Monday, August 20, 2012

News-Flash! Assignment:Failure!

We had a saying on Wall St: "When reporters start the day off by interviewing other reporters, it's gonna be a long-dull day..."
CNBC has a habit of reporters interviewing reporters, or "Round table Discussions" among reporters about how each of them should perceive and wax-on about reality.
It's bad enough that I have to listen to the out-dated "traders" on their panels try to look and sound brilliant by applying a completely hedged option strategy that would be absolutely good for nothing - let alone almost guarantee a measly loss than any real gain.
But CNBC has morphed into a strange outlet for non-market news complete with bias.

Meet John Harwood.
He is the CNBC "Washington Correspondent".
Today, the big story was not Romney sustaining a one-week lead in the polls over Hussein, or how the Hussein campaign has yet to refrain from gutter politics, or how Joe Biden's statements were and still are pretty reprehensible, or how Rudy Giuliani and Bob Schiffer told Dick Durbin that the Obama campaign is indefensible in its use of gutter politics and outright distortions.
Really - This is news!
No, today's "Big CNBC Squawk Box Story" was about some idiot - Rep Todd Akin - that made stupid statement regarding abortion and rape.
Outside of his constituency - Akin is not really anywhere near a spokesman for the GOP or Conservatism.
CNBC found a Republican that made a stupid statement and of course Romney and Ryan should be linked to this immediately. They weren't too enthused about how Romney and Ryan immediately condemned this statement,  because they would have reported it, but began to "spin the news" into a fabrication of national outrage among women, most notably John Harwood's two daughters - and of course they are both of voting age.
He and the other people that never saw the working side of a trading desk agonized "on cue" as if they didn't expect "Scoop Harwood" from divulging this brief moment of insanity by a little-known elected official.
And of course the moral relevance and alluding in context that his girls were somehow "turned-off" by the statement. Not that they have no opinion of Joe Biden's chronicle of oral diarrhea, but because John decided to reduce his daughters to represent one-issue voters. I imagine they are not as dumb as their dad makes them out to be. I'm sure they have opinions on the economy, jobless numbers and student loan debt.
Not for "Scoop Harwood" - His Daughters are old enough to vote and if they would so choose - abort their own offspring, therefore their opinion is only relevant when the media (Daddy) can lump them into the Abortion Box.
This is liberalism in a nutshell: the compartmentalisation of minority groups into little easy-to-digest pieces.
Easy to digest, easy to reference and predictably - to be deployed to construct phony straw-arguments.
Heaven forbid a woman decides to speak outside the confines of the Democrat/Liberal Women's Agenda Box, or they be met with scorn and intervention the likes of which would make a scientologist blush.
The echo chamber replied with a dull thud. Even Becky Quick and Andrew Sorkin couldn't bulldozer this mole-hill into a mountain.Becky ginned-up the "I am a women too" and Sorkin... well, he's a ... ?
Try as they did, the story hit the floor like a day-old plate of egg-salad, and no body bit on the rancid bait.
They did have a non-reporter guest on. I did catch Sorkin fighting the bile duct when his guest mentioned that while the market has done well, there is no confidence in the market to come. This - as the guest reasoned-  is because of Hussein's lack leadership. So the guest vocalized his opposition to Hussein and Sorkin had to excuse himself.
Oh - and the other moment of Squawk Box Fun was a clip of Nancy "Plastic Surgery on Our Dime" Pelosi as a guest on some Late Night TV show (Jimmy Fallon) that is probably suffering in the ratings. The Story: Isn't it Cheeky How Pelosi claims she doesn't know Ryan that well because.... <punchline> She Never Goes to the Gym!
Har-dee-har-har! A million laughs, Nan!
Schtick like this hasn't been heard since Match Game with Gene Rayburn, and it should stay there.
Now - Obama is on TV - Big Camera Clicking Solemn Press Conference denouncing the Akin's comments.
It only took him a half-a-day. He just spent an eternity explaining nothing.
Smell the Veal...


