Friday, August 31, 2012

- Another GunFree Zone Shooting In NJ

This one less than 10 miles from my front door:

Police in New Jersey have reportedly shot and killed a man wearing body armour suspected of being involved in a shootout which has left at least two people dead. Officers were called after shots were heard fired inside the Pathmark supermarket on Route 9 in Old Bridge which is around 25 miles from New York City at around 4 a.m.

All of NJ is a 'Gun Free Zone" because the state hasn't issued a concealed carry permit to anyone but a policeman in 25 years. We don't know anything about this shooting yet. It could be a lovers quarrel or a failed robbery, or a drug deal gone bad or whatever. The fact that it happened at 4AM makes me suspect.

But our politicians will surely react to this by punishing the innocent. I suspect a body armor ban will be in the offing, and even further restrictions on firearms. In NJ, they don't trust us to take care of ourselves.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%UPDATE%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (a division of the same company that so poorly runs the Newark Star Ledger) says it's a disgruntled employee, but I wouldn't put any stock in that until it's confirmed be everyone. There are a lot of intentional distortions int he NJ media.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%UPDATE 2%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

I'll bet you $10,000 that the shooter had neither an AK47, nor an "automatic pistol", but that isn't going to stop the Star ledger from endlessly saying that he did.


ikaika said...

Another gun free fail... so sad.

What the media refers to body armor is probably an Army surplus 'flak vest' or a tactical vest that you can buy anywhere.
It will be intersting toi see how fatso reacts.

Anonymous said...

In my unit we increasingly train on femoral shots w/handgun. 5.56 55 gr., 62 gr. soft point and up still handily defeats IIIA armor and our 9mm, 40mm frangible (green) ammo also works. Frangible is funny stuff. The other day we were putting 5mm gouges into steel plates with it. We use Remington Disintegrator and Winchester frangible almost exclusively for training on lead-free ranges. One of my buddies on a local SO carries two 30 round mags of green tip 5.56 for these events.