Tuesday, August 7, 2012

- Democrats Are Pathalogical Liars

First Harry Reid accusing Mitt Romney of felony tax evasion, then an Obama friendly SuperPac runs an ad accusing Romney of murder. I can't speak to Reid's despicable display, but CNN has proven the other claim to be utterly false.

These Democrats are nothing but class aren't they?

I'm telling you Mitt, have someone check the trunk every single day. At this rate it's just a matter of time before they're planting naked teenage bodies in there.


Dennis Miller Speaks to shameless liar Harry Reid:


ikaika said...

Just the lowest of the low!
The Democrats will be the first to cry that the dirty campaign has to stop, while holding the shovel and stirring the mud!

Chess said...

Had dinner last pm with a close friend of ex- senator Talent. Told him Mitt was getting his clock cleaned by BHO on the airwaves. He doesnt have to go dirty but at least fight back. .
The repubs have had the same handlers since the 1st Bush was in office.Jesus shake up the dam deck boys. There are so many layups out there that are just factual but zip.

why in the f... are we allowing an unemployment rate of 8.3 to be talked about like thats a norm.Please someone explain to the american public(other than Rick Santelli) that if people hadnt dropped out of the pool the real rate would be 10.9%...Get ahead of these idiots rather than having to stomp out all these brush fires...
And one last thing but thank you Senator Mccain but we wont need you to talk to the convention. Find me a dam 25-30 yo to talk bout that age groups plight in life.
Repubs= same old sit.dammit

Tom said...

Yeah boy... anything but economically illiterate McCain.

chess said...

And I have no need for Mitch and Orin along with John..No wonder 19-34 group doesnt give a rats ass about the Republican party...Very frustrating.

Chess said...

Great update...... please run with this ---someone