most anti-business President in living memory. It's the heads of all the big businesses that depend on government contracts to make their way in the world so Obama can count on big donations from them. They are the 'good' business leaders to him because they're tame... like a pet poodle. Oh... the council also includes Richard Trumpka.

These people could no more solve America's unemployment problem than they could cure he common cold. That's not how they do things. They solve their own businesses problems by running down to Washington, buying a couple of congressmen and a Senator and getting them to enact legislation to prevent their smaller competitors from competing with them. "You can run a company or you can run to Washington" goes the Atlas Shrugged quote. These are the people who only know how to run to Washington.... and Richard Trumpka... who more waddles than runs.

Of course, it's not entirely their fault they couldn't create any jobs. Obama certainly wasn't leaving them with a ton of options. I could just hear him now. "I'd like to hear all your suggestions for addressing our unemployment issues by bringing those uppity businessmen further under the responsible thumb of government." The business leaders probably all looked around the room uncomfortable and Richard Trumpka giggled like a school girl (or a CBS News reporter).

Anyway, the jobs council wasn't actually designed to solve problems, just to 'look' like it was solving problems. Even so though, you'd think Obama could have skipped the back nine at least once in the last six months to meet with them. You know... just for show.

We all know our politicians lie to us - especially the Democrats who very often also lie to themselves. But we'd like them to put a little effort into it every now and then. This makes it seem like he's not even trying to lie to us believably.

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