Monday, August 27, 2012

- Isaac: "I Disagree!"

The post title is sort of an inside joke for the guys who used to work on the execution desk of a major NY based hedge fund. It was the response of a particularly single minded systems developer who was told that there is in fact both a bid and offer price available for US equities. Please don't ask me to explain.

I think it fits in this case because after the giddiness of the mainstream media at the idea that Gaia would smite the evil Republican convention, it seems Isaac had a different idea - and they're all being robbed of their fun.


chess said...

Chuckie Todd is back at his tablet having to come up with a new fabricated truth?
He should be memorizing the Koran for this


ikaika said...

More on point with Tom's post

chess said...

I have to breathe and count to ten since I saw Granholm's name

chess said...

Whew...Good piece. I hate the witch. Matlin and Will kept whacking her yesterday..BHO thought so much of her he never visited in 4 yrs.
I know in you guys world that if you really screw the pooch your carreer is basically DOA> Mine also. It seems failed politicians and NFL head coaches just keep on being ressurrected..Almost vampire like.

ikaika said...

It is sick that the friggin Dems are wishing for a catastrophe.

Tampa - RNC Convention gets delayed - no big deal, but "wishing for this stuff" should remind Gulf Coast voters what they aqre up against when the tides recede.

Anyone catch the stor about the peaceful protestor in Tampa carrying a machete?

Chess said...

Yea I put that back under Armstrong. I figured the guy was just trying to beautify the area around the center by whacking weeds. Somehow Im sure the guy had ordered extra blades for the machete and turned it into a semi automatic machete instead of a single shot machete.

Chris Matthews Explodes At Reince Priebus Over 'Race Card': 'Awful,' 'Embarrassment,' 'Garbage' (VIDEO)

This is sad...