Thursday, August 30, 2012

- The Emergence of a National Leader (PR visa-vis TR)

Although the two men pictured come from vastly different backgrounds and their political stochastic intersects at few spots, it is unmistakable that each have ascended to a loftier position that the titular "second in command" alludes.
Both men, very young, had achieved notable accolades in public office. Both men genuinely love this country and would never accept 2nd place in the global rankings, in any category... whereas Democrats - most notably expressed by Bill Clinton, were not enthusiastic about America leading into the next century.

TR wasn't thrilled to be McKinley's Veep and reluctantly accepted the post. Some of TR's most notable words were uttered during his brief Vice Presidency:
"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far"
The left always likes to reduce the legacy and memory of TR by labeling him a "Progressive". Yes - TR was a Progressive at the time, however busting trusts and settling labor negotiations didn't always end in some bizarre compromise that reduced the global standing of the nation or the merit of it's individuals in exchange for some mealy-mouthed short term compromise with lasting haranguing effects. The Modern Progressives are a charade. We will call them PINO's, because it is merely in name only at this point. Even TR considered Wilson's "Progressivism" to be shallow and idiotic.

PR is obviously thrilled to be Romney's Veep. Where TR could speak eloquently and effectively in many languages (almost on the spot!) TR was not very good with the numbers. Paul Ryan is the contrast, where he is expert and deadly accurate with numbers, but not a guy to look to for an off-hand dissertation on Dutch Nursery Rhymes or Magyar political leanings. However lately, America has discovered his voice and charisma. His speeches have had a "TR effect" among mixed crowds. He is energetic and a beacon of hope for the GOP and America, much like TR:
Whoever wins in November, Mr. Ryan's ascension as Mr. Romney's vice presidential choice cements his standing as a leader among the new generation of Republicans who have emerged alongside the tea party, and who are aligned with its small-government message. ...
...Jackie Eastwood, a Republican delegate from Durham, N.H., said Mr. Ryan had spurred new enthusiasm for the Republican ticket in her state, which is one of the battlegrounds in the presidential election. She called Mr. Ryan "a driver of the [party's] heart and soul" and said, "Everyone from the little old ladies to the old crusty guys were just standing up and cheering" at a recent campaign rally with the Republican ticket outside Manchester.
Over the next 8 weeks, the Left will attempt to paint Paul Ryan as anything but a leader. They will try to extract divisiveness from his record, they will attempt to paint him as a racist or a woman hater, or a papist because he's Catholic. Lord knows they are already calling him an extremist because he is "uncompromising". They are already comparing the ticket to McCain-Palin.

As I recall - Palin means "panic" in Left-speak.

Americans, the hard-working, tax-paying kind, will soon find out that Ryan is a lot like them or a lot like what they wanted their kids to be. I feel sorry for the Dems over the next 8 weeks. They will run a campaign against Ryan and gin-up baseless accusations, all the while Ryan will get free press for being a "regular guy" (Deer & Deer Hunting will feature him in their "I'm a deer hunter" article) as well being highly quoted from his VP speech at the RNC - lots of gems there!
When all the spitballs hit the floor, Ryan will walk away unscathed and clean, however the Left will be forever stained by their own bile and vitriol.

Americans have seen and heard Obama's shtick. He's a one-trick-pony. It's a dull performance complete with scripted outcomes and fawning press. I will bet dollars to doughnuts that Ryan (and consequentially Romney) will be chased-down for more quotes and photo ops from more non-political press than Obama-Biden ever dreamed possible.
Look again at the sharp-eyed guy in the top photo. Think of what is in his sights and whether or not you share the same sight-picture. This is not Sarah Palin, and the Left are desperately aware of this. The Left is down to their remaining few spit-balls, while the man in the photo has a full quiver of arrows remaining.


Chess said...

That is a beautiful bow...If native Americans had that we would still be living in England.
Listening to a 1 time wealth tax in England. . This shit has to stop or I want that bow.Better maybe a crossbow. Kevlar vest I think would have a tough time with those type of arrows.
Time to lay out a plan and get Florida in our solid column.

chess said...

Look at Ryan and then go over on huff post video Mikey Moore says R&R will win cause they have more money....and then he goes on to say wawawawawawa!!!! . God what a pos slob.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

That bow looks very 'Steam Punk' in design.

Tom said...

I could be wrong, but it looks to me like a "Mathews Heli". The thing to take notice of though is how it has limbs which are parallel to each other. That translates more or less to speed, and a fast arrow is better than a slow one.

Most bow hunters have had at least one instance when a deer "ducked the string" which means the deer moved at the last minute and dodged the arrow. I've had it happen too. With a faster bow, that's less likely.

I shoot an old Martin bow - not nearly as slick looking as that one, but it does the job. The effect of those wheels is to make it easier to hold the bow back than to pull it back. A now rigged for deer for an average sized man will take something in the territory of 50 to 70 lbs to pull back, but once it's there it will have roughly 75% "let-up" so it will take no more than 17.5 lbs of force to 'hold' the string back.

That means more than you know when it's been 3 or 4 minutes and you're still waiting for the deer to step out from behind a tree.

Tom said...

BTW, not that I should judge, but his technique looks first rate to me. He's not John Kerry posing with a shotgun.

ikaika said...

True, if you notice he is not "dry-drawing" the bow fr a photo op... He as an arrow knocked which is the correct and safe way.
Dry- firing or loosing a bow string from full draw with no resistance is like springing a bear trap with your hands.