Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Party of Trolls: Sultan Knish

There is no area of his governance that could survive a detailed 5-minute discussion with anyone who isn't a halfwit. All that's left is trolling the Republicans to cover up the basic weaknesses in an agenda so incoherent that even few of his own supporters would sign on to it. And this isn't new, it's just more shameless than ever.

Great article


Chess said...

That is as good as the Marc Stein article a week ago..
I know it wont happen but Id like to see mitts last sentence be--" if you want four more of what you had then pull the dems lever and live with the consequences. Ryan needs to live in Florida and townhalls...
The enemy of medicare is not Ryan IT IS SIMPLE MATH.

chess said...

From Drudge.For God sake please someone put this in a commercial.Wake up you old shits.I dont need Rove.Sununu etc.This would flip some soccer moms who have kids in the armed forces.

I despise this mans beating heart.

chess said...

Ive been practicing and this is how i would do it.

Tom said...

Wow that is a good article!

I'm gonna round back and repost on that when I have more time.