Wednesday, July 11, 2012

- Outsourcer In Chief


Chess said...

I try not to watch much live tv let alone our local crap in St. Louis but I hope some of these ads are hitting the airwaves...Mitt raised > 100 million in June.... please dont fight a war and lose with bullets still in your gun..Flood the airwaves and if they gain traction more money will pour in . I will leave it to Frith to say W.A.T......But i will double down with Ikaikas "fomo means fubar".

Chess said...

And sadly... I have despised 2 men in my life..One was an arrogant heart surgeon who also was a butcher. Not a good combo.. And our Prez....This man is evil. I really think that.. I guess I am lucky to be 58 and have only had 2.
Bourbon time

frithguild said...

Romney is a chalk player. Obama's negatives are high enough that he will not talk about specifics. There is no good reason to do that, because all it will do is please some and displease others. He will stick to generalities. So he will go to specifics, only if he has to. He will keep to his centra theme - jobs - and just chip away.

This will be a replay of the Christie camapign against Corzine here in NJ. It will be frustrating, but it will work.

Axelrod is good, but I don't think he can move the pile with this crew. The Bermuda Bank thing was working, but then it just fel under its own weight, leading to stuff like this video.

Mitt stayed on message, which was the best thing he could do.

Matt H said...

This ad is great, but I do object to it perpetuating an incorrect definition of outsourcing.

Outsourcing just means taking what would otherwise be an internal function to a business--e.g. IT, payroll, accounting--and hiring an outside firm to do it instead. It could be a domestic firm and still be called outsourcing. Heck, every time my wife and I have a date night, we "outsource" childcare and food preparation.

I'd really like to see Obama's ad attacked as 1) a misuse of the terms outsourcing and insourcing, revealing dangerous economic ignorance and 2) a call for North Korean-style economic autarky. But I suppose that message doesn't do as well with the focus groups.

Chess said...

Frith.Matt both good points..I slept in and its nice to wake to that Mitt is grinding. I keep forgetting its still july..
I have to remind myself of one of Tom's thoughts from maybe 2 months ago about please dont let them find a dead body in Mitt's trunk of his carand itl be ok.

ps. Matt thats a funny thought that you guys outsource your kids on date