Thursday, August 16, 2012

- Lots Of Good Video Today

It's a shame Rudy Giuliani couldn't do this in person with dimwit Piers Morgan because he's an intimidating guy. You wouldn't think so but Giuliani is big and tough looking. He's got that politicians smile, but when he shoves his finger in your face you suddenly realize that he's about 6 foot 3, 200+ lbs and comes from Brooklyn. (actually his wiki says he's average height, but I met him and was impressed with how much bigger he was than I expected. Maybe it's all just in his bearing.)

Meanwhile the double standard continues and Soledad Obrien is proclaiming that she's totally non-biased. What a yuck. Yeah Soledad, you're at least as non-biased as Dan Rather, or that other stalwart middle of the road newsman, Michael Moore. Give us an F'ing break.


ikaika said...

I think Robert Duvall coiuld do a good "Rudy" ala "Tom Hagen" Impersonation

Tom said...

Rudy is ALOT bigger than Duvall.

I shook Rudy's hand and stood 3 feet from him for half an hour when he stopped by Moore Capital for a Q&A while he was thinking of running for the Senate.

I'm 6'2" (or just a hair under) and I had to look up at him. I weigh 186 and he had me outgunned by at least 30 lbs, and virtually all of it was shoulder and chest. He's one of those guys you just don't get the size of on camera. He looks a lot more like an enforcer than consiglieri.

I totally get you on the tone though.

Chess said...

Watched a spider last pm with a good size moth in web. The more the bug struggled the more spots it got stuck to in the web.Finally the moth stop struggling somehow realizing it had only mde things worse..Then zap.the end.

BHO and the dems struggle to find a concept and its the same old thing. Then they struggle and Stephie gets stuck. Struggle a little more and Joey gets stuck. BHO has 4 years of stickiness.They are stuck in so many places and yet they keep struggling the same old way. It doesnt change.. So the day is coming where their struggle will be useless and ZAP!!!

Tom said...

You know... I just looked him up and his wiki says he's about average size so I can't explain my experience. Maybe he had lifts in his shoe's or something I don't know. but based upon having met him I'd have put him at about 6'3".

I only remember his size because I was so surprised by it. but if you look at hims standing next to Fred Thomspson for the debate, it's clear he isn't so big after all.

Funny how you can't trust your own memory.

Chess said...

Maybe a few martinis were involved.. I know from my past that alcohol turned several 4s into 7s and some 5s into 8s. At least it did until daylight.
They probably thought the same of me...

Tom said...

Actually it was on our trading floor in the middle of the day, I was almost certainly sober.

Does being frantically overworked, sleep deprived, totally stressed and living in perpetual terror of your rain man like genius boss have a similar effect? If so, that could certainly explain it.

Chess said...

LMAO....Tom I know you are a big fan of Soledad..Take a run over to looking spoon. Also like the brain wave one..Slow market is giving me alot of time to cruise through some sites.
I dont mind a slow market for a wif but I would like to get that vix back up. Option premiums are choking me to death