Friday, August 31, 2012

- The 'Fading Poster' Ad

My brother has a keen eye for political jargon and he totally latched onto the "fading poster of Obama" that Paul Ryan mentioned the other day. Now it's an Ad.

- How to Discuss Politics in the Age of Obama


- Revisionist Hysteria

Some Troll was on CNBC this morning taking the position that "Obama didn't raise taxes in his first term", and the other Talking Point will be the phony concept of "Net Job Losses"....
Joe Kiernan has been dilligent in preventing this stupid notion from taking hold, that somehow Hussein should not take any responsibility for his first year in office. More proof of what we will hear over the next 8 weeks. The DNC is now trying to figure out what Obama’s positives were over the last 4 years. Abortapalooza is next week and you will hear stuff about “He didn’t raise taxes” – “he’s didn't lose those jobs”, "That Plant didn't close on his watch", ”He killed bin Laden…” "Who is Jon Corzine? Neva' heard of him..."

I watched the speeches last night. Rubio crushed it. Eastwood was weird. Romney said what he had to say, and he said it well.
I then flipped over to Tom Brokenjaw on NBC and he started drooling and stammering about how one of the biggest job creators was some government program (but again – no one can understand Tom Brokenjaw). I then went over to over to MSLSD: if you want a window into the bizarre machinations of liberalism – this was time and place to do it.
Sharpton was “offended” that Romney campaign used James Brown’s “Livin' in America” as a theme…
Some other MSNBC eunuch on the panel admonished the crowd that while they moaned with disapproval that Obama was going to  lower the sea level, he went into a hysterical rant that “there are engineers working on ways to keep water out of NYC subways!! And these people are laughing about it…”
As if this moron didn’t grasp the fact that Manhattan is an Island and technically – the subways are built below sea-level…  Yes, these people are off their rockers!
He then went on to say that “20 years from now they will regret that they were critical of the president” or some other such nonsense...

My Uncle used to say: "you know you've lost your mind when you start to believe your own BullSh!t"

I laughed out-loud and then it was Larry O’Donnell’s turn to be the craziest nut in the asylum.
While Romney criticized Hussein’s foreign policy (Talking to Iran didn’t stop their centrifuge development, Israel thrown under the bus, & Putin will meet a President with a backbone rather than flexibility…) O’Donnell started lamenting that this was a dangerous – almost war mongering position especially with regard to Iran, and that voters will not want to hear this kind of rhetoric…

Gee Larry, I found Romney's Foreign Policy Points very refreshing. More Spine, less sponge.

- Another GunFree Zone Shooting In NJ

This one less than 10 miles from my front door:

Police in New Jersey have reportedly shot and killed a man wearing body armour suspected of being involved in a shootout which has left at least two people dead. Officers were called after shots were heard fired inside the Pathmark supermarket on Route 9 in Old Bridge which is around 25 miles from New York City at around 4 a.m.

All of NJ is a 'Gun Free Zone" because the state hasn't issued a concealed carry permit to anyone but a policeman in 25 years. We don't know anything about this shooting yet. It could be a lovers quarrel or a failed robbery, or a drug deal gone bad or whatever. The fact that it happened at 4AM makes me suspect.

But our politicians will surely react to this by punishing the innocent. I suspect a body armor ban will be in the offing, and even further restrictions on firearms. In NJ, they don't trust us to take care of ourselves.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%UPDATE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (a division of the same company that so poorly runs the Newark Star Ledger) says it's a disgruntled employee, but I wouldn't put any stock in that until it's confirmed be everyone. There are a lot of intentional distortions int he NJ media.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%UPDATE 2%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

I'll bet you $10,000 that the shooter had neither an AK47, nor an "automatic pistol", but that isn't going to stop the Star ledger from endlessly saying that he did.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

- This One Goes Under "R" Paul...

Since I'm screwing around a little I thought I'd drop this out there for Paul Ryan to put on his Ipod. Like most things the Ramones did, their remake was better than the original.

The Ramones invented Punk Rock which was a reaction to how established the originally 'anti-establishment' hippie movement of the 60's had become by the Carter era. As such it was a rebellion from the very things that Barak Obama and his ilk represent. The Democrats are playing the same old song, so there is no reason that we shouldn't offer the same old rebellion to it.

If Johnie were still alive I have no doubt in my mind that he'd arrange some trumped up Whitehouse visit about kids or the environment and when he got there, he'd punch Barry right in the chops. He was that kind of guy. Like Ted Nugent with nothing to lose. During his induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame he said: "God bless President Bush, and God bless America". He always said that "Punk was right wing".

Since he invented the thing, it seems to me he should know.

- LOL ... Too True!!!

From our friends at "The Looking Spoon".

- The Emergence of a National Leader (PR visa-vis TR)

Although the two men pictured come from vastly different backgrounds and their political stochastic intersects at few spots, it is unmistakable that each have ascended to a loftier position that the titular "second in command" alludes.
Both men, very young, had achieved notable accolades in public office. Both men genuinely love this country and would never accept 2nd place in the global rankings, in any category... whereas Democrats - most notably expressed by Bill Clinton, were not enthusiastic about America leading into the next century.

TR wasn't thrilled to be McKinley's Veep and reluctantly accepted the post. Some of TR's most notable words were uttered during his brief Vice Presidency:
"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far"
The left always likes to reduce the legacy and memory of TR by labeling him a "Progressive". Yes - TR was a Progressive at the time, however busting trusts and settling labor negotiations didn't always end in some bizarre compromise that reduced the global standing of the nation or the merit of it's individuals in exchange for some mealy-mouthed short term compromise with lasting haranguing effects. The Modern Progressives are a charade. We will call them PINO's, because it is merely in name only at this point. Even TR considered Wilson's "Progressivism" to be shallow and idiotic.

PR is obviously thrilled to be Romney's Veep. Where TR could speak eloquently and effectively in many languages (almost on the spot!) TR was not very good with the numbers. Paul Ryan is the contrast, where he is expert and deadly accurate with numbers, but not a guy to look to for an off-hand dissertation on Dutch Nursery Rhymes or Magyar political leanings. However lately, America has discovered his voice and charisma. His speeches have had a "TR effect" among mixed crowds. He is energetic and a beacon of hope for the GOP and America, much like TR:
Whoever wins in November, Mr. Ryan's ascension as Mr. Romney's vice presidential choice cements his standing as a leader among the new generation of Republicans who have emerged alongside the tea party, and who are aligned with its small-government message. ...
...Jackie Eastwood, a Republican delegate from Durham, N.H., said Mr. Ryan had spurred new enthusiasm for the Republican ticket in her state, which is one of the battlegrounds in the presidential election. She called Mr. Ryan "a driver of the [party's] heart and soul" and said, "Everyone from the little old ladies to the old crusty guys were just standing up and cheering" at a recent campaign rally with the Republican ticket outside Manchester.
Over the next 8 weeks, the Left will attempt to paint Paul Ryan as anything but a leader. They will try to extract divisiveness from his record, they will attempt to paint him as a racist or a woman hater, or a papist because he's Catholic. Lord knows they are already calling him an extremist because he is "uncompromising". They are already comparing the ticket to McCain-Palin.

As I recall - Palin means "panic" in Left-speak.

Americans, the hard-working, tax-paying kind, will soon find out that Ryan is a lot like them or a lot like what they wanted their kids to be. I feel sorry for the Dems over the next 8 weeks. They will run a campaign against Ryan and gin-up baseless accusations, all the while Ryan will get free press for being a "regular guy" (Deer & Deer Hunting will feature him in their "I'm a deer hunter" article) as well being highly quoted from his VP speech at the RNC - lots of gems there!
When all the spitballs hit the floor, Ryan will walk away unscathed and clean, however the Left will be forever stained by their own bile and vitriol.