Chess said...

Akin is an idiot but hes my idiot from Missouri..His opponent is Claire MC. and shes even worse so Akin gets my vote. If you listen to the whole interview some of it was taken outa context but that is politics. He is still an idiot.
If Tony the Tiger was running as a Liberitarian he would win the seat in a landslide.Sorta reminds me off Nevada with the choice of Harry and the tea party candidate. They stuck with their idiot.

As to Harwood I think when he was younger he was easier to take but time has let his true stripes come to the surface. I mute him everytime.

Tom said...

Just strolling past the computer on the way from the beach to the bar and my hands dropped themselves down on the keyboard almost of their own accord. I can't explain it.

Man the timing here is truly amazing isn't it? Just as the press is about to abandon the great 0, and newsweak has already done so, this doofus manages to step in it and track it around the carpet. Naturally the press is leaping on the excuse to talk about anything else.

Frithguild must be ready to bust in his self imposed (temporary) exile. I know this "coincidental message" issue is a favorite of his.

OK ... I'm off to cope with the consequences of a hurricane (which down here, is something you drink.)

chess said...

Yea .Just what that 8% undecicded female vote needed to hear.Akin is so pro life that he would have stopped God from taking his own son to save our souls
.If Claire keeps her seat for sixmo itl take a R&R victory from keeping me doing a header off a bridge like that director did.
Was it Twain that said we are all geniuses until we open our yappers?

ikaika said...

Oh man - Becky Quick is desperately trying to paint Republican supporters as anti-women.

She tried to tell Trump that he said women would vote for Obama because they don't know politics.

Trump corrected her and said that women that vote for Obama probably don't know enough about Romney.

Sorkin won't let go of the Akin - Non-Controversy.

Was Akin going to get a cabinet position... most likely not.

I guess Immelt demanded that all NBC sub-nets must come to Hussein's defense.

They are bringing in the third stringers...

chess said...

Akin needs a bullet.2 weeks ago had 12 point lead and this am tied...
60 days of icing the puck was all he needed.Dump it and faceoff. Dump it and faceoff.
As I said yesterday as exteme as some lefts are he is just as far right on this.I m not a big abortion fan but to tell a rape victim to carry her attackers child for 9 months is ridiculous.Especially since pregnancy carries alot of risks including death.It is one of the highest morbidity/mortality events in a womens life. I dont believe a gov should have the right to tell a victim "suck it up".
Akin you dumbass.Now Stephie will come out with Nana and rest of em. This was a gift and it wont go away. Itl be said over and over at the convention..Shit Fu.. dam

Steven P. Beaver said...

Chess - One of my favorite quotes of all time!

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

Thanks for the reminder.

chess said...

Steven thanx for finding the exact quote so I can save it..Thats a whole lot better than the way I said it.

ikaika said...

Harwood tried it again this morning, bnut a different tact.
Mincing Polls:
If Obama Leads among Blacks and Latinos and women = good
If Romney Leads by 13% among white males = bad.
'm reminded of Ross Perot's voting booth epiphany. He believed that ultimately people will vote with their conscience. It was his slogan: "Vote Your Conscience"
He was right!
Even after the horrible veep debate and Perot almost completely pulling out of the race, he still scored an enormous chunk of popular votes.

This rises to Tom's assertion that Hussein polls higher than actual votes.

Chess said...

I agree .. Honestly I didnt give a rats ass bout Perot but I loved his infomercials with simple graphs etc. As you have said we are a nation full of idiots. I would be thrilled to see Mitt take some and Ryan take more of the numbers stuff and do 5min infomercials...5-6 would be all it takes.1--real unemployment and how its calculated.2- youth 50% under or unemploeyd./3-Ryan with medicare/soc sec 4-That we are paying 10 years for 6 yrs of use of Obamacare and they call it deficit reduction.5---the list goes on.Theres a reason a thou words =1 pix.