Tuesday, August 14, 2012

- Taken In Full Context

We've all heard this before and most of us have recognized it as a moment when President Obama let his real opinions about how success is achieved slip out. He and the rest of the far left really and truly believe that the only way anyone ever succeeds is if they cheat or if they had help from someone else. I've always assumed it's because he and his ilk have never been able to achieve success themselves, so it's their ego's rationalizing the success of others. But that's just speculation, and is really neither here nor there.

In the same way that Obama comes from the least competitive area of American life (academia) I come from what is arguably the most competitive area. I compete with the absolute best and brightest of the whole world on a daily basis. And if I don't win consistently, I'm out of a job. No tenure out there for someone like me no matter what my politics are, who I impress, or how many drops of African or Cherokee blood I have. It's like that for all of us in roles like mine.

In the business world, talented people are by far the most difficult thing to find. So the trick to success in business is to be that talented person. Make yourself a useful and reliable tool to rich and powerful men, and they will continue to make use of your skills - all the way to the top. By that I mean understand the risks associated with your business, and make it clear that you know when to act, when to wait, and when to throw your cards in. Make the numbers you provide always be accurate, even when they show bad news. Have reasons for the good ones, a clear explanation for the bad ones, and a plan for how to make the bad ones good again.

The thing about business is that it's rational. Business has rules that it must operate under. Show that you understand them, and that you are both reliable and useful, and people will promote you. It takes time, but all things do. It goes faster than you think.

But that's only how it works in business. In Obama's world, who the hell knows what you need. A pretend drop of Cherokee blood, a mixed race relative, an appreciation of relativism, and hard left political view is my guess - but who the hell knows. Judging from Obama's opinion, I think you either need someone to take a liking to you, or you need to cheat.

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Chess said...

Paul Ryan said it very well last night. "president is very sharp and rarely lets his veil down but he did that day.He meant exactly what he said and cant take it back"..Exactly.
And do I really need to see Larry Lindsey "rolled" out and I do mean rolled.Another leftover from W.Please stop.