Americans have seen and heard Obama's shtick. He's a one-trick-pony. It's a dull performance complete with scripted outcomes and fawning press. I will bet dollars to doughnuts that Ryan (and consequentially Romney) will be chased-down for more quotes and photo ops from more non-political press than Obama-Biden ever dreamed possible.
Look again at the sharp-eyed guy in the top photo. Think of what is in his sights and whether or not you share the same sight-picture. This is not Sarah Palin, and the Left are desperately aware of this. The Left is down to their remaining few spit-balls, while the man in the photo has a full quiver of arrows remaining.

- Okay... This Really Is Brilliance From Sultan Knish


I'll tell you a little behind the curtain stuff. Ikaika emailed me a bit of that Sultan Knish article in the last post before he posted it. He emails me stuff like that a few times a week - often from Sultan Knish, but sometimes others too. I thought this one was particularly good so I said to him in an offhanded way "I'm really nuts today, but post a link if you have time."

He didn't have time, but he tossed out a very basic link anyway. It was so rough that I came back when I had a minute and added a picture and did a little formatting in his stead (which I try to never do - but I knew the only reason he didn't was because he's so busy today too.)

I'm juggling the transition between my changing roles, and a work load that has basically doubled. But you can't work 100% of the time and when I had a sec I went back and reread the whole Sultan Knish blogpost.

It's brilliant. Truly brilliant. It's a detailed account of the late stage symptoms of the mental illness that we call progressive liberalism. It explains why these people can turn literally ANY discussion with a political opponent into an issue of race.

so I' ll say it again here, "YOU REALLY NEED TO READ THIS POST from Sultan Knish." You'll thank me, the same as I'm thanking Ikaika now for going to the trouble of posting the original.

A Party of Trolls: Sultan Knish

There is no area of his governance that could survive a detailed 5-minute discussion with anyone who isn't a halfwit. All that's left is trolling the Republicans to cover up the basic weaknesses in an agenda so incoherent that even few of his own supporters would sign on to it. And this isn't new, it's just more shameless than ever.

Great article

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

- Overt Racism At NBC

I'm ripping this off from 'The Corner' but I thought it was worth repeating. NBC has a web page up of Tuesday's speakers from the GOP convention and has specifically edited out any of the 'people of color' who spoke that night. If this were done by the GOP I have little doubt NBC news would be the first to demand that they be driven from Washington at bayonet point. But when NBC news does it it's considered ... what...? I'm at a loss.

No dog whistles here. NBC is simply excluding people explicitly because of their race.

I can't wait to hear their excuse for this.

- Trying To Shatter Capitalism By Force

One of my closest friends is a senior staffer at the NYSE. Even he admits that with the advent of program trading the NYSE is little more now than a television studio with an interesting history. Virtually no business actually get's addressed there anymore.

And yet, these losers from the occupy movement keep going back there obstructing things. They were doing it when I was just a little research analyst, and they're still doing it now - trying to find a way to use force as a means to obstruct lawful and peaceful commerce where both parties operate by consent. I guess the whole thing isn't violent enough for them. They really prefer the reaction of a mob.

I was explaining our current political situation to a Swiss national who was visiting the states the other night. I told him that we have one party which believes in the basics of capitalism, and the other that it totally and unapologetically detached from reality. Like mental patients they even go so far to accuse the non crazy people of being the ones who really are crazy after all. "How can you form a political compromise with a person whose only goal is the destruction of the rich, regardless of the consequences of that destruction?" I asked.

But the thing that got him most was when I said that: "We have one party who is dedicated to protecting the unproductive by taking wealth from the productive and one that would rather reward winners than losers." "I cant' believe you just said that!" he said "In France, you'd be flayed alive for saying something like that in public. It's true of course, but that changes nothing... you still cant' say it!" In America I could not only say it, but I could say it in the middle of the bar at the Cornell Club in midtown Manhattan , arguably one of the most liberal strongholds of all academia.

Anyway... these Occupy people are the very people dedicated to America's destruction by force. I still think we should be using live ammunition on them the moment they so much as break a window.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

- Newt Vs. Chris Mathews

Thanks god someone finally smacked this A-hole back... of course it was Professor Newt.

-Rebranding On The Fly

If you caught CNBC this morning, you heard "Bagdad" John Harwood spout the new DNC talking points for the RNC Convention. You also heard him try to reduce Ronald Reagan to just someone that was willing to compromise.
While the economy is stalled in a ditch, the DNC will do whatever it takes to keep Americans from discussing the economy, taxes and the last 4 years.
The new talking point is: Obama and Romney share the same vision for America and there is little difference between the two.
When Harwood asserted that there was virtually no difference between the candidates in their approach to what ails America, I almost spat my breakfast on my workstation.
Whether this ridiculous notion gets legs will be determined later if DWS or other Dem operatives try to gently remind us that we may as well stick with the Marxist. This is an instance where the DNC will say "Change is Bad".
They will try to remind people that they should be complacent by running ads of Hussein saying "don't let them take us off course from what we set out to achieve 3 years ago!" Then you have to ask "did this administration do anything positive in the last 3 years?"
You will see Romney get a polling bump from the convention. I'm sure if some of the stuff RNC and TEA Party and Libertarians want to hear is present on the platform (like Reciprocity, Gold Standard, Fed Audit, Government reduction...) you will see and hear a pronounced change in tone towards Romney.
Akin, Taxes, Mormons... none of it will have a steering effect. I am still waiting for the Mormon bashing to start. The hardcore Marxists in the party have been unable to contain that tactic.
The Obama campaign has disintegrated into a spastic-flailing cacophony of lies and character assassinations.
George Will called it: "There is nothing Obama won’t say about me, because he has nothing to say for himself..."
The far-left wing of the Democrat Party have had the podium too long and the rest of the party is waking-up to this hangover from the big 2008 party only to find that all the beer is gone, all but the ugliest chicks are gone, someone left Billy Bragg playing on top volume on some impossible to locate iPod, and someone trashed the house by painting images of OWS, Anarchy and Guy Fawkes all over the living room.
Mr. & Mrs. America will be pulling into the driveway very soon.

Monday, August 27, 2012

- Concealed Carry Reciprocity In GOP Platform

If I'm not mistaken it was my esteemed co-editor Ikaika who told me I was nuts when I suggested that a "concealed carry reciprocity" act may actually be in the cards. I claimed that if they tried to make a big public stink of it before the election, then it's all probably for show. But if they wait until after the election, then it's a real thing and might actually get passed. Thanks to Western Democrats like Harry Reid who don't dare go anti-gun, I think the numbers will be there whether the GOP takes the Senate or not.

Well here you go. According to this site, "concealed carry reciprocity" (otherwise known as the only way anyone in NJ will every get a carry permit) is being incorporated into the GOP platform. If they pass it, NJ will have no choice but to begin issuing carry permits, or lose control of their permit process.

I'm going to go shopping for holsters tomorrow I think.

- Obama's Unearned Narcissism

Obama is a literary construct. It's as if Zelig jumped off the movie screen and took up residence in the Oval Office. He puts himself in the frame of historical events, even if he has only the smallest cameo.

A great one from Mike Flynn at Breitbart.

- Isaac: "I Disagree!"

The post title is sort of an inside joke for the guys who used to work on the execution desk of a major NY based hedge fund. It was the response of a particularly single minded systems developer who was told that there is in fact both a bid and offer price available for US equities. Please don't ask me to explain.

