Tuesday, August 7, 2012

- Timmay Geithner Way Out In Front

This is presented as an outrage because it's not so common yet and according to the piece, contradicts sworn testimony. But in the future this will be as common as a rainy day.

It seems that Timmy Geithner was the driving force behind the elimination of pensions for a bunch of laid off Delphi employees. This first one may be an issue, but going forward, I think virtually all unionized laborers (particularly public employees) will be subject to additional pension cuts whether the law currently allows it or not.

That which cannot continue, won't - even if you have to change the law to prevent it.

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Chess said...

Im sure Harry Reid has a source to dispute this allegation. Yet it cant surprise anyone. BHO would throw the Mooch under a bus to get re elected.