Thursday, August 30, 2012

- Okay... This Really Is Brilliance From Sultan Knish


I'll tell you a little behind the curtain stuff. Ikaika emailed me a bit of that Sultan Knish article in the last post before he posted it. He emails me stuff like that a few times a week - often from Sultan Knish, but sometimes others too. I thought this one was particularly good so I said to him in an offhanded way "I'm really nuts today, but post a link if you have time."

He didn't have time, but he tossed out a very basic link anyway. It was so rough that I came back when I had a minute and added a picture and did a little formatting in his stead (which I try to never do - but I knew the only reason he didn't was because he's so busy today too.)

I'm juggling the transition between my changing roles, and a work load that has basically doubled. But you can't work 100% of the time and when I had a sec I went back and reread the whole Sultan Knish blogpost.

It's brilliant. Truly brilliant. It's a detailed account of the late stage symptoms of the mental illness that we call progressive liberalism. It explains why these people can turn literally ANY discussion with a political opponent into an issue of race.

so I' ll say it again here, "YOU REALLY NEED TO READ THIS POST from Sultan Knish." You'll thank me, the same as I'm thanking Ikaika now for going to the trouble of posting the original.


Chess said...

It once again makes me feel like I havent gotten off of all fours and to upright gait.
Maybe I have missed Newt or someone calling the libtards on this but its working. BHO used it on Hiliary and she got so tied up in it that she just stopped fighting back.Its a brilliant manuever as long as you control 95+% of the media.By letting the media do the heavy lifting it gives BHO and Mr. Wipple "?culpable deniability".R%R and supporters get bombarded with playing the race card and cant take a direct hit to BHO.
Its almost subliminal.If R%R bring it up the left takes it and runs with it. It must be true if they bring it up and then try to deny it. In 2008 everytime a bank said we are ok they got slammed more because if they are denying it then they are really worse off.
Tonight Kudlow has Newt on so I am hoping pleading that Newt takes this head on.

A kel-tec 40mm rifle(carbine) has been ordered.Hide it under a trench coat.Gone be a pissed off left if we get veal.

ikaika said...

It will be interesting to hear Romney's speech tonight.

Tom - you have liberty to edit, check, improve my posts. I am an invitee into your establishment - a guest bar-tender of sorts.

Tom said...

Nah... format only (and precious little of that... I don't want Frith to get spoiled) I won't even correct spelling errors - unless they're really egregious.

ikaika said...

no problem

chess said...

what happened to the NASA looking compound bow?

hursday, August 30Race/Topic (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
General Election: Romney vs. Obama Gallup Obama 47, Romney 46 Obama +1
General Election: Romney vs. Obama Rasmussen Reports Obama 45, Romney 45 Tie
Missouri: Romney vs. Obama PPP (D) Romney 53, Obama 41 Romney +12
Missouri Senate - Akin vs. McCaskill PPP (D) McCaskill 45, Akin 44 McCaskill +1

We hate McCaskill so much even an Idiot may take her. The big idiot doesnt stand a chance/.