Thursday, August 9, 2012

- A Klansmen Hiding Under Every Bed...Sheet

It's a rare corner post that's worth repeating here. You guys all check that stuff on your own anyway. But on the off chance you missed this one from Mark Krikorian about the southern Poverty Law Center discovering that there really are still violent 'white supremacists' out there after all, is too good not to reference:

They know perfectly well that their song and dance for donors about how the Klan is hiding behind every tree and under every bed is basically manure, but to learn that it’s not all manure must have been exhilarating. Horrifying, sure, they’re not ghouls, but it sent a thrill up their collective leg nonetheless. They’ve gotten ink in all the big papers, face time on all the big shows — the donations must be rolling in. They’ll be dining off this massacre for years.

It's funny because it's so true.

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