Tuesday, August 28, 2012

- Newt Vs. Chris Mathews

Thanks god someone finally smacked this A-hole back... of course it was Professor Newt.


Chess said...

Apparently Mathews won in rock,paper,scissors between him and Ed and Rachel.So he gets to play the "how could you play the race card". Pathetic.
Stop answering to this line of questions. ECONOMY

chess said...

1-- Consumer confidence plunges to lowest level of year... Theres a talking point that Mathews wont bring up on his own because its pertinent to the election.

2--Crist to headline Dem Convention...WOW!! thats a headline event? Im a demtard. No I was a repub .NO Im an inde[pendent. So this is a big deal for the Dems??
Ill stack an ex-campaign manager. congressman,man of color, who hasnt bounced all over the place whining against Crist any time- place ..
Send Stephie out .Then send Mr Wipple..
Hell let Chrissie Mathews rant but BHO YOU ARE GRASPING(FLAILING) AT STRAWS.

ikaika said...

I bet Joe Lieberman is the RNC Mystery Guest.

chess said...

Mystery guest is Elvis.He just got laid off when GM shut down the Chevy volt line and hes pissed.

This is 45 seconds of Christie at his best/worse. Hell its just funny. Jerry????


chess said...


This could be the mystery guest

ikaika said...

any comments on last night's convention?
I read Mia Love's speech, Saw part of Ann Romney's speech and saw all of Fatso's speech.

I'm sure Mia Love rocked the house as it was short and to the point.
Ann Romney was very good, but I have to agree with Howard Dean, she probably didn't "move" the brain-dead women outside of the GOP.
Fatso was all about himself. I was waiting to hear a no-holds-barred full-on assault of Hussein and the democrat congress, instead Christie gave a speech that evoked Romney/Ryan as an afterthought.

I understand that the theme is individuality, charachter, family and small biz growth, but the message isn't being delivered loud enough.

Tom said...

I don't really care much theater so I haven't seen a word of it.

I was watching Masterchef with my daughter and helping her set up a minecraft multiplayer server for her and her friends instead.

chess said...

1- Mia Love was good.
2-Ann was good but too white for BHO group.Too rich for most soccer moms.
5.Artur was good but the black caucus had already said it was sour grapes because he lost election.
4-They said ahead of time that Fatso wasnt going to take BHO apart to "elevate " the rhetoric.?That lost me.I would have had 10 slides where I wouldnt have had to say a word..Repubs are just repubs.I dont get it..
5- Tonite will be Condi but blacks hate her
6--Ryan. PLEASE have some graphs of left to right.debt line going up. real unemployment going up. median income for mid class going down. And please FU..N leave a mark..
There will be no bump from this unless RYAN grabs the stage and walks the grayhairs thru the MEDISCARE crap.
Oh. CRUZ stole the stage.

CHESS said...

Ikaika..this is for you.MSNBC

MSNBC abandons GOP convention during every speech by a minority

One of the left’s favorite attacks on the Republican Party is that it is the party of old white people, devoid of diversity and probably racist.

If you were watching MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Tuesday night, you might believe those assertions, since missing from the coverage was nearly every ethnic minority that spoke during Tuesday’s festivities.

In lieu of airing speeches from former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah; and Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American, MSNBC opted to show commentary anchored by Rachel Maddow from Rev. Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Steve Schmidt.

chess said...

Pathetic doesnt even describe it...

Newt leave a mark.

i need more guns and ammo

ikaika said...

I read that on Drudge. The Left is in Denial.
It will be spun that the preponderance of non-white's speaking at the RNC vs the shots of the "predominently white audience" is a beard for racism.
I hear it every four years when lilly white democrats try to tell me how their "blacks are authentic".
They are despicable.

Chess said...

Now Back to mute.Carl Q is trying to tell Haley that Florida doesnt look good for Romney. Last poll I saw was 50/50.
God my head wants to explode.

chess said...

Sick: Wikipedia entry calls Mia Love ‘dirty, worthless whore’ and ‘House Nigger’

Tuesday night after rising GOP star Mia Love brought down the house with her inspiring convention speech, the stomach-turning Left labeled the black conservative a “token” and an “Aunt Tom.”

Meanwhile, revoltingly racist, woman-hating Wikipedia vandals were hard at work updating her entry with disgusting slurs like “House Nigger” and “dirty, worthless whore.” The page called her a “total sell-out to the Right Wing Hate machine and the greedy bigots who control the GOP.”

They should be so proud... Im waiting for west St. Louis riots... They wont last long

ikaika said...

would you expect anything less from compassionate liberals?

Hey Chess - when the riots start we'll set you up with a webcam at Al Hrabosky's bar.

chess said...

Ill take that assignment.Here you go...

OUT: YAHOO NEWS Chief Says Romneys 'Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown'...

**Shock** In ABC Webcast, Yahoo News Chief Says Romneys ‘Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown’

UPDATE III: Yahoo just announced they have terminated Chalian effective immediately.