Friday, August 17, 2012

- The FRC Shooting

NRO has a pretty good piece on the politics that surround the gay activist who tried to shoot up the family research council. Their argument tends to focus around the moral bankruptcy of the southern poverty law center, who has proclaimed the FRC as being essentially the same as the Klan. Personally I don't care what the Southern Poverty Law center claims. I hold their view in such low regard that if they managed to find an actual Klan member I'd still want to see the before and after photos (hood... no hood) myself before I came to any conclusion.

The left is always looking for the conservative boogie man in every public shooting, even thought the shooters are almost always just crazy. And when they do have any sort of coherent political agenda at all it turns out to be leftist (like this guy) at least as often as it is a view that could be describes as 'conservative'. But to be perfectly honest I can understand why the left is always so afraid.

Liberals after all, are all cowards. They are terrified of violence and believe that 'talking' is the only way to solve anything. As cowards, the pervasiveness of this view places a moral imperative on their strength and leaves them at a relative advantage. It doesn't actually change anything of course. Violence happens whether liberals approve of it or not. But it gives them one more point of argument until it does, and that can be helpful in a debate.

Conservatives on the other hand, all recognize that civilization is a thin veneer. We don't hope for violence any more than cowardly liberals do. But if it comes to that, we're ready to take our turn sitting the fence, and defend our homes and families - even die for them if necessary. We accept that violence is an occasional part of life. It is to be avoided if possible but on those rare occasions that it isn't we believe should fight to win.

We don't like violence and don't seek it out, but we are not afraid of it like liberals are. To cowardly liberals convinced of their own moral superiority, this makes us look like unkempt savages ready to reach for our guns at any moment. So naturally whenever a gun actually does go off their first assumption is that it's the fault of a conservative. In their worldview, this makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, in the real world, when faced with the choice of disarming in order to get the moral approval of liberals, or keeping my family safe but having liberals think of me as a wild eyed maniac, I'll take maniac thank you very much. I don't really have that big a problem with liberals being afraid of me. It's their loss. In truth, I'm an intelligent civilized man who is occasionally clever or funny. I have a great number of useful skills, I'm a deeply loyal friend, and pretty good company all in. And if it ever does come down to sitting the fence, I'm EXACTLY the kind of guy you want around. (Just ask all my Wall Street friends whose entire SHTF plan is "I'm going straight to Tom's house".) But if liberals can't get past their own fear to see that, it's perfectly OK with me.

The long and short of all this is, I don't mind that liberals always think every shooter is a conservative. Id rather that then have liberals be 'certain' it wasn't because they've disarmed all the conservatives already.

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