Saturday, August 11, 2012

- It's Romney - Ryan

If I were building a company from scratch, I'd like someone like Mitt Romney as a chief executive, and someone like Paul Ryan in a senior managerial role. All you need now is good people underneath and you're building a success.

I think this is a good thing. It's an election about big things - as it should be. I believe Obama can only get reelected by hiding from the public and offering constant distractions. Hopefully those distractions are over.

Ryan doesn't fight like I do, he fights like I should. And on the axiom that we vote for people who remind us of ourselves, it should be no surprise that I like the tall thin wonky Irish guy who is known principally for being very intelligent.

My brother and I were kicking this around Friday afternoon. We were both torn. We liked Rubio because he would deliver Florida, but liked Ryan for style and substance. Liberals aren't persuaded by style and substance but conservatives are. And this election could very well be settled on enthusiasm.

All in, I'm encouraged. Now all we have to do is wait for the Obama Ad which explain to us how Ryan was actually the man responsible for the the Salem witch trials, the 100 years war and how he wants to roll the rights of women back to the Pleistocene era.


chess said...

Not sure about this but I agree with you he does have some Newt in him.Hes intelligent and pretty quick on his feet.
Hes capable of responding to all of BHO's shit that the repubs will starve old people and babies.
Yesterday I had said where was Ryan being a pest to BHO about Simpson Bowles because Ryan has the smarts to argue it with anyone.
AFter all the shit that BHO campaign is fighting off from his shit ads they might be a little relunctant to show Ryan as a Spartan throwing handicapped newborns over the cliff.
Solid.Smart.Quick.Experience.Lets go boys.
This country needs some R and R after this past four yrs. R & R

Ikaika said...

Drudge links Ryan deconstructing obamacar in 6 minutes
Brilliant, should be broadcast across America, with close ups of Obama's big sour- puss moments.
It was the first time - to his face- Obama was called for BS

Chess said...

This is gonna get interesting...Would like to see alot of Rubio for energy with Ryan...And I have to admit that maybe some John John to talk with the vets and medicare crowd.
White as rice ticket..One side plastering BHO with just the sad facts of 4 years.The other making up BS and unethical charges..Here we go.

Chess said...

Ikaika.great find.. It is 6 minutes of "your plan is BS and lies to American people".You watch BHO blinking and he hasnt got a clue whats in his bill.
Ryan will be able to defend himself if any libtards actually want to listen. There in lies the rub.
Ryan will be a factual pitbull on BHO's ass.. He will eat Biden alive.......Chomp Chomp boys

ikaika said...

It makes it more of box-in moment.
Now Obama can't say that they modeled ACA after Romney.
Ryan & Romney will be able to differentiate and demonstrate where ACA was a sham thus putting team Obama back on the defensive.
The only thing Hussein has left is the race card.
Hell, blacks are having 2nd thoughts.

Chess said...

Race card....when? how? where? who? What? Its coming...

Play it early or save it for desperate final week?

chess said...


WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's campaign says Mitt Romney's selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate shows a commitment to "budget-busting tax cuts" for the wealthy and "greater burdens" on the middle class and seniors.

The Obama campaign said Saturday the Republican ticket would return the nation to "reckless Bush economic policies that exploded our deficit and crashed our economy."
What happened to 5 trillion deficit spending while I was napping?????

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I will miss Ryan in the Senate. IMHO, both Ryan and Rand Paul are one of the few who have been serious about putting our economic house in order.

Hopefully, we will get some real budgetary sanity started 1st quarter of next year. No more convoluted budget deals that in the end accomplish nothing. Like when Boehner put together that debt limit deal last year; that in the end, provided no real budget cuts.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Edit: I will miss Paul Ryan in the HOUSE.. not the Senate..

Tom said...

We got that.. just a simple type no biggie. God knows I've made enough.

Steven P. Beaver said...

I like this pick. It is pure substance. The biggest concern I had about Ryan being VP is: If he is gone, who will drive the budget in the house now that our leading budget wonk will be President of the Senate.

chess said...

It is an "in your face pick". My fear is that American people talk the talk but cant walk the walk when it comes right down to it.I say that because polls show they want the budget fixed but dont touch the entitlements.. They dont understand that thats impossible.
Ryan sometimes can come across a little in your face. He is going to have to ease up and explain in plain language that this is necessary for future generations. Pure choice.If you dont give a rats ass about your kids then pull BHO lever and bury your head back in the sand.

This country is at least 50% ostriches.We will see