Tuesday, August 21, 2012

- Find Someone Dumber Than Biden!

Being around Frithguild and his knife throwing skills must have colored my view of the world. When I look at Todd Akin, all I see is someone who, after being plucked from national obscurity by a desperate media, has turned out to be even dumber than Joe Biden. And for their diligence, pimp Obama has welcomed them back into his heart.

This is how such battles are fought I guess – which conjures that great quote from Ikaika about how conservatives are actually running against the media and media populism. And even the fact that they had to turn over every rock in the Midwest to find someone as stupid as Todd Akin, it hasn’t stopped the media and Democrat operatives from declaring that he represents the ‘true bigotry’ of the Republican party.

Akin is finished in national politics. He’ll have to back to eaking out a desperate living by influence peddling on the local level. That’s what happens to politicians who have been subject to such disgrace isn’t it? I wonder what Joe Biden will do after his time in public life?

A much more interesting story if you ask me though is the obvious desperation of team Obama. They have been abandoned by Newsweak, and criticized by the beltway press corps. They know that without them they’d have no shot of winning so in apparent thanks to them for 'changing the narrative', Obama crashed a press briefing to bring them back in the fold. “I still love ya baby.” Said Obama, like a temporarily repentant "independent businessman" managing his stable.

The thing is though, some of us were predicting that the press would turn on Barry even before he was even sworn in. Some of us could see a familiar patter emerging even before he took office. Combine the soaring totally unachievable rhetoric with the ineptitude and inexperience of his team and it was always going to go badly for him. And even as devoted as the press is to leftist principles, they are even more devoted to themselves.

In December when Team Obama is busy ransacking the west wing furniture and packing the national gallery off to hang in their Chicago dining rooms, the press will still be in Washington. Who in a republican administration is going to take a Chris Matthews, Soledad Obrien, or Andrea Mitchell seriously then? As soon as they are certain Barry can’t be saved they’ll turn on him – probably viciously. And then they’ll hold up that last minute story or two as evidence that they were never really biased in the first place.

And when that time comes the Republicans will probably believe them - because the Republicans will need a "ho" too. But that doesn’t change the smell of desperation wafting from Democrats today. They are in panic mode – that’s clear. And it’s just a matter of time before the media rats start jumping ship for good.


ikaika said...

I believe - up until they "found" Akin, the White House used the Press to do the heavy lifting. There is an entire Network (MSLSD) devoted to re-inforcing the lies of the administration, promote the unicorns and rainbows and ultimately defend the words and actions of the administration.

If you went back in time and said to Edward R Murrow that a creature such as MSLSD would exist, he would probably sock you in the jaw, because back then - when a reasonable man was confronted by the ridiculous, the reasonable man would settle it as such.

Team Hussein has used his cheerleaders as an offensive line on one-too-many goal line possessions. I'm not talking in the Red Zone ready to put up points, but Hussein's QB's and RB's have been sacked for so many losses over the last year that they'll be crying to be taken out of the game.
Hillary can't take the hits anymore.
The Press Sec is punch drunk.
Cutter is a featured Liar on a political ad.

Axelrod is so rattled that he stays in the pocket on Sunday morning talk circuits.

We're watching the Richie Kotite Jets getting pummeled every Sunday.

Akin - a sacrificial lamb, and the Repubs said - have him or better yet, we'll deliver him.

Akin is a Field Goal that Team Hussein kicked from the 50.

The score is 28-3 and we are gboing into the fourth qtr.

ikaika said...

Sorry to go off-track...
I figured Chess would appreciate this:



ikaika said...

and Sultan Knish expounds on the purpose of Biden Veep:


chess said...

Ikaika.which one on that site?

ikaika said...

The Scarecrow of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Nat said...
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Chess said...

LOL..Doofus dad is now Veep.
Mark Zandy hasnt been correct on the economy for 4 years and yet here he is again. again.again. Now Friedman saying we all just need to get along and build stuff.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Assuming things continue to deteriorate for Obama & Co:

What are the odds that Obama himself will get replaced during the Democratic Convention?

