Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yes, A Wickard Poll

Soemtimes I feel like I am talking to myself when I write these posts - like all of my effort in laser siting the exact moment when the Supreme Court turned bad will be lost on the ages.  For example, in the Supreme Theft of Liberty pieces, I have said, "Judicial tests, I have argued before, have so misshapen commerce power that the Wickard v. Filburn court found Congress can regulate your family garden, the same 1930's policy Stalin used against the Kulaks." 

Then I see strange stories like this, where a Rasmussen poll finds that only 7% of Americans support Wickard v. Filburn.  I am astounded.  There is even a Wickard cat.  I really like the piece of straw in his teeth - even though I don't like cats. 

So I am carrying parts 4 and 5 of the Supreme Theft of Liberty around in my mind, and I am playing with the idea that at the end, to get back to a government of limited and enumerated power, I will conclude we should sell the air.


Tom said...

Every once in a while I write something fairly technical about markets or trading. I pride myself on my ability to describe the complexities of my work in terms that any bright person can understand even if they may lack the experience and referential knowledge necessary.

And I've always found it strange that those articles often receive no comment at all. I've been told it's not because it isn't interesting. It's because most people feel they couldn't disagree with my position, and those that could, wouldn't.

Sometimes the best way to get everyone to shut up is to say something so self evident that they'd feel foolish arguing with it.

frithguild said...

Kind of like the Wickard cat

ikaika said...


Chess said...

Tom. What Frith is for law you are for my financial brain..Toss in Ikaika and you three cover most of what I need.Because of you three I have found so many other sites to explore.
All of you keep up the good work.

Steven P. Beaver said...

I agree with Chess - I only comment when I can add something (informational or humorous) to the discussion. Normally I just sit here and try and digest the information my eyes have just processed.

Believe me, I love that you guys provide this commentary free to the rest of us, as it provides stimulating thought that I don't get in my everyday job or in my personal life.

frithguild said...

I really appreciate your kind comments Steve