I think it fits in this case because after the giddiness of the mainstream media at the idea that Gaia would smite the evil Republican convention, it seems Isaac had a different idea - and they're all being robbed of their fun.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

- The Cool Kids

I know this date’s me, but one of my earlier memories was watching Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon for the first time. My brother and I watched it live, sitting on a linoleum floor in front of a curved TV screen the size of a laptop, mounted into a box the size of a dishwasher. I remember what came later mainly because my mom still tells the story.

A few weeks after the big event, she and I were sitting on a stoop and she was pointing out constellations to me. “Can you see where they landed on the moon?” I asked “probably, if you have a strong enough telescope.” She said “What about a black hole” I asked “can you see one of those?”

My mother had only a high school education and they didn’t teach much astronomy (and no physics) to kids back then, so my mother thought I was making something up. “How cute… what an imagination this boy has…” she thought. “Ok… tell me” she said “ what is a black hole?”

I responded:

“It’s when a star gets old, it uses up all it’s fuel and becomes unstable, so gravity starts to pull it back on itself making it very dense. That density causes the gravity to increase very rapidly, and the whole thing sort of falls in on itself causing the gravity to get so strong that even photons can’t escape it... so it’s black.”

My mother’s mouth hung open while she wondered how in the world she’d ever be able to help this kid with his math homework. Up to then I hadn’t actually had any math homework because I was still only 5 years old. To this day we haven’t figured out where exactly I learned it – the best theory we have has something to do with public television.

All my life, my heroes were guys who most other people wouldn’t think to admire. Half the time they were people that no one ever even heard of. They weren’t actors or sports legends, or men of influence. They were guys with thick glasses, and lived lives that mostly took place in their heads. They solved problems that most people never heard of and didn’t care about once they had. But I thought they were amazing.

And the main reason was that one summer day in 1969, a couple of guys made being pointy headed geeks into the coolest thing in the world. That was the day that America realized that you don’t have to be the football quarterback with a girl on each arm to be an alpha male. There were other ways that you could be first.

There is no doubt that what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin accomplished that day was monumental. My dad sat my brother and I down in front of our ancient TV by telling us that we were about to "see the most important thing that’s ever happened in all of human history!” And it surely was.

But the contribution that event made to our culture was at least as important to me personally, and totally changed the way my life turned out. What they and their compatriots at NASA did, was that they made being smart – cool.

Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs are names we all know belonging to people we all admire. In comparison, but for the law that bears his name, no one has ever heard of Gordon Moore. The reason for that change was not a media phenomenon per se. When Wozniak, Jobs, and Gates were coming up in the world, people were already looking to them to do great things.

It was Neil Armstrong who made them look.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

- Aborta-Palooza

Although the media is loath to admit it, abortion has been a political loser for the left in recent years. The reason for this is part morality, part technology. The moral part of the abortion debate has always been clear. No one, not even NARAL wants to kill babies. It’s wrong. We all know that. There are a few members of the left who are so wrongheaded that they have reconciled themselves to arguing for it anyway, but in their hearts they know, killing a baby is wrong.

The technology part of the debate is that thanks to it, we can tell that the ‘fetal matter’ that NARAL and Planned Parenthood so jokingly dismiss as morally irrelevant, is actually uncomfortably similar in shape to the baby we all know we do not want to kill. In effect, the popular opinion of what constitutes a baby has moved to an earlier date in the gestation cycle.

But at this point the left is willing to grasp at any straw it can. Their record is a disaster so they can’t rely on facts. And since they have to rely on emotion as a decision making tool if they want to have any shot at all of keeping control of the government, they are going to try to rely on that most emotive of voter – the single woman.

My fiend John Derbyshire once got in big trouble for stating something that was both empirically true and obvious. No, not that. This was way before that. What he said was (forgive my sloppy paraphrase John) that if women’s suffrage were rescinded, then no democrat anywhere in the country would ever be elected to anything again. The left read this (or John’s more elegantly phrased version of it) and immediately decided that he was advocating for denying women the right to vote. He wasn’t - he was just making a point.

I on the other hand, think there are all kinds of people who really should be denied the vote. For instance, I believe that anyone who does not have an individual net positive tax burden shouldn’t be allowed to vote. If you don’t pay in more than you get back, then I think you should be free to participate in society in every way; but no vote. I think this should apply to a government salary too. If you work for the government in any role but uniformed military (who pony up their share in other ways), then you should be denied the right to vote until you leave government service. Then of course, you get your vote back - so long as you have a net positive tax burden.

I don’t think there should be any restrictions on race or intelligence or ‘English speaking’ or anything else. I can think of examples where all those metrics would be misapplied. But in our ongoing battle between the makers and the takers, I come down firmly on the side of the makers. They should be the ones who decide who gets what. I simply don’t believe an 18 year old puppetry student who has never worked a day in his life casts a vote with the same wisdom as someone who has been paying into the system since they were 15.

With all that said though, apart from the fact that it would achieve a political goal (an admirable motive in itself to the denizens of the left) I can’t think of a good reason to categorically deny women the vote. And since that’s so, we must persuade them instead. Even though they tend toward sentiment instead of reason – even thought they are almost single handedly keeping the party dedicated to the destruction …excuse me… the “fundamental transformation” of America, we still have to allow them to vote.

The good news though is that with regard to abortion, that seems to be happening. More and more women are realizing (rightly in my opinion) that a human life is a thing to be valued. They realize that the most dedicated advocates for abortion through the years were really monsters trying to rid the world of ‘undesirable’ people.

And for that reason I think it’s a reflection of their desperation that this year’s Democrats are flailing about so wildly for a group they can whip into a frenzy. They’re grabbing on to a pro-abortion stance because it’s the closest thing they have to a viable issue. And the voters it appeals to can be frightened into voting their way like no other. It’s the perfect sub-demographic for them. Wildly sentimental and easily frightened.

But you know Democrats. They won’t just stick to the facts – they really can’t. So instead of telling them that Romney-Ryan would allow religious groups to not pay for their condoms, they’ll accuse the Republican party of burning single women as witches. Instead of describing their (actually quite moderate) views, they’ll depict affable Paul Ryan as a torquemada of the 21st century, and soft spoken and eminently faithful Mitt Romney as… I don’t know some kind of Mormon monster with his 19 underage wives chained up in the basement. I don't really know... something hyperbolic like that. But I do know that whatever it is they decide to say will be taken FAR too far.

And that will be their undoing. The Romney and Ryan views on Abortion and religious liberty pertaining to birth control are not extreme. In fact for most of the right, they aren't extreme enough. They are not wild eyed religious revolutionaries and the public will have a very hard time seeing them that way. But the Democrats and their major media water carriers will do their best to tell that story none the less.

So we’ll all have to put up with listening to it for a while, but I don’t think we have to be afraid of it. It’s too far from the truth and whenever the Democrats run off the edge like that, people know it. They know the Tea party is not the terrorist wing of the Republican right. They know the occupy movement is not soft spoken intellectuals who clean up after their own protests. The truth always comes out – usually in spite of Democrat efforts. And even if they turn the Democrat convention in to Aborta-palooza, the truth will come out about this too.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Most Disingenuous Man in World

He is a pathetic little man that will place his agenda above our sovereignty. While we await the details to this tragedy, I won't hesitate to wager that Bloomy will place the blame squarely on an inanimate object. Sadly Mayor Bloomberg, a person committed this horrible act.

A Plan of Disruption Not Completely Thought Out...