Chess said...

Poor Biden will finally hit bottom when we see Maxine at a press conference (in her Whitney wig) saying she turned down the office of VP.
That article really nailed some of the nuances of BHO and why he picked Joey. But also that you really dont want to be in BHO's head cause hes a pos.

Amarjeet Prasad said...

I love it!

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ikaika said...

Obama won't get replaced, but Tom is correct, the press will turn on him like the mutants turned on Dr. Moreau!

as for Tom Friedman:
He came on TV espousing a 5 Point Plan to quickly put our country back on track, and then he backpedaled saying there is no quick fix...

But typical Libs: sWe need to be more centrist and naturally the rpubs have to do it first.

I have to remind the dolts that Grid-lock is good for the nation.

It ties-up congress and the executive from meddling with business or "people that Build Things".

Now - the libs are returning to the faux centrist mantra:

"If only the Republicans were more like us..."

November can't get here fast enough.

Chess said...

Hell.BHO will never believe he has lost even if he does.Dont count any chickens just yet, We have 10 weeks of potential repub blow ups like Akin..This is about 6-8% of independents and anything may sway them.Mitt and Ryan need to get this away from an idiot in MO. and back on focus.
As the sultan said BHO chose Joey to make himself look good.That he would actually offer the job to Hiliary tells you how desperate he is. But also its an easier choice now since he wont be running again in 4.Hed do anything to get re elected and Hiliary was a hail marry.
10 weeks is a long time
I still want R&R to explain that the 8.3% unemployment would be 11% if people hadnt dropped out. BHO is ecstatic that hes getting away with just the 8.3 number.
Time for the daily mute on cnbc

Chess said...

Im hoping to look up in early Nov and see William Shatner on a commercial with BHO booking a flight to join Napolean in exile.

chess said...

Well, he can’t be completely crazy, or he wouldn’t be able to beg. Last night during the storm I saw a man who was both poor and crazy. He made me think that men are as weak and insignificant as worms. I was reminded of my son, even though I despised my son at that time. Now I know better. The gods play around with us as cruelly as schoolboys who pull the wings off flies.

Todd Akin....Time to go home for the sake of your party and your country. The Gods whacked your ass.

Chess said...

Well now we know what we will be talking about for next 2 months instead of economy.

Akin stays in race despite conservative outlash, Romney says 'I can't defend him'
CNN (blog)‎ - 3 hours ago

chess said...

Quit dumbass....Steelman can beat mcaskill.

National GOP pulls funding from Todd Akin's Missouri race

Chess said...

I have to apologize that my state is such a freakin distraction,....Please someone with a degree in psyche or something expolain to me how fu....n stupid this man is? Ill wait

By taking this stand, this is going to strengthen our country," Akin said Tuesday. "It will strengthen the Republican Party."
Hours earlier, he posted a video online in which he apologized but made no mention of the race.

The decision has some urgency. Missouri election law allows candidates to withdraw 11 weeks before Election Day. That means the deadline to exit the Nov. 6 election is 5 p.m. Tuesday. Otherwise, a court order would be needed to remove a name from the ballot.

chess said...

Ok. For Tom

.One of those God heart tugs that you say makes it worth putting up with all the crap
.. 10,000 stand and cheer the Ugandan llws team win a game before they go home.Well done America.Well done

chess said...

wow!! there is some good stuff out there today

Jake Tapper Tells Ingraham ‘Media Helped Tip The Scales’ In 2008, Hopes 2012 Coverage Is Serious, Unbiased | Mediaite
In an interview on Tuesday with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, ABC News’ White House correspondent Jake Tapper addressed many of the concerns that Republicans have with the media. Tapper said that he was concerned that key issues, like the economy, were being ignored in favor of political issues like Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Tapper said that he hopes the media does not unfairly cover this election and favor one candidate over another, as he says the institution did in 2008. ...

ikaika said...

it will fall on deaf ears, although I did appreciate Bob Sscheiffer trying to take the high road on Sunday.