Monday, July 9, 2012

- Obama's Tax Increase For "The Rich"

Oh jeez... blah blah blah... fair share blah blah blah. Obama is on the stump again complaining that the economy will only grow if we let him pick someone else's pocket ...again.

Here's the facts. When it comes to him raising taxes only on the rich, what he's really saying is that you should let the rich guys in Washington take the money from the rich guys in the private sector because the rich guys in Washington know better what to do with it. The guys in Washington have run up Trillions in debts and have walked our country to the brink of insolvency, while the guys in the private sector have struggled to keep their businesses afloat in the face of the greatest regulatory and tax onslaught in American history. So naturally Obama thinks you should let the monstrous F-ups in Washington have EVEN MORE MONEY!!!!

This is rank stupidity on a stick. All the rest - the "tax cuts for the wealthy" lingo, the "fair share" lingo, even the new "top down economics" blurb (which in literal terms is what he's actually proposing) all of it. It's all just salesmanship. He's hoping that you are dumb enough to buy into this story, and give in to your rage and anger and envy that someone else has more than you. And after giving in to your envy, to 'trust' him to fix it for you. But he can't. We know he can't, or he'd have done it already.

I swear to god, I can barely stand to listen to him anymore. The same broken record for 3.5 years.... blah blah blah. But speaking as someone who's job it (partly) is to forecast the outcome of what he's proposing I can only say ... he's trying awfully hard to be the worst president in American history.


ikaika said...

what is with the 98%?
Does that skirt the class warfare association with OWS?

at the 1 minute mark

frithguild said...

And I was all wee-weed up a month early

Chess said...

Didnt listen but Frith posted bout 14 reasons earlier why this works for BHO..It has and will continue to do so...Its sad but when the local drug dealer gives you a few free chunks of crack he isnt being a nice guy....He knows what the odds are that you will be back
BHO knows exactly what his number game is saying.He should have a job approval in the low 30s.Yet it isnt..So why change?
We have chewed up another 2 weeks of time with O-care and now Mitts offshore shit and its working...He doesnt want to talk bout shit record and so far its working. A few weeks ago I said BHO had lost his swagger..Mitt had a chance to go for a good "body blow" and didnt. Now BHO has got some swagger back. Hard to watch.

ikaika said...

He's got no swagger...
Obama is rapidly descending the Carter corridor. Such desperation on his part.
It was the strangest Tax cut speech I've ever heard. It was lathered in guilt and out of the other side of his mouth he was the hero of the middlecass...
It was as if he was mad at himself for moving money from his right pocket to his left.
I predict more bizarre behavior from President Alias will be apparant as November approaches.

frithguild said...

"The president's 2008 campaign of 'hope and change' has now turned into a campaign of 'hoping to change the subject," the Romney campaign memo says.

chess said...

Have to disagree Ikaika...He has laid out the same numbers game as last time. Why change..Most of the people that vote for him listen like my lab does to me.. blah blah blah milkbone!!Those people here all of the blahs and bad rich people..
He leads in most polls.
Yesterday G. Will gave me a wif of hope. He said when Carter and Reagan were running with a week to go they were +/- 1%.. 1 week later Ronnie had carried 44 states..

ikaika said...

Obama - Like Carter - is incapable of positive leadership. BHO should start packing now so he isn't surprised in January.
Can someone Photoshop one of those moving Pods in front of the Whitehouse?

chess said...

He has house odds right now..But maybe they can call 1-800 -JUNK..

But he does this so well..

Janice Miller said...

There's a new video posted by "A Taxing Game" when he joined Fox Business' Varney & Company. The video focused on President Obama's claim to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire and the impact on the stock market if the administration were to impose that wealthy Americans were made to pay higher tax rates in order to pay their fare share.