With the Republican Convention preparing for the Arrival of "Isaac", convention organizers, law enforcement and anyone in the vicinity of the venue must also prepare for "anarchists", "occupiers" and those that seek to disrupt.
I will always contend that the protesters have been barking up the wrong trees, but arguing with stubborn ignorance will never end with a meeting of the minds. I am saddened by the young minds that have strapped themselves to the OWS / ANSWER band-wagon in hopes of changing the world. I'm sorry these organizers have continually lied to you. They are using you as cannon-fodder, not for your intellect or your voice.
A quick observation for those that wish to don the Guy Fawkes mask and are intent on resorting to some violent form of acting-out, A Caveat:
Tampa is in Florida. It is not NYC, Oakland, DC, Chicago, or Boston.
Florida has a unique law in place that is pre-eminently designed for a law-abiding citizen to "stand their ground" in the event that they are accosted, threatened, or assailed in any way where they feel themselves, their families, other citizens or their property will be immediately harmed or threatened.
I suggest that the lobbing of an "acid-filled egg", or even a threatening gesture towards an armed citizen might be enough to incur the ascent of force necessary to neutralize the perceived threat - all within in strict observance of the laws. I might be wrong...
Like in the film re: the photo above. The citizens knew the disruptors were coming and decided to roll out the welcome mat for them, complete with table-cloths and festive buntings...
I don't  believe Clint Eastwood will be speaking at the convention, however I'll quote a simple inspirational message from Walt Kowalski to those that wish to visit Tampa with ill-intentions towards its citizens and law-abiding convention attendees:

I am in no way condoning or abetting a violent confrontation. I would like to see a return to civility and the convention to come and go without violence.
I won't be attending the convention and I won't be anywhere near Tampa. In the event that Isaac makes a mess of things, I would hope that those with ill-intentions will consider that the people of Tampa have enough on their plates already. Maybe a greater impact would be to help those people rather than to harm them?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

- Yes, That's Veal You Smell

University of Colorado model (which has predicted every national election since 1980) predicts Romney the winner this year.

Triple Whammy! Isaac Approaches with two more behind.

OK - We have Isaac, Tropical Depression 10, and another bugaboo forming off West Africa...
Because of the track and cone of Isaac as projected by NOAA, I will be experiencing the effects of this storm Friday into Saturday and into the maw of the beast Sunday into Monday.
Everyone in South Florida is reminded of Andrew and Wilma, therefore we prepare. This isn't like New Jersey during a snowstorm where local supermarkets turn into a scene from War of the Worlds...
Hurricane season is expected and preparation is orderly here. No one is fighting over the last box of power bars or buying enough D cells to jump-start an Abrams tank... yet. I can't speak for inland, but in the coastal areas, it's been neighborly.
If Isaac is a miss - I figure we'll still get Tropical Storm winds and rain, enough to cut power and inconvenience us. The storm shutters (big steel and aluminum 'mothers') will come down and we will be without sunlight or a view to the storm.
If Isaac is a hit and retains itself as a 'cane, we'll be pressed to consider evacuation.
Either way -We've been prepared in advance for both hunker down or buggin' out. It was part of the deal when we decided to relocate from NJ.
Now if Isaac's extended family (pictured above) decide to make September interesting, we might be stretched, but I believe we'll get by no matter what.
My wife set aside the following items in a few dry containers:
We have enough bottled water for a month, two filtration pitchers, a case of sport drink, a case of energy bars, a few boxes of pasta, rice and other drys, two first aid kits, pocket knives, mosquito repellent, blankets, matches, candles, foul weather gear (boots, overs, etc), an assortment of flash-lights and batteries, a case of toilet paper, a go-bag with extra clothes and toiletries and of course 1 AM/FM/SW radio, and one handheld Police Radio/Scanner.
I'll be topping off my gas tank tonight after work and I have plenty of small bills stashed for SHTF. And of course "Bruno" will be on my hip (as usual).
Did I get everything? Oh yes - there will be gin and limes as well as a stash of Cortez cigars.

- Would We Still Shoot Liberty Valance?!

I'm having a whale of a time watching the liberal intelligentsia gasp in horror at Kevin Williamson's suggestion that Mitt "own his alpha-maledom". I believe Kevin is absolutely right, and the reaction of the gaggle of beta males in the media only confirms that for me. But I thought it might be useful to have a bit more perspective to view this narrative from.

Here's the thing, being an alpha make doesn't make you better at things it only makes you dominant. It doesn't make you more handsome, or physically stronger, or 'tougher' in the schoolyard, Bruce-Lee sense. But what it does do is makes you behave in a way that others naturally look to you when it comes time to decide. People just naturally expect you to tell them what to do when they're unsure themselves.

Men and women respond differently to alpha males. Women don't necessarily 'like' alpha males at all. But in a process which is every bit as mysterious to them as to the rest of us, their panties seem to fall off of their own accord when they are around them anyway. They 'respond' to alpha males in spite of themselves and what it is they believe they want in a man.

There is an analogy that the mind is like a man riding an elephant. The cognitive part of our mind is the man who can direct the elephant to go where it wants if it's slow enough and careful enough and makes no sudden moves. But the elephant is the emotive side of us. And when it wants to go one direction or the other, there really isn't all that much the man on top can do about it. All he can do is hang on.

This is the way women respond to alpha maledom. They can't help it. In my experience, they very often don't even like it. But they respond anyway.

For Beta males, the Alpha is another animal entirely. Beta doesn't mean weak. It doesn't mean feminine. It's means subordinate. It means the elephant that you're riding is more comfortable in the back of the line than the front. Being in front involves big risk and big reward. There is far less room for mistakes as an alpha than as a beta so it isn't easier even though it may seem so sometimes to a beta.

And you can't change yourself from a beta to an alpha as an act of will. You either are an alpha or you are not. But whether you are or not is mostly situational. In a speedboat full of Navy Seals attacking an outpost, the congressional staffer on a 'ride along' would be a beta. Take the same team to negotiate a congressional committee hearing and the staffer becomes the alpha, and the Seals (if they know what's good for them... and they probably do) will fall in line behind.

Of course, whether you're good at being an alpha or not has more to do with your elephant than the rider. This is what we mean when we say that some men are 'natural leaders'. It's innate for them... and it makes it more difficult for them to turn it off when they have to. As an example, in my family ALL the men are natural leaders, which leads to nothing but conflict when we're together. But in any other room, all the non-alpha men simply fall in line behind any one of us. I've seen it happen all my life.

In post feminist America, the duality of the liberal position on alpha maledom is striking. Liberal women long for the alpha male but their intellect, twisted by decades of wrongheadedness, reacts angrily toward anyone who shows alpha traits. This has given rise to a new kind of post-feminist man. Someone like Obama who is obviously a heterosexual man but who has idealized only the feminine virtues. But to real alpha's - the kind that actually put the bullet in liberty valance, he just looks like a girl. He'll take to violence the same as any alpha, but he'll only do it wh - not en he's sure to win like a bully - never as part of a fair fight.

One interesting phenomenon that always struck me is how many of my friends (virtually all of whom show strong alpha characteristics) have wives raised outside American 'feminist' culture. And even those that were raised here come from cultures so dominant that they didn't buy into anything Maureen Dowd has had to say. Korean girls, Chinese, Philippine, Chilean, Indian, Argentinian, Danish... even my wife is from Hungary. Off the top of my head I can't think of one of one that has a traditional 'American' wife. Of course, some of us do have American ex-wives. Funny how that seems to have worked out. I guess we're going where we're valued.

But that makes me wonder how much longer 'Americans' will still be known for their John Wayne style brashness. Barry Obama would have never shot Liberty Valance, he'd have only sued him. He'd have had the justice department investigate him for election tampering, and order his taxes audited. They'd have charged him with illegal possession of a bull whip. And all the post feminist women would cheer him for it. But we on our side - we'd have still shot the son of a bitch. And our 'foreign' wives would have privately celebrated us for it and thanked god for a husband with such good sense.

