Friday, July 13, 2012

- This Week On RadioDerb

Please pay special attention this week to our friend John Derbyshire, over at Radio Derb and his always riveting broadcast of the weeks events. In it he discusses a diverse set of thought provoking issues.

While his broadcast (as always) is up to it's typically superior standard, I'm calling special attention to this particular episode. I do this purely on the basis of it's merit as commentary and not because it includes a lengthy and substantial quote from the writings of yours truly.


frithguild said...

California cities toppling over like so many 3 am Lindsay Lohans?

Leave Linday alone!

Tom said...

John mentioned to me once that he's a fan too ... at a distance. (I think for him because she's a local girl.)

And the truth is, the same is true of you. You wouldn't want to put up with her rolling in at 3AM wasted, panty-less, sticky, and smelling like the B lineup for the LA Lakers. You like "the idea" of Lindsay, not the actual Lindsay.

In reality, you're MUCH smarter than her, and have your $4it much more together, and you wouldn't like the way she forced your hard won life to unravel.

I would happily pay the price of a movie ticket to watch Evangeline Lilly fold laundry for 2 hours. But she is an uneducated actress. Beautiful as she is, I probably couldn't stand to be in the same room with her for that same amount of time, and I know she wouldn't be able to take me.

I'm making far too much of your clever retort I know, but I personally don't think we should blur the lines between the visual image these women create, and the actual people. One is (I'm sure) MUCH better than the other.

Chess said...

Thus reality vs theory..In theory wow!!! In reality "safe" sex would probably be impossible unless you were wearing a Hasmat suit.

frithguild said...

Well I didn't mean to hijack this thread this way - I was just kind of signaling that I listened to the whole program and enjoyed it.

The distinction you draw between the persona and the person is a perceptive one. I love auto racing. At times I thought how much I would love to climb into an RB-8 or an F-150, while being sure I would make competitive times around Hockenheim. I am now at an age and place where I know I am just not going to take the risks I used to. I am happy with that.

Some people think that race fans have a morbid desire to see the failure and carnage of a crash. I must admit that it is an interesting part of the sport - to see millions evaporate at a failed chance at glory. The F1 display of risk reward with the personalities and efforts involved truly captivates me. But I never, ever want to see anybody hurt like in the old days. Thank you Sir Jackie Stewart.

Sometimes I do or say something over and over, knowing pretty well that my friends will tell me how wrong it is and that I am smarter than that. I remember starting this back in college because I think it's funny. Such is my fascination with Lindsay Lohan. So I posted "Leave Lindsay Alone" because it echoes that I iconic YouTube vid with the crazy teenage girl wanting everybody to leave Hillary alone. I was poking fun at myself.

Conservatives tend to single Lindsay out, because she is "an uneducated actress," among other things. George Clooney is having big fundraisers for Obama, but I bet if you asked him he has a well thought out opinion about Lindsay and the plight of the adult child actress. It it would be fun to ask about Lilo, just after some Hollywood type sings the praises of Obama. I know enough about the subject to really goad them on too. So I pile on poor Lindsay in my own way, to reinforce the point that you don't have to be smart to be successful in the land of the moonbats. I like keeping that persona alive and well, because of the point it makes.

But at the same time, all of the Hollywood sycophantic media are like race fans, waiting for a crash. So I feel Lindsay's pain because they snapped pictures of her coming out of Lady Gaga's apartment with a bald spot from the add-ons needed for her performance in Liz and Dick. Such cruelty does not help someone who suffers as she does.

I hope she remains strong in her program and comes to enjoy her higher power rather than giving in to using. I do not want anybody to fail in that way and I don't care what they believe or what they have done because they deserve to know there is a better way. So I will not join in by saying unkind things.

So I am wishing Lindsay great success in her next film Canyons - yes that's right - "Canyons." Me likey!

frithguild said...

So, Evangeline Lilly's father was an economics teacher ... hmmMMMmmm

Chess said...

There is a primal something in a mans brain..She is the poster girl for that patch of brain cells.
Any man that says his brain --even for 3 seconds- doesnt drift off to her in 5 inch stilettos is either dead are married and a very lucky man. 10,000 years ago we all would have fought to the death to "breed" with her.. I had my time as the alpha male then got my ass booted out of the cave and now I eat leftovers from the kill and breed rarely..Good times

I would try the Hasmat suit if I could just get back in the cave.

Chess said...

And Derbs was good this am..I Have a friend with 3 little girls that get extra math tutoring. He says they are the only 3 American kids in the class. Others are mainly Asian decent. So when Derbs talks bout the Vietnamese kids it hit home.

I picture him talking softly and Larry Odonnell screaming LIar! Liar!...

Chess said...

I am really starting to get pissed off......This stands in stark contrast to a conservative soft spoken Derbs....