Wednesday, August 15, 2012

- Jodie Foster On Celebrity Culture

I met Jodie Foster when she was at Yale. She was dating a friend of mine and the three of us spent a fun, mostly goofy evening together in New Haven one night with a few other people. We were just kids, and of course she was already quite famous. But you couldn't really tell her that. She was as accessible as anyone in that setting - in fact considerably more accessible than any other blonde who was that photogenic. Good looking girls trade on their looks, but she defined herself more by being smart than beautiful.

I liked her then. I like her even more now.

She's written a kind of love letter to Kristin Stewart, who she worked with on the film "Panic Room" when Kristin was only 11. It's nothing sordid at all... quite the contrary. It's an obviously heartfelt sentiment about how the media is treating Kristin and her personal life. Apparently she's still more about being smart than beautiful.

For someone as famous as she is, Jodie doesn't do much in the public eye. But I'm glad she did this:

Jodie Foster Blasts Kristen Stewart–Robert Pattinson Break-Up Spectacle

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Chess said...

Wow.. I havent seen Jody in years which tells you shes living the life she wants to.I understand it completely. Spent almost 30 years around 200 people a day and it was enough. Good for her to write a good letter/It says she is a quality person