Monday, August 13, 2012

- Make Believe Vs Hard Truth

I've had the whole weekend to think about it, and I think the best thing about Romney picking Paul Ryan as his running mate is this:

The Democrats are running a campaign that assumes that the American people are stupid enough to be fooled. Paul Ryan is the one man in Congress who has been assuming that Americans are smart enough to face the truth.

So this elections will tell us once and for all, which of these two things is true.


ikaika said...

I want that shirt!

Chess said...

Adams--- Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

R&R will talk facts..Thats only radical to the left.Thats my tshirt

Tom said...

I added a link under the shirt photo so you can buy one.

Yeah... Adams was an honorable man from a time when we clearly deserved to self-govern. The big question si, do we still deserve it?

By Thanksgiving we'll know.

Chess said...

Fomo and Ill have to build a bigger balcony cause you all will be up there with me.
Fomo and Ill have a can of spam for Thanxgiving and flog myself

Chess said...

ok....Even I have to laugh at this early desperation. Trying to paint the chairman of the House ways and Means comm as Sarah Palin

David Axelrod: Paul Ryan Pick Evokes Memories Of Sarah Palin .

All Ryan should do is say "Mr. Wipple you call the time and place and well talk facts"...Call Wipple out.

chess said...

snipets today.Ryan needs to be speaking softly witha big fctual stick

Poll: Ryan boosts Romney to tie with Obama

According to a new JZ Analytics poll conducted after Ryan was picked on Saturday and provided to Secrets, the race is now dead even, 46 percent to 46 percent. Only 8 percent of likely voters are undecided.

There is little doubt that Romney's choice of Ryan has excited the Republican base, 88 percent of whom now support the new ticket," said the poll. JZ Analytics, founded by Jonathan Zogby, is the heir to the Zogby poll founded by his father, John Zogby.

"Romney saw a bump in support among 18-29 year olds with 41 percent saying they would vote for the ticket of Romney and Ryan," said Zogby. "More importantly, Romney and Ryan led Obama and Biden among independent voters 45 percent to 40 percent."

chess said...

On a soap box by himself in Iowa state fair...You who have daughters can understand that Paul Ryan is about to go to his first dance... This one without dad
.Good luck Paul.Break a leg