And just like he did with those Navy Seals and Bin Laden, it would have been a guy like Obama would have taken credit for it.

I have a lot more to say on this topic, but this is a working vacation, and my schedule commands attention.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

- How They Fight In West Texas

Kevin Williamson is an alpha male. Don't think so? You should have seem him in a lower east side bar before his girlfriend calmed him down. It usually looked like that scene in the movie Michael where where John Travolta as the Archangel is dancing to Aretha Franklin and all the women in the joint are following his every sway. Kevin may not have been as well choreographed, but he'd come away with phone numbers scratched on matchbooks, strips of paper, his hands, you name it - sometimes 3, 4 and 5 at a time.

And in a classic "it takes one to know one" moment, he's here talking about another Alpha male... Mitt Romney.

People who are accustomed to Mike Bloomberg's Napoleonic condescension or Donald Trumps buffoon like self promotion as the markers of east coast Alpha maledom, don't know what to make of Mitt's good manners. They think he can't be an alpha male and still be so personally humble and soft spoken. But it's absolutely not so. Alpha males don't have to prove it. It's only the beta's who are unpredictably prone to outbursts of irritability as a defense of their ego's.

Good manners is the ultimate mark of the alpha male. It means that you aren't threatened by anything and can afford to be polite. I know a little about Alpha maledom myself. My industry is so openly competitive that it tends to attract them. And take my word for it, the difference between Mitt and Barry is going to come out. There will be no hiding it. Look to the debates for the most obvious evidence. I think it's entirely possible that Obama is unable to restrain his tantrum until the cameras are off.

I've said before that Kevin fights (argues) the way I do. Its the way all the men in my family fight. There's an acidity to it that recognizable. An example:

"Now Romney should quit pretending that he’s an ordinary schmo with ordinary schmo problems and start living a little larger. He should not be ashamed of being loaded; instead, he should have some fun with it. He will discover something that the Obama campaign has not quite figured out yet: Americans do not hate rich people. Americans love rich people. Americans will sit on their couches and watch billionaire Donald Trump fire people on television — for fun. Nobody hates Jay Leno for owning seven Aston Martins and 17 Lamborghinis — people go to his garage’s website (of course his garage has its own website) to ogle his cars and leave appreciative remarks."

"Hell Yes! You sell it Kevin!"

He's always worth reading, but this piece even more so. You can tell he's having fun with it.


And here is Katrina Trinko proving that it's not just liberals who have absolutely no sense of humor.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

- Find Someone Dumber Than Biden!

Being around Frithguild and his knife throwing skills must have colored my view of the world. When I look at Todd Akin, all I see is someone who, after being plucked from national obscurity by a desperate media, has turned out to be even dumber than Joe Biden. And for their diligence, pimp Obama has welcomed them back into his heart.

This is how such battles are fought I guess – which conjures that great quote from Ikaika about how conservatives are actually running against the media and media populism. And even the fact that they had to turn over every rock in the Midwest to find someone as stupid as Todd Akin, it hasn’t stopped the media and Democrat operatives from declaring that he represents the ‘true bigotry’ of the Republican party.

Akin is finished in national politics. He’ll have to back to eaking out a desperate living by influence peddling on the local level. That’s what happens to politicians who have been subject to such disgrace isn’t it? I wonder what Joe Biden will do after his time in public life?

A much more interesting story if you ask me though is the obvious desperation of team Obama. They have been abandoned by Newsweak, and criticized by the beltway press corps. They know that without them they’d have no shot of winning so in apparent thanks to them for 'changing the narrative', Obama crashed a press briefing to bring them back in the fold. “I still love ya baby.” Said Obama, like a temporarily repentant "independent businessman" managing his stable.

The thing is though, some of us were predicting that the press would turn on Barry even before he was even sworn in. Some of us could see a familiar patter emerging even before he took office. Combine the soaring totally unachievable rhetoric with the ineptitude and inexperience of his team and it was always going to go badly for him. And even as devoted as the press is to leftist principles, they are even more devoted to themselves.

In December when Team Obama is busy ransacking the west wing furniture and packing the national gallery off to hang in their Chicago dining rooms, the press will still be in Washington. Who in a republican administration is going to take a Chris Matthews, Soledad Obrien, or Andrea Mitchell seriously then? As soon as they are certain Barry can’t be saved they’ll turn on him – probably viciously. And then they’ll hold up that last minute story or two as evidence that they were never really biased in the first place.

And when that time comes the Republicans will probably believe them - because the Republicans will need a "ho" too. But that doesn’t change the smell of desperation wafting from Democrats today. They are in panic mode – that’s clear. And it’s just a matter of time before the media rats start jumping ship for good.

Monday, August 20, 2012

News-Flash! Assignment:Failure!

We had a saying on Wall St: "When reporters start the day off by interviewing other reporters, it's gonna be a long-dull day..."
CNBC has a habit of reporters interviewing reporters, or "Round table Discussions" among reporters about how each of them should perceive and wax-on about reality.
It's bad enough that I have to listen to the out-dated "traders" on their panels try to look and sound brilliant by applying a completely hedged option strategy that would be absolutely good for nothing - let alone almost guarantee a measly loss than any real gain.
But CNBC has morphed into a strange outlet for non-market news complete with bias.

Meet John Harwood.
He is the CNBC "Washington Correspondent".
Today, the big story was not Romney sustaining a one-week lead in the polls over Hussein, or how the Hussein campaign has yet to refrain from gutter politics, or how Joe Biden's statements were and still are pretty reprehensible, or how Rudy Giuliani and Bob Schiffer told Dick Durbin that the Obama campaign is indefensible in its use of gutter politics and outright distortions.
Really - This is news!
No, today's "Big CNBC Squawk Box Story" was about some idiot - Rep Todd Akin - that made stupid statement regarding abortion and rape.
Outside of his constituency - Akin is not really anywhere near a spokesman for the GOP or Conservatism.
CNBC found a Republican that made a stupid statement and of course Romney and Ryan should be linked to this immediately. They weren't too enthused about how Romney and Ryan immediately condemned this statement,  because they would have reported it, but began to "spin the news" into a fabrication of national outrage among women, most notably John Harwood's two daughters - and of course they are both of voting age.
He and the other people that never saw the working side of a trading desk agonized "on cue" as if they didn't expect "Scoop Harwood" from divulging this brief moment of insanity by a little-known elected official.
And of course the moral relevance and alluding in context that his girls were somehow "turned-off" by the statement. Not that they have no opinion of Joe Biden's chronicle of oral diarrhea, but because John decided to reduce his daughters to represent one-issue voters. I imagine they are not as dumb as their dad makes them out to be. I'm sure they have opinions on the economy, jobless numbers and student loan debt.
Not for "Scoop Harwood" - His Daughters are old enough to vote and if they would so choose - abort their own offspring, therefore their opinion is only relevant when the media (Daddy) can lump them into the Abortion Box.
This is liberalism in a nutshell: the compartmentalisation of minority groups into little easy-to-digest pieces.
Easy to digest, easy to reference and predictably - to be deployed to construct phony straw-arguments.
Heaven forbid a woman decides to speak outside the confines of the Democrat/Liberal Women's Agenda Box, or they be met with scorn and intervention the likes of which would make a scientologist blush.
The echo chamber replied with a dull thud. Even Becky Quick and Andrew Sorkin couldn't bulldozer this mole-hill into a mountain.Becky ginned-up the "I am a women too" and Sorkin... well, he's a ... ?
Try as they did, the story hit the floor like a day-old plate of egg-salad, and no body bit on the rancid bait.
They did have a non-reporter guest on. I did catch Sorkin fighting the bile duct when his guest mentioned that while the market has done well, there is no confidence in the market to come. This - as the guest reasoned-  is because of Hussein's lack leadership. So the guest vocalized his opposition to Hussein and Sorkin had to excuse himself.
Oh - and the other moment of Squawk Box Fun was a clip of Nancy "Plastic Surgery on Our Dime" Pelosi as a guest on some Late Night TV show (Jimmy Fallon) that is probably suffering in the ratings. The Story: Isn't it Cheeky How Pelosi claims she doesn't know Ryan that well because.... <punchline> She Never Goes to the Gym!
Har-dee-har-har! A million laughs, Nan!
Schtick like this hasn't been heard since Match Game with Gene Rayburn, and it should stay there.
Now - Obama is on TV - Big Camera Clicking Solemn Press Conference denouncing the Akin's comments.
It only took him a half-a-day. He just spent an eternity explaining nothing.
Smell the Veal...

