Thursday, August 16, 2012

On Second Thought, Maybe They Should Re-Think the Hillary Option...

Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe this was one of her more "stellar" moments...

If Team Hussein needs a pinch-hitter for the guy with the low-mental-batting average, it's not going to change much. Although some Democrats "hope" that Hillary will ride in to save the day by playing second fiddle, Bubba will probably tell Hussein to look elsewhere.
The DNC talking points have tried to remind us that "Jawbone Joe" didn't offend with his horrible "minstrel show" imitation of a generic share-cropper of sorts. Nope - Joe tripped the third-rail by incorporating "Chains" & "Shackles". Did he remind people that the Democrat Party was the Party of Jim Crow, Slavery and Robert Byrd? No, but he suggested that we should swallow the putrid pablum of re-written history, and accept the shallow gimmickry - the Bulwarks of the DNC' 2012.
Hillary equally offends with this horrible rendition. Since when do politicians need to be Rich Little while delivering a speech? Does Paul Ryan have to imitate Peter Griffin to get the Rhody Vote?

So enjoy Nurse Ratched here and remind any Democrat acquaintances that they have history of this sort of thing.


chess said...

Stewie would remind the dems that Lincoln freed them----GOP!!!!

chess said...

Brian being sort of a ladies dog would say---once a cow in a pants suit always a cow in a pants suit.

Tom said...

Ah... good old Peter Griffin:

It's totally off topic, but for those interested I saw the Derb this past weekend, and both his health and spirits seem to be much improved. Just an FYI for those who may have been concerned.

Chess said...

I remember tha pix at the bottom.I was thinking what a strange hunting club. In my twisted mind I was thinking that the young dude in the center didnt have a gun. The 2 guys on the outside of him were both teliing him "to run boy!!You get a 2 minute headstart."
I never beleived them folks that told me acid would come back to bite me.
And I also remember that ass!!!

Tom said...

The boy in the middle is Danny Derbyshire, soon to be pvt Daniel Derbyshire US-Army, and no slouch with a shotgun by any means.

The other guys are 'The Derb' himself, and my old buddy Tim.

Tim is much smarter than Peter Griffin, and in my opinion funnier. But he does have an older daughter, a younger son, a dog and a red headed (strawberry blonde) wife. So the comparison is really too close to be avoided.

I don't know who the girl is.

Chess said...

God for him.I do think there are times that a couple years at that age are well spent in a world of some structure.Just pray he isnt sent somewhere bad.
Really off the beatin path..When does the R&R effect start creeping into the market?.Does Mitt need to actually get a decent lead ? I hear some people say that austerity and the market goes down.Im sorry but Im in the camp that actual new jobs and austerity and we take off.
I dont think we can totally regain the Reagan pop and Ronnie's enthusiam cause we have alot more debt and problems but I do believe that there is alot of hope.Just thoughts on a day where tomorow is expiration.

Chess said...

I love this. Cant wait to see how nasty msnbc gets with this man.

Tom said...

This is dangerously close to a contract violation for me to discuss chess. But let me toss this out there and you make of it what you will.

Every dollar spent by the federal government includes 40c of debt. If we balanced our budget tomorrow then 40% of the GDP that is due to government spending would be gone. I can't remember the exact math but I worked through it not too long ago, and as I recall, that kind of austerity (a balanced federal budget) would amount to something like an initial 7% reduction in GDP.

So the question you (and everyone else) should really be asking themselves is:

How much will we 'actually' cut in spending, vs. how much we would gain in economic activity by not having an administration totally dedicated to the destruction of success? there are risk takers out there who would like to do new business but don't dare with Obama running the show. How many is anyone's guess.

Over time, cutting government spending will result in new 'private' business activity in every place where the money wasn't totally wasted. (private companies will not be building bridges to nowhere etc) But that will take time.

Also, if Romney wins, Ben Bernanke will be the first guy out in the snow. It won't save him of course, but I don't think he deserves that. I don't think he's been as bad as people believe.

Cuess said...

I agree with pent up entrepeneurs. If we can get from 25% Gov down to a historical 18-20% I can live with that. I picture a small snowball gradually gaining momentum and size and once that starts it will feed on itself.3-5% growwth would go a long way to closing some of our gaps in everything.
Most of all it would Tell Krugman to shut the F... up.That in itself would make my Sundays mornings alot better.
Time watch some LL World Series.

Chess said...

And I agree on the Bernank.If we had a congress that would have done something constructive Ben wouldnt have had to be front and center...
Im hoping that we have seen the end of QE.