Wednesday, August 8, 2012

- The Democrat's War On Business

By far the most frightening trend in the age of Obama for guys like me is the way the government is no longer constrained by the rule of law. Executive orders, oval office kill lists, bureaucratic revision of accepted policy, 'arbitrary prosecution for political cause' even 'deem and pass'. All these things say to we in the private sector that the bureaucracy is mad with power and careening totally out of control.

It used to be that I thought the deck was stacked against me, but that I was smart enough and willing to work hard enough to get around any obstacle someone threw in my way. I didn't care how high they made the hrudle or how think the castle wall was. I would bang my head against it until my head broke or the wall came down.

But now the rules are that someone will change the rules as we go along. This is how progressives feel it should be. They would sooner put their faith in 'the right people' acting according to their individual consciences, than have the rules written down for everyone to see. But to me that looks like a game designed to make me lose no matter what I do... so why should I play?

We will not fix the the employment problems of this country without private sector growth, and we will not get private sector growth without taking the government boot off the neck of the private sector. Team Obama has declared war on productivity and American business. And so long as that view persists as a 'legitimate economic view', there will be no returning to prosperity. We must find a way to reduce the size and scope of government.

But the problem is that if I look at history I've only seen one way that a bureaucracy has ever been reduced in any meaningful way and that's by force.

I find that discouraging, all things considered.


This is the story that's got my mind on this. Standard Charter is being charged with doing something wrong. I have no idea if they're guilty or not, and given the scope of the charge I don't particularly care. But the big story is that the Feds are upsets because the NY prosecutors decided they wanted a piece of the settlement, and that's prevented the Feds from closing on 'their' arranged shakedown money.

So the two prosecutorial groups are fighting with each other because they each want a bigger slice of the privately held business. Who needs organized crime when you have a government running it's own 'protection' rackets and fighting over their own turf?


Chess said...

Well said but depressing.If BHO wins we will be where we are at now +/- some with unemployment fpor fomo... But in 4 years we will be talking about how companies have 3 trillion outside the US instead the 2 trillion there is now.They will not hire while he is in office And they will not bring any money back .
We will have waisted another 4 years and will be ? 22 trillion in debt .

Chess said...

It seems NY likes to have Attorney Gens who extort cash at every chance they can get so someone please tell what exactly is "The new New York" that all these commercials are telling me about?