Sunday, August 12, 2012

- Of Course They Know!

Compliments of our local curmudgeon (and well known toast fan) Dr. Chess. A great new ad from the GOP.


Chess said...

LMAO...Tom im spewing coffee out both nostrils... I feel like one of those 2 old guys in the muppets who set up in the balcony!!!
Ryan just has to be a little softer but facts facts facts.Drudge this am says Wis will be 50/50 with this pick. At this time in 08 BHO had 14 point lead there.
Andrea "I am also a liar" is whacking at Ryan and women vote.Maddow will join in this am.. Thinking of that pair dam near kills my need for a greasy fritter..

Ikaika said...

The hate on the left is reaching a crescendo. The media is doing their best to assist in the damage control on the bald face lies, and on the other extreme they foaming over the Ryan "in your face!" pick
You naied that chess.

I'm being told by other sources that the Mormon religion will be the new attack. Combined with Ryan, they will try to paint the ticket as some bizarre neo-papist subterfuge.

Anything but the issues for democrats.

When the fox poll had Hussein with a 9 point lead, the frontline talk point was: "Romney should quit".

Since when do democrats refer to fox news?

Now Gallup had Hussein at dead-even, prior to the Ryan pick.

I can't wait to see the new Gallup results.

Tom said...

Re: "I feel like one of those 2 old guys in the muppets who set up in the balcony!!!"

I think that's kind of how we all think of you too chess. All said with affection of course.

Ordinarily we can't discount the negative exposure that the neo-papist conspiracy represents.

Coming from NJ where Catholics are so common, it's tough to see what a dark and suspicious view many Americans in other parts of the country still hold against them. But in this case I think those same people are much more afraid of communism, and will look at Romney-Ryan vs Obama-Biden in that light. They'll take a Mormon and Papist and be glad it isn't worse.

Chess said...

Its takes some balls and I pray stupidity to put Steph Cutter on Face The Nation and have her speak as she is speaking for BHO.. This ad needs to go out in all states otherwise its so isolated in a half dozen swing states that no one realizes that shes a liar...Id bang on her so badly that BHO is forced to remove her..If she isnt battered it tells the left they can go even more radical and be unphased.

Chess said...

BOOOO!!!! That was horrible !!!
No offense taken at all.
Was just watching new Hitler rants on you didnt build that and thought it wasnt their best effort.
Newt was very good this am.Meet the Press has already written off Florida and Pennsylvania because of medicare population.. I think if you plant Ryan down there for a few weeks of realy explaining his proposal on medicare that they can blunt alot of the left.Newt could help in that endevour.