- This Should Be A Love Letter

In one my my posts a few months ago, I was trying to sooth the overactive nerves of the 'preppers' by explaining to them that America will NEVER be a post apocalyptic wasteland.

The reason for this is why we're wealthy in the first place, while a place like Sierra Leone is not - we know how to do things that will build wealth, and they don't. That knowledge is our real wealth. And so long as you have that knowledge, then someone somewhere will be willing to pay your for it. No one can ever take that knowledge from you and redistribute it - even if, like our current president, they desperately want to. It's that seemingly insubstantial thing that is the real wealth of America.

Here is George Gilder explaining that very same thing with more verbal grace than I ever could:

America’s wealth is not an inventory of goods; it is an organic entity, a fragile pulsing fabric of ideas, expectations, loyalties, moral commitments, visions. To vivisect it for redistribution is to kill it. As President Mitterrand’s French technocrats discovered in the 1980s, and President Obama’s quixotic ecocrats are discovering today, government managers of complex systems of wealth soon find they are administering an industrial corpse, a socialized Solyndra.

All riches must finally fall into the gap between thoughts and things. Governed by mind but caught in matter, assets must afford an income stream that is expected to continue. The expectation may shift as swiftly as thought, but things, alas, are all too solid and slow to change. The kaleidoscope of shifting valuations, flashing gains and losses as it is turned in the hands of time, in the grip of “news,” distributes and redistributes the wealth of the world far more quickly and surely than any scheme of the state.

The belief that wealth consists not chiefly in ideas, attitudes, moral codes, and mental disciplines but in definable static things that can be seized and redistributed — that is the materialist superstition. It stultified the works of Marx and other prophets of violence and envy. It betrays every person who seeks to redistribute wealth by coercion. It balks every socialist revolutionary who imagines that by seizing the so-called means of production he can capture the crucial capital of an economy. It baffles nearly every conglomerateur who believes he can safely enter new industries by buying rather than by learning them. It confounds every bureaucrat of science who imagines he can buy or steal the fruits of research and development.

Even if it wished to, the government could not capture America’s wealth from its 1 percent of the 1 percent. As Marxist despots and tribal socialists from Cuba to Greece have discovered to their huge disappointment, governments can neither create wealth nor effectively redistribute it. They can only expropriate and watch it dissipate. If we continue to harass, overtax, and oppressively regulate entrepreneurs, our liberal politicians will be shocked and horrified to discover how swiftly the physical tokens of the means of production dissolve into so much corroded wire, abandoned batteries, scrap metal, and wasteland rot.

Capitalism is the supreme expression of human creativity and freedom, an economy of mind overcoming the constraints of material power. It is not simply a practical success, a “worst of all systems except for the rest of them,” a faute de mieux compromise redeemed by charities and regulators and proverbially “saved by the New Deal.” It is dynamic, a force that pushes human enterprise down spirals of declining costs and greater abundance. The cost of capturing technology is mastery of the underlying science. The means of production of entrepreneurs are not land, labor, or capital but minds and hearts. Enduring are only the contributions of mind and morality.

All progress comes from the creative minority. Under capitalism, wealth is less a stock of goods than a flow of ideas, the defining characteristic of which is surprise. Creativity is the foundation of wealth. As Princeton economist Albert Hirschman has put it, “creativity always comes as a surprise to us.” If it were not surprising, we could plan it, and socialism would work. Joseph Schumpeter propounded the basic rule when he declared capitalism “a form of change” that “never can be stationary.” The landscape of capitalism may seem solid and settled and something that can be captured; but capitalism is really a noosphere, a mindscape, as empty in proportion to the nuggets at its nucleus as the expanse of the solar system in relation to the sun.

Believe it or not, there are 4 more pages of equally elegant prose at the link.

I'm a great fan of the book "Chance or The Dance" which is a criticism of modern secularism. If you read the reviews on amazon (or pretty much anywhere else) you'd probably be convinced it has something to do with Christianity but it doesn't really. In fact, to my poor recollection I don't think the author mentions Christ or Christians except in passing, anywhere in the book.

What the author is actually trying to do is to point to a fundamental human truth that supersedes religion. It's (potentially) the thing that the religious may see through the lens of their faith, but it's a truth that is much more fundamental than that. And he describes this truth with such grace that's it's all but impossible to avoid getting his point.

This little piece from NR strikes me as the same kind of thing.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

- The Apotheosis Of Narcissistic Leftist Myopia

I so hate you Mark Steyn:

I’m not blaming Floyd Corkins’s actions on the bullying twerps at the Southern Poverty Law Center or those thug Democrat mayors who tried to run Chick-fil-A out of Boston and Chicago. But I do think he’s the apotheosis of narcissistic leftist myopia. He symbolizes that exhaustion of the other possibilities — the dwindling down of latter-day liberalism to ever more self-indulgent distractions from the hard truths of a broke and ruined landscape. Our elites have sunk into a boutique decadence of moral preening entirely disconnected from reality: A non-homophobic chicken in every pot, an abortifacient dispenser in every Catholic university, a high-speed-rail corridor between every two bankrupt California municipalities . . .

No sane man could compete on this turf. Romney declined to come out for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, but the other week he did come out in favor of gay scoutmasters — whether just for scouts or for the rest of us too was unclear. But it doesn’t matter. He could announce he was in favor of closing Gitmo and retraining every detainee as a gay scoutmaster, he could declare an amnesty for every undocumented gay scoutmaster north of the Rio Grande — and it still wouldn’t be enough. He’s still Mitt Romney and he’ll put your dog on the roof, your wife in the ground, and your Negro houseboy in the cotton field out back — or, as the vice president of the United States told a mostly black crowd in Virginia the other day, “he gonna put y’all back in chains.”

The guy makes me feel like such an amateur. I hope to god he can't manage his own investments too.

Friday, August 17, 2012

- A Working Vacation

I can't remember the last time I had a vacation that didn't also involve at least a little work. Usually it's just a few hours in the morning before the open - say 5:00 AM to 9:30 or 10:00. I'm usually done before the girls even get up. But when we took my daughter to Disney World I was making trades on my Blackberry while waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

There's no escaping it I'm afraid. The pressure can be intense, but if you can handle that then it beats the hell out of digging holes. And I'm not exactly like Ari Gold from entourage. After all, the market always closes at 4:00.

Anyway, we're off early in the morning for the gulf, so I'll be traveling pretty much all day tomorrow. But since I'll be working every day after that (at least in the mornings), you can expect to see me around a bit.

Hopefully not too much.

