Thursday, August 23, 2012

Triple Whammy! Isaac Approaches with two more behind.

OK - We have Isaac, Tropical Depression 10, and another bugaboo forming off West Africa...
Because of the track and cone of Isaac as projected by NOAA, I will be experiencing the effects of this storm Friday into Saturday and into the maw of the beast Sunday into Monday.
Everyone in South Florida is reminded of Andrew and Wilma, therefore we prepare. This isn't like New Jersey during a snowstorm where local supermarkets turn into a scene from War of the Worlds...
Hurricane season is expected and preparation is orderly here. No one is fighting over the last box of power bars or buying enough D cells to jump-start an Abrams tank... yet. I can't speak for inland, but in the coastal areas, it's been neighborly.
If Isaac is a miss - I figure we'll still get Tropical Storm winds and rain, enough to cut power and inconvenience us. The storm shutters (big steel and aluminum 'mothers') will come down and we will be without sunlight or a view to the storm.
If Isaac is a hit and retains itself as a 'cane, we'll be pressed to consider evacuation.
Either way -We've been prepared in advance for both hunker down or buggin' out. It was part of the deal when we decided to relocate from NJ.
Now if Isaac's extended family (pictured above) decide to make September interesting, we might be stretched, but I believe we'll get by no matter what.
My wife set aside the following items in a few dry containers:
We have enough bottled water for a month, two filtration pitchers, a case of sport drink, a case of energy bars, a few boxes of pasta, rice and other drys, two first aid kits, pocket knives, mosquito repellent, blankets, matches, candles, foul weather gear (boots, overs, etc), an assortment of flash-lights and batteries, a case of toilet paper, a go-bag with extra clothes and toiletries and of course 1 AM/FM/SW radio, and one handheld Police Radio/Scanner.
I'll be topping off my gas tank tonight after work and I have plenty of small bills stashed for SHTF. And of course "Bruno" will be on my hip (as usual).
Did I get everything? Oh yes - there will be gin and limes as well as a stash of Cortez cigars.


Chess said...

Dont forget the Spam...

ikaika said...

Spam and Blam; covered.

Was tempted to make a linguini carbonara substituting the pancetta with spam or pork roll, then I came to my senses.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Some of the current models show it bringing an Irene-like storm to the Mid-Atlantic.

Which wouldn't be as bad this year since it has been so dry. The flooding was bad during Irene mainly because we had so much rain that month as it was.

ikaika said...

heavy rains after a long dry-spell will bring-on flash floods. Not good...

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


Less of a concern in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast (home of the asbestos forest which refers to a lack of forest fires).

The ground doesn't get hard dry like out West. Plus, the vegetation stays green (unless it is a really hard drought) all spring and summer long.

Assuming the storm takes an inland track:

A steady heavy rain will primarily cause problems in the urban areas (sewers can't handle it) and in some flood prone areas (Bound Brook comes to mind).

Assuming the storm comes up the coast:

All bets are off. Hurricane Floyd took that track and dumped upwards of 12 inches of rain. A friend of mine was on a fuel barge in the Hudson at the time. It was only by his actions that the barge didn't dump its fuel into the Hudson. The rain overwhelmed the barge's pumps and drains, causing waters to pour into the fuel hold.