Friday, August 31, 2012

- Revisionist Hysteria

Some Troll was on CNBC this morning taking the position that "Obama didn't raise taxes in his first term", and the other Talking Point will be the phony concept of "Net Job Losses"....
Joe Kiernan has been dilligent in preventing this stupid notion from taking hold, that somehow Hussein should not take any responsibility for his first year in office. More proof of what we will hear over the next 8 weeks. The DNC is now trying to figure out what Obama’s positives were over the last 4 years. Abortapalooza is next week and you will hear stuff about “He didn’t raise taxes” – “he’s didn't lose those jobs”, "That Plant didn't close on his watch", ”He killed bin Laden…” "Who is Jon Corzine? Neva' heard of him..."

I watched the speeches last night. Rubio crushed it. Eastwood was weird. Romney said what he had to say, and he said it well.
I then flipped over to Tom Brokenjaw on NBC and he started drooling and stammering about how one of the biggest job creators was some government program (but again – no one can understand Tom Brokenjaw). I then went over to over to MSLSD: if you want a window into the bizarre machinations of liberalism – this was time and place to do it.
Sharpton was “offended” that Romney campaign used James Brown’s “Livin' in America” as a theme…
Some other MSNBC eunuch on the panel admonished the crowd that while they moaned with disapproval that Obama was going to  lower the sea level, he went into a hysterical rant that “there are engineers working on ways to keep water out of NYC subways!! And these people are laughing about it…”
As if this moron didn’t grasp the fact that Manhattan is an Island and technically – the subways are built below sea-level…  Yes, these people are off their rockers!
He then went on to say that “20 years from now they will regret that they were critical of the president” or some other such nonsense...

My Uncle used to say: "you know you've lost your mind when you start to believe your own BullSh!t"

I laughed out-loud and then it was Larry O’Donnell’s turn to be the craziest nut in the asylum.
While Romney criticized Hussein’s foreign policy (Talking to Iran didn’t stop their centrifuge development, Israel thrown under the bus, & Putin will meet a President with a backbone rather than flexibility…) O’Donnell started lamenting that this was a dangerous – almost war mongering position especially with regard to Iran, and that voters will not want to hear this kind of rhetoric…

Gee Larry, I found Romney's Foreign Policy Points very refreshing. More Spine, less sponge.


chess said...

Manhattan is an island??what?

ikaika said...

nice link - I forgot about that! lol!

Chess said...

I would have fired the media guy for the repubs all the way up to the big Romney who I am video.I think that stole the show plus it boxed in BHO some. what is he going to show? Smokin a joint with his marxist radical friends..Community organizing a garage sale vs saving the olympics?

Clint nailed a few simple points and was wierd but sorta of got the crowd lose.

When Mike Eruzioni is talking how can you not have a 30 second clip on the big wall of them spilling over the boards and throwing the gloves everywhere? How can you not show Parra actually walking in with the 9/11 flag?. Media I think blew some big things.

ikaika said...

meh - it was a Pep Rally for Republicans. You don't gain or lose much from them.
The debates may turn some heads though.
But as Tom says, if you are undecided this late in the game, you are an idiot.

chess said...

Ive been single my whole life so I admit Im clueless as to a womans mind.But after watching the Mitt video how cn there be a choice in their minds??? Honor Family Religious.I just dont gt it?

chess said...

Any thoughts on a bump after last night.

And at least it seems we are getting better at killing the original shooters at these things. Ilike taking the legal system out of these instantly.

ikaika said...

Well there are normal marriage minded women, and then there are strange angry men-hating womyn.

Tom said...

Sorry guys, nuts today.

The "war on women" fantasy isn't really "women". Married women vote slightly Conservative. It's the feminist dogma that's the issue, and only single women are wacky enough to believe it. I think even that is only because they're so focused on other things.

But when they trudge out that tired 70's feminism it's gong to look awful and tired, and ridiculous and delusional. these people have been trapped in an academic time machine, and at the convention it will look like it.

ikaika said...

I know some married women that believ that Bill Clinton wasn't a womanizer.

It's bizarro world. When Paula Jones raised her law-suit and when Ken Starr was ramping-up his Monica investigation, I can at least count a dozen half-wit wives of friends that stood up for Clinton.

One in particular - knowing I was a Repub - stridently announces that "The National Organization of Women are stagfinbg a protest... in support of Bill Clinton!"

I told her to stop and repeat that sentence to her self over and over again before she uttered it in public.

She was then, and still is a democrat dingbat.

Abortapalooza will have many cringe-worthy moments and those dimwit wives that swallow the pablum will gladly accept extra helpings.

This nation is in trouble when it's mothers' openly accept infanticide as nothing more than pesticide.

ikaika said...

I forgot to add kthe other liberal buzz-words I heard last night:
"unwilling to compromise because no-mention of crossing the aisle..."

ikaika said...

The other comment was by George Stephenopopulouse that Romney's speech reminded him of Bob Dole's speech - ergo -0 Romney = Dole, game over.

I can't wait til the Smug is swept out and these jerks are forced to eat their excrement in public.

Chess said...

Ikaika you come up with nice catch phrases that I dont get to hear much anymore.


My ome state is a lock. New Joisy is a bad lock.. Someone in Florida is going to have to get off his ass and stuff some boxes

chess said...

And did they send Eric off to watch the Emporer Penguin march at the south pole?

Where in the world is Eric?

ikaika said...

I like this guy's interactive-art-work.

ikaika said...

another Talking Point:
Clint East Wood Speech Disastrous for Romney Campaign!

this is what NBC is running with - no one else.

Chess said...

Fu..k em.It is our country.
If the job has been done poorly you replace em.
Brokaw kept yapping after it.. Tom should have taken his cue from sports .He should have went out on top with The Greatest generation and left it at that.
i cant wait for my Jummah

That interactive is great.Lots of effort. Love the rooster .