Tuesday, July 31, 2012

- Remembering Milton "Freedom"

Here is a link to NRO's remembrance of the great man, which also has some of his greater quotes. And it's occurred to me how common "missing Dr. Friedman" is.

Every day when I watch people making the same old mistakes that the left always seems to make, I wish (both to myself and here in writing) that Dr. Friedman were still here to correct them. It's even worse when I see young people being trained to think like Paul Krugman. I didn't know Dr. Friedman - never met him. But I really miss him all the same. I miss his influence.

He was a light in a world of politically imposed shadows.


When I read Mark Steyn I find myself wishing that I could write like that. When I read Kevin Williamson I find myself thinking that I do write like that - or rather - I would write like that if I were as good at it as Kevin is. He and I (in many ways) think the same way and argue the same way. The President get's angry when someone lands a verbal punch. He has a desperately thin skin, and it shows. When someone lands a punch on Kevin (a rare event in itself), he laughs. He's far too smart to be insecure about it.

Anyway, he's written a reflection on Dr. Friedman that I enjoyed a lot and I think is also worthy of your time. It's not too far off from what I might write myself if I wasn't also trying to juggle my 'on the road' issues.

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