- Maybe I Should Take Up Golf After All

That's Kim Kardashian you're looking at. But for the fact that the DailyMail called the thing she's holding a "huge rifle gun" (in reality it's neither huge - nor a rifle), I'd seriously think I have to get a new hobby.

Kardashian armed and dangerous! Kim totes a huge rifle gun as she goes skeet shooting during family vacation


- The FRC Shooting

NRO has a pretty good piece on the politics that surround the gay activist who tried to shoot up the family research council. Their argument tends to focus around the moral bankruptcy of the southern poverty law center, who has proclaimed the FRC as being essentially the same as the Klan. Personally I don't care what the Southern Poverty Law center claims. I hold their view in such low regard that if they managed to find an actual Klan member I'd still want to see the before and after photos (hood... no hood) myself before I came to any conclusion.

The left is always looking for the conservative boogie man in every public shooting, even thought the shooters are almost always just crazy. And when they do have any sort of coherent political agenda at all it turns out to be leftist (like this guy) at least as often as it is a view that could be describes as 'conservative'. But to be perfectly honest I can understand why the left is always so afraid.

Liberals after all, are all cowards. They are terrified of violence and believe that 'talking' is the only way to solve anything. As cowards, the pervasiveness of this view places a moral imperative on their strength and leaves them at a relative advantage. It doesn't actually change anything of course. Violence happens whether liberals approve of it or not. But it gives them one more point of argument until it does, and that can be helpful in a debate.

Conservatives on the other hand, all recognize that civilization is a thin veneer. We don't hope for violence any more than cowardly liberals do. But if it comes to that, we're ready to take our turn sitting the fence, and defend our homes and families - even die for them if necessary. We accept that violence is an occasional part of life. It is to be avoided if possible but on those rare occasions that it isn't we believe should fight to win.

We don't like violence and don't seek it out, but we are not afraid of it like liberals are. To cowardly liberals convinced of their own moral superiority, this makes us look like unkempt savages ready to reach for our guns at any moment. So naturally whenever a gun actually does go off their first assumption is that it's the fault of a conservative. In their worldview, this makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, in the real world, when faced with the choice of disarming in order to get the moral approval of liberals, or keeping my family safe but having liberals think of me as a wild eyed maniac, I'll take maniac thank you very much. I don't really have that big a problem with liberals being afraid of me. It's their loss. In truth, I'm an intelligent civilized man who is occasionally clever or funny. I have a great number of useful skills, I'm a deeply loyal friend, and pretty good company all in. And if it ever does come down to sitting the fence, I'm EXACTLY the kind of guy you want around. (Just ask all my Wall Street friends whose entire SHTF plan is "I'm going straight to Tom's house".) But if liberals can't get past their own fear to see that, it's perfectly OK with me.

The long and short of all this is, I don't mind that liberals always think every shooter is a conservative. Id rather that then have liberals be 'certain' it wasn't because they've disarmed all the conservatives already.

"Paul Ryan vs Barack Obama ~ Compare and Contrast! "

This one is making the morning rounds...
Happy Friday!

- UBS Models The Popular Vote

Drew Matus, chief economist from UBS, is sitting in Becky Quick's chair this AM. He just talked up the UBS 'popular vote' model where they try to forecast the presidential election popular vote based on the two factors of unemployment and the 10 year yield. According to their numbers, Romney will win the popular vote 51 to 48.

I know Drew very well. We've been friends for years. I like him a great deal and greatly respect his intelligence. I think if I had to offer a criticism I'd say he's usually a little too conservative, but it's an occupational hazard.

With all that said, I'd put more stock in his opinions, than most people's 'facts'.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

- Obama's Medicare Cuts

You've likely been hearing about Obama's Medicare cuts that he swears aren't taking place and that everyone else except his surrogates and the MSNBC folks are calling 'a fact'. Let me see if I can explain.

What Obama has done is he's fixed the prices paid for services by Medicare at a new lower price. So instead of Medicare paying (as a totally fictitious example) $1,000 for an appendectomy, Obama's team has set that price paid at $600. He's calling the result a 'savings' and proclaiming it a great victory for the people. In reality, like most price fixing it isn't actually going to solve the problem.

The actual problem is, Obama has only fixed the price. And if it costs doctors $700 to take out that appendix that they used to get $1,000 for but now only get $600, then the appendix is going to have to stay exactly where it is. Price fixing results in shortages 100% of the time. It doesn't matter if you call the lower price a 'savings' or not. But the left has never worried about such ugly and unfortunate consequences and they aren't going to start now.

The right, meanwhile, is looking at this 'savings' that Obama has proclaimed and saying, "Wait a minute, if people can't get the service anymore then what you've done is actually 'cut' Medicare right? I mean, if you took the money away from the patients then that would be a cut and they wouldn't get any care. How is it different if you leave some of the money but take away all the doctors and hospitals? Why isn't that a cut?" "No no!" says team Obama in their childish and singular way "that's the 'SAVINGS'. If those greedy doctors, hospitals, drug and insurance companies don't want to provide the service anymore, we certainly can't be blamed for that!"

Of course, they can and should be blamed to for that, but with their pre-adolescent world view, it's impossible to explain to them why. In a way it's a lot like how the community reinvestment act caused the mortgage blowup. Banks were ordered to make loans to people who didn't deserve it based on their credit score because they were minorities. The banks collateralized the bad loans along with insurance to keep from going broke on them, which made them popular with investors. That made the problem seem like it was less bad than it really was, allowing the whole market to expand into a bubble which eventually popped all at once.

This is the same sort of thing. Team Obama cuts the price for Medicare service. Rather than go broke at the lower price paid, the medical industry simply refuses to take Medicare. Medicare patients end up with no doctors unless they're prepared to pay with cash. It's really just simple cause and effect. There's nothing so complicated about it that it can't be understood by your average high school senior.

But as usual, you can't tell liberals that because they do not recognize that the world responds to the incentives that they create. To them it's all the fault of greed, and cruelty and evil rich guy's who light their cigars with $100 bills. It's as if the liberals were all still 10 years old.

In the end though it's really our own fault. This is what you get when you let your government be run by power hungry losers and dimwits.

- FB = LOL

OMG.... lol...

(chart produced by

On Second Thought, Maybe They Should Re-Think the Hillary Option...

Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe this was one of her more "stellar" moments...

If Team Hussein needs a pinch-hitter for the guy with the low-mental-batting average, it's not going to change much. Although some Democrats "hope" that Hillary will ride in to save the day by playing second fiddle, Bubba will probably tell Hussein to look elsewhere.
The DNC talking points have tried to remind us that "Jawbone Joe" didn't offend with his horrible "minstrel show" imitation of a generic share-cropper of sorts. Nope - Joe tripped the third-rail by incorporating "Chains" & "Shackles". Did he remind people that the Democrat Party was the Party of Jim Crow, Slavery and Robert Byrd? No, but he suggested that we should swallow the putrid pablum of re-written history, and accept the shallow gimmickry - the Bulwarks of the DNC' 2012.
Hillary equally offends with this horrible rendition. Since when do politicians need to be Rich Little while delivering a speech? Does Paul Ryan have to imitate Peter Griffin to get the Rhody Vote?

So enjoy Nurse Ratched here and remind any Democrat acquaintances that they have history of this sort of thing.

- Quick Joe Biden Question:

Question: "How many racists does it take to change a lightbulb?"

Answer: "That's not funny."

(This has recently become my daughter's favorite joke.)

- On Joe Biden's Future...

A second Tom Hagan reference no less...

Biden makes Barry look ridiculous, and as Jack Woltz says to Tom Hagen in The Godfather, “a man in my position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous.”

