Friday, August 10, 2012

- Inventing A Media Demon

If you were wondering why Romney is refusing to release his tax returns just have a look at this piece in the New York Times.

Think about this, Barak Obama is a pot smoking radical leftist with a pair of memoires invented from whole cloth, and an all but invisible personal history. Of what we can see of it beyond his portfolio of sealed records, his personal history is littered with felons, racists, convicted terrorists, and a who's who 'freak show' of extremists all dedicated to the destruction of the American way of life - but he's treated by the media like some divine creature whose feet never 'actually' touch the ground.

Mitt Romney is not only a fairly middle of the road Republican, but is very likely the most squeaky clean presidential candidate since George Washington. He doesn't smoke, he's never drank, he's a devoted family man, and he has made his living honestly in a field respected for it's intelligence and prudence. Thanks to his politician father, his life has been an open book to the press since he was a small child. There are no genuine surprises where Mitt Romney is concerned - nothing is hidden. But the media is treating him like some sort of pariah who would rape and pillage his way across America, slaughtering children and torturing pets to death. It's so blatant I can't believe there is anyone out there who believes any of this stuff.

I've never seen anything like it.

The man furthest to the left in my little world is my mother's husband. He's a nice enough guy and treats my mother well, but he's cut from the same cloth as Frank Lautenberg. I'm going to see him Sunday, and I'm dreading having to deal with the nonsense that's sure to come from him. Thank god my brother will be there to take up some of his slack because I'm already too exhausted to make these arguments again.


Chess said...

That you are wearing down means the media is getting exactly what it wants.Until Mitt changes a few of his handlers this wont change cause ---ITS WORKING..SAD

chess said...

I really like the update at 708 pm

ikaika said...

Usually I pass on the NYT - and lately the rag has been unreliable in areas where it once excelled.
I used to read the NYT business section everyday, and then W became president and the financial reporting deteriorated into treasons and strategems...

I believe we are seeing a media backlash since Obama literally used his cheerleading squad as an offensive line too many times.

He plays golf, they report achievements? He plays golf, they defend his stressful work schedule. He plays golf, they celebrate the arab spring. He plays golf and goes on Late night comedy shows, they defend keystone and the struggling employment numbers.
He blurts out his ideology on campain in plain terms, the media goes full press that plain english is really a whole nother language.
The media gets blitzed for folly, Obama Plays Golf.

The media is becoming "the crowd".
Well - it was "the In Crowd" for four years. Obama is losing the crowd.

He is not teflon and his own barbs are now catching to his garments.

"You didn't build that!" 'Romney is a Felon" "Romney Killed this man's wife" "Romney's background is suspiscious..."

this is what happens when the captain of the cheerleading squad calls plays in the huddle.

Now the media is hit with a giant spoonful of "Quid Pro Quo" and can't hold the goal-line stance...

They are called chaindogs for a reason. Abuse their tenuous loyalty, and they will turn on you faster than you can say Trotsky!

chess said...

Ikaika sweet BUT. Its 90 days to election and so far BHO is just cruising while the attack dogs wear down Mitt with Chicago politics and from this poll its working well.

fomo means fubar,gonna have to double up onselling my plasma and get tht repoed doublewide asap.

chess said...

With a real rate of unemployment near 11% this man will only have to really talk 2-3 times at debate to get re-elected. Even then Axelrod will be playing the strings on his puppet.
We deserve the government we have..

ikaika said...

Why would yuou even bother with a skewed poll on HuffPo?

I'd rather let Chris Matthews pee on my leg and tell me its rainin!

ikaika said...

SeeBS Poll:

I'll stick with Tom's theory that Hussein polls better than he performs.

Everytime you see a poll, you have to look at the distribution.

Of course Hussein will lead in a poll where there are more democrats.

The other theory: the centrists in the Dem party are being silenced. These aren't Reagan Dems either.

Veal Milanese

chess said...

looking more at the trend..I dont think he has defended himelf very well and the trend has shown that...Attack dogs are distracting and effective. 1% change will change election...I wish he had a little Newt in him

ikaika said...

WHat Trend? If anything the polls and panic among the True Believers is trending negative for Hussein.

The Dems have lost their center-right (or what was left of it).

The trend: not only will Hussein lose the election, but the damage he has done to the democrat party will have long term consequences.

Insult of insults: Hussein tried to distance himself from Harry Reid's Tax Slander and NOW They Release of Campaign Ad "wondering" if Romney pays Taxes?

Hussein is now painting himself into a corner. If he's not called on his record now, he will be forced to manufacture something on the fly in a debate.

I guarantee Hussein will counter Romney in the debate like a 5 year old: "He did it first! It's Bush's Fault! The mean Republicans ...

I hope he tries to attack Romney's record. A loser's biggest win will always fall short of the winner's biggest loss.

The swing voters are drifting away from Demville.

Chess said...

I dont see it.Hilary had to use kid gloves around the "black man' and so is Mitt. Anything will be painted as racist and thus always 1 arm tied behind a back....
With all the flailing policies of BHO hes still leading or basically within +/- 4 points..Economy isnt goin to change in 90 days so thats cooked in. Just keep painting Mitt as that rich white dude so that they dont see the socialist black dude... And most of America is stupid enough and/or dependent on a handout enough to applaud

ikaika said...

As Tom Suggests - Obama should be Leading by double digits. He is within the margin of error which probably means Dem Support will tank hard in November.

I read the comments section after the linked article. The NYT readers/subscribers are the only ones that can comment on the story.

If you used that as a cross-section, it would demonstrate that their are moderate/Center dems that will vote for Romney - The "faithful" are driving people within their party away with the insane rhetoric and the mouth foaming demand that Romney is hiding something and Obama is unassailable.

The close we get to election - the more vocal the kooks will be. They won't be slinging guilt at conservatives, but they will be waging pogroms within the ranks of the 2008 voting block.

It will be ugly and the media won't be able to contain the intra-party gorefest.

chess said...

I agree with big ugly coming.. He should be losing by double digits at this point with these numbers...But he isnt.The Mooch should be packing and stealing the china and looking for good libtard schools for the girls.But she isnt.
50% dont pay taxes.50% get something from the government. They will see Mitt as change and they want their goodies..Mit bad.
My only hope is his base doesnt get out like they did 4 yrs ago.Also te youth vote is less motivated which is good.
Mitt needs some different handlers...Sununu can chew on BHO on Fox but that doesnt get to the most people. We have to remember that "we" and mainly you guys are the 1% or higher in both income and inteeligence.50% want absolutely no change.Mitt bad.