Monday, July 9, 2012

- Silence of the Clowns / The Telling Void of Political Humor

You can Parody Bush, but you Can't Parody Obama
A typical weekend for me usually amounts to about 1-2 hours of TeeVee and lots of outdoor activity: Golf, Fishing, Shooting, Grilling. Shooting, Swimming, Cigars and Gin (Usually well after the Shooting).
Part of the wake-up routine is weather reports, some news, and a glimpse at fishing shows and golf tournaments.
Spinning through the 400+ channels, I noticed that HBO was featuring "Recount" which Tom graciously reported on a few months back. I decided not to give it a spin since it is typical Liberal Mush for Brains fantasy on what they thought the "Take-away" was from the Bush v Gore recount. Pure Liberal Pablum.
"Sounds Like a Revolution"  the documentary of the Dixie Chicks... imagine that Liberal media Current embracing a Country Western Act... HAHAHA! Look where it got the Dixie Chicks... I hope they fired their publicist. Current TV is the Kiss of Death!

Political Humor in the Age of Obama?

The programming as of late, seems to indicate a reluctance by the "programmers" to confront the present in exchange for letting go of the past. It's not funny or entertaining anymore - Bush is not the president and he's not on any ballot. However, the media continues to try to tell people it's 2000, 2004 or 2008 all over again.
People aren't buying the time machine. The clothing has changed, the music has changed and the old jokes are stale. A new generation doesn't "get it". "Ya had to be there.." Unfortunately for Comedy Central and HBO, they haven't got the new punchline. The clowns have been silent...

Hey, Lewis Black was on. A repeat from 2008. Nothing like a little Bush bashing for old time's sake?
Lewis Black is Funny. He is exactly what Saul Alinsky envisioned as a vessel to deliver the weapon called "Ridicule". They also ran Chris Rock shows from the Bush years, other stand-ups from the Bush years etc...
Where the heck is Lewis Black now? I don't expect Chris Rock to slam or even bust-on Obama.
When I was a kid, political humor meant one thing: Mark Russell. His schtick was song parodies, corny jokes and nothing low-brow. Mark Russell wasn't angry and probably too fun loving during the Bush years. As a Result PBS didn't go out of their way to promote his broadcasts. I think they just dropped him for not having a venom gland.

Political humor during the Bush years meant one thing: ridicule the president and any Republicans at every available opportunity. Think about it: If you had a cartoon, or sitcom and the pitch was "well every episode portrays Bush as stupid and immature." Comedy Central probably would have stumbled over themselves to give you a season or two! SNL doesn't count, but the SNL Obama parody is harmless and portrays Obama as well spoken, intelligent and misunderstood... Farcical!
 Unlike Democrats, Republicans took the jokes. Today, Liberals are like Scientologists. They are thin-skinned, easily offended, try to sell you a fantasy at every step and if you publicly demonstrate their absurdity, they will probably lawyer-up and sue you.

Its pretty frightening when the guys that make a living off making fun are completely silent. I'm waiting for someone to say "well there isn't much Obama material out there... but we have some copies of "Bushisms!" left!!"
Call me crazy, but I think the Obama joke resource is probably as bountiful as the Bakken is to the oil market.
Do  you think Comedy Central, HBO or anyone else will give The People's Cube or The Looking Spoon a few minutes a week for political humor? Nah...

Michael Moore was considered a humorous guy when he started out. I believe Canadian Bacon (which was also featured this weekend) was his first foray into predictable political humor: Americans are bullheaded hicks and Canadians are peace loving beer drinking misunderstood people. Yeah - you can see why Michael Moore changed format real fast. He then did Roger & Me, snore fest.. and loafed around on the royalties for a while. I think that's when he took on the extra weight. He then went to cable and did stupid skits where he'd ridicule the NYPD in Harlem after Diallo got shot. He'd go out in Broad Daylight (because fat-boy would be too chicken to show-up in Harlem after sunset) and have a display board with a Gun and Cell Phone and he'd ask the seemingly level headed passers-by "Can you tell the difference between the Gun and the Cell phone?" ... or Exchange your Black Wallets for Safety Orange Wallets so you don't get shot! ... A million Laughs! Not really... Fat Boy has been silent lately, probably because Soros told him to stop criticizing Obama... and then, poof - he's gone. That makes Soros a pretty good magician if he can make that fat turd disappear into irrelevance!

This is where we miss Frank Zappa. He poked both sides in the eyes as if he were Moe to the stooges of politics. The left hated him because he wouldn't take sides. The Religious Right hated him, because he was accurate in pointing out that Pat Robertson, or anyone like him should never be POTUS! He even lampooned Jesse Jackson when that was considered inappropriate. He was also on Nixon's List, but that was a bit of paranoia on Frank's part. If FZ were alive today he'd be called racist, homophobic, Anti-semetic, anti-catholic, Anti-Organized Labor etc...

Ultimately, the lack of Professional Comedians and silence of the A-List political Jokesters leads me to belive that we are in such serious trouble, that no one is laughing, and that includes the jerks on the Left.


frithguild said...

Po-Jama People

They all got flannel up 'n down 'em
A little trap-door back aroun' 'em
An' some cozy little footies on their mind.

ikaika said...

po-jama people are borin me to pieces...
feels likes I'm wastin my time..
Hey, renahananaren.. Hoy, hoy, hoy

The Looking Spoon said...

Thanks for putting my work on the same pedestal as The People's Cube. Now my head can't fit through doorways ;-)

"Silence of the clowns" is the perfect way to describe this. I remember in 2008 SNL did some really funny stuff on the election, granted it was directed at Palin, but it was funny...

Every one of these bozos has lost their edge, even when they lampoon conservatives. The biggest hurdle to making political humor work is "the funny" has to take priority over the political point AND there has to be truth to it.

The clowns are operating without both of these right now. Maybe they need a Republican president again.

Seeing if I still "have it" with a President Romney is a problem I look forward to having.

ikaika said...

Thou shalt not joke about thy chosen one...

If Bill "Mar" (and I mean that) is this century's "Mark Russell" ... god help us.

At least Don Rickels (Mr Warmth) threw the janitor jokes around.

Comedy is supposed to transcend the uptight. Instead w have humor designed to reinforce divisions and rigidity. Oy Vey!

I will toast the looking spoon and look forward to the romney presidency jokes!

Mormon jokes will be a riot.