The minute Paul Ryan was announced, conservatives all over America were checking the date of the vice-presidential debate in order to mark it in their calendars and pre-order the popcorn. Talk about appointment television . . .

Totally different topic, but there must be some connection.

- Lots Of Good Video Today

It's a shame Rudy Giuliani couldn't do this in person with dimwit Piers Morgan because he's an intimidating guy. You wouldn't think so but Giuliani is big and tough looking. He's got that politicians smile, but when he shoves his finger in your face you suddenly realize that he's about 6 foot 3, 200+ lbs and comes from Brooklyn. (actually his wiki says he's average height, but I met him and was impressed with how much bigger he was than I expected. Maybe it's all just in his bearing.)

Meanwhile the double standard continues and Soledad Obrien is proclaiming that she's totally non-biased. What a yuck. Yeah Soledad, you're at least as non-biased as Dan Rather, or that other stalwart middle of the road newsman, Michael Moore. Give us an F'ing break.

- The Elevated Dialog

What shameful hypocrites these Democrats are.

- Please Explain to Me....

...why anyone in the world would ever listen to Henry Blodget about anything? This is the same guy who was banned from the securities industry for hawking valueless stocks to widows and orphans for Merrill Lynch. So (apart from talking about how great the next Obama administration is going to be) what in the holy hell is he doing on Squawk Box this AM?!

How bad does a liberal have to be before he loses his credibility? By this model Jon Corzine is well on his way to a job as Treasury secretary.

- It's About 'Who You Know'...

The occupy people and the far left want to prosecute Goldman executives for selling structured products. They say that they were crap, and they were. But Goldman never said they were chocolate ice cream - they sold them as 'crap'. And anyone who's ever worked in agriculture knows that crap is not without value in it's own right. It's not worth what chocolate ice cream is, but it's certainly not illegal to sell it so long as you're upfront about it's contents. With all that said though, the drumbeat in the media for criminal prosecutions remains unrelenting.

Meanwhile, the much clearer case of 'illegal' activity at MF Global, is unlikely to be prosecuted. At MF they stole their clients money. Money they were not entitled to. It was exactly as if a Bank raided their customers safe deposit boxes without permission.

Even if there were no malice involved and it happened as a result of incompetence alone, there is more than enough justification to provide a massive disincentive to make sure no other firms decides to do the same.

Of course, with this justice department, no one ever thought a major Democrat player like Jon Corzine would be brought before the bar. At least I certainly never believed it. But it would have been nice to know that the word 'justice' still had some vague connection to the facts in America, and wasn't all about who you know, or what political group you belong to.

This is what it looks like when Republics die I guess.

- I'm Trying Harder To Listen...

In memorium of the 35th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death, I'd like to offer the following scene which was cut from the movie Pulp Fiction. (There is a single swear word at the end, for your folks at work). Please forgive the extremely low video quality. I couldn't find a better version.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

- Jodie Foster On Celebrity Culture

I met Jodie Foster when she was at Yale. She was dating a friend of mine and the three of us spent a fun, mostly goofy evening together in New Haven one night with a few other people. We were just kids, and of course she was already quite famous. But you couldn't really tell her that. She was as accessible as anyone in that setting - in fact considerably more accessible than any other blonde who was that photogenic. Good looking girls trade on their looks, but she defined herself more by being smart than beautiful.

I liked her then. I like her even more now.

She's written a kind of love letter to Kristin Stewart, who she worked with on the film "Panic Room" when Kristin was only 11. It's nothing sordid at all... quite the contrary. It's an obviously heartfelt sentiment about how the media is treating Kristin and her personal life. Apparently she's still more about being smart than beautiful.

For someone as famous as she is, Jodie doesn't do much in the public eye. But I'm glad she did this:

Jodie Foster Blasts Kristen Stewart–Robert Pattinson Break-Up Spectacle

- Romney Handles Democrat Lies With Grace

The fact that he's being so modest and mild mannered in the face of being accused of felony tax evasion, murder, and 'putting y'all back in chains' (whatever that means) is a big asset. He's the one who's elevating the dialog and doing what the left says we should all be doing - until of course they discover you still disagree with them, and then they go right into the gutter.

I'm totally smellin the veal.

- A Government Run By Losers

Suppose you were a high IQ loser. A high IQ doesn't typically correlate with being a loser, but for the sake of argument, let's suppose it's because you failed to mature properly. So your self-absorption and immaturity cause people to distrust your (usually) overly emotional reactions, and people generally find you difficult to deal with in a business setting. So there you are - a too emotional high IQ loser, who tends to take things too personally, is often grating on others, and is so insecure that it can't help getting in the way of your professional relationships.

If you were that person, what kind of career do you think you'd chose? I think sales is pretty much out because the art of selling is really about being able to make people like you, and as an insecure high IQ loser, people generally think you're a pain. Business operations and accounting are probably out too because they are fields which require being meticulous. You don't like being meticulous so you find the whole thing boring, and you're particularly put off by the way others in the field never seem to understand that you are a special case and deserve special treatment when you make a mistake.

In fact, most areas of business require more focus on the tasks at hand than you are usually willing to give them. You can do it as well as anyone, but you simply aren't interested. By your world view the world should bend to what you see as a top priority rather than you having to modify your priorities to adjust to it. So business in general probably isn't a good fit for you career-wise. The same is true of medicine. the law is a little more flexible, but not much. So if business and other similar fields won't work, what else is there?

Well there is really just three areas. The first is the military and while that might work if you're a particularly physical person, they still won't let you have the kind of special treatment you feel you deserve. Then there is the last two - government, and academia. Each offers real strengths as a career choice for someone with your specific mindset.

For instance working in government you get to boss around all those people in the private sector who think they're so much better than you because they can run a business and you can't. If you think they're getting 'uppity' then it's just a matter of coming down hard on them with all the legal tools you possess. Let's see how great they feel while their painting white stripes around the perimeter of their business roof just in case someone goes up there without knowing where the edge is. Let's see them submit waste water for bi-weekly testing of contaminant's for the next 3 years. And if they're still getting out of line, then we can find out how they'd enjoy a full scale investigation of their x___insert possible code violation here___x .

Then there is academia. You can't boss anyone around in the academy (other than your students who don't agree with your philosophy) but it does have other benefits. For instance, there is absolutely no downside to being wrong, only to being conservative. Throw out any wild idea at all and so long as you can make a reasonable argument for it, it's treated with the same weight as demonstrable truth. Nowhere in the world is their less of a downside for error. So if you are creative, but don't want the pressure of having to be correct, academia is the place to be.

You don't have to be a loser to choose one of these career paths, but there is certainly no penalty for choosing them if a loser is what you turn out to be. It's not like working in the private sector where you have to 'right' all the time or watch the company fail. There isn't any of those kinds of pressure. And in recent years, the pay in both government in academia isn't that bad. Decades of political lobbying and the boomer generation which swelled the ranks of government and academia like no other, has assured that the 'all in' compensation is not only equal to the same job in the private sector, it's usually better.

Team Obama is an executive branch which is populated almost exclusively, by people who have never worked in any area except government and academia - the domain of high IQ losers. So when they try to implement a plan to fix the economy it turned out exactly how you would expect it to, given the people who conceived and implemented it. It was a fantastically expensive failure. The money was spent in the worst possible way to achieve anything but political goals, and even those it only minimally met because it garnered so much negative press from it's financial failure. But if you are going to vote for "people who can't" just because they make a good speech and look the way you want them to, then what exactly did you expect?

We have a chance now to elect "people who can". They've proven then can by actually doing things. And if we ever want to be anything except high IQ losers ourselves, we should hire them.