Tuesday, August 14, 2012

- America Get's It

The things that people think are funny tell you everything about them.

The American people know that 'centrist' Obama is nothing but a carefully manicured an managed Manchurian candidate for the far left. He's a windup toy with affirmative action skin tone - an empty suit big on sound bites but devoid of ideas.

He's a petty, angry, insecure man who has never accomplished anything but still has had 2 autobiographies published. He's a Nobel peace price winner with his own kill list (a fact that Yassar Arafat must be giggling in his grave over). Every time he's done something it's made things worse not better so he stopped doing anything but golf. And even with all that time off, he's still not even a very good golfer.

Every time he opens his mouth for real without his teleprompter, he lets a little bit too much truth out and his ratings drop. But Americans are ready for the truth. We're ready to be serious. And Obama, is not a serious man.


Chess said...

From your mouth to God's ears Tom. Ryan needs to be doing this 24/7 cause he is good at it.

Chess said...

Hot off press

News for dead heat in ohio

Business RecorderObama, Romney In Ohio Polls Are In A Dead Heat

Huffington Post‎ - 1 hour ago
Two new surveys show a tight race for the important swing state of Ohio, with one showing a razor-thin Obama lead and the other finding a tie ...

Mr.Wipple has to been in a frenzy