Thursday, August 23, 2012

- Would We Still Shoot Liberty Valance?!

I'm having a whale of a time watching the liberal intelligentsia gasp in horror at Kevin Williamson's suggestion that Mitt "own his alpha-maledom". I believe Kevin is absolutely right, and the reaction of the gaggle of beta males in the media only confirms that for me. But I thought it might be useful to have a bit more perspective to view this narrative from.

Here's the thing, being an alpha make doesn't make you better at things it only makes you dominant. It doesn't make you more handsome, or physically stronger, or 'tougher' in the schoolyard, Bruce-Lee sense. But what it does do is makes you behave in a way that others naturally look to you when it comes time to decide. People just naturally expect you to tell them what to do when they're unsure themselves.

Men and women respond differently to alpha males. Women don't necessarily 'like' alpha males at all. But in a process which is every bit as mysterious to them as to the rest of us, their panties seem to fall off of their own accord when they are around them anyway. They 'respond' to alpha males in spite of themselves and what it is they believe they want in a man.

There is an analogy that the mind is like a man riding an elephant. The cognitive part of our mind is the man who can direct the elephant to go where it wants if it's slow enough and careful enough and makes no sudden moves. But the elephant is the emotive side of us. And when it wants to go one direction or the other, there really isn't all that much the man on top can do about it. All he can do is hang on.

This is the way women respond to alpha maledom. They can't help it. In my experience, they very often don't even like it. But they respond anyway.

For Beta males, the Alpha is another animal entirely. Beta doesn't mean weak. It doesn't mean feminine. It's means subordinate. It means the elephant that you're riding is more comfortable in the back of the line than the front. Being in front involves big risk and big reward. There is far less room for mistakes as an alpha than as a beta so it isn't easier even though it may seem so sometimes to a beta.

And you can't change yourself from a beta to an alpha as an act of will. You either are an alpha or you are not. But whether you are or not is mostly situational. In a speedboat full of Navy Seals attacking an outpost, the congressional staffer on a 'ride along' would be a beta. Take the same team to negotiate a congressional committee hearing and the staffer becomes the alpha, and the Seals (if they know what's good for them... and they probably do) will fall in line behind.

Of course, whether you're good at being an alpha or not has more to do with your elephant than the rider. This is what we mean when we say that some men are 'natural leaders'. It's innate for them... and it makes it more difficult for them to turn it off when they have to. As an example, in my family ALL the men are natural leaders, which leads to nothing but conflict when we're together. But in any other room, all the non-alpha men simply fall in line behind any one of us. I've seen it happen all my life.

In post feminist America, the duality of the liberal position on alpha maledom is striking. Liberal women long for the alpha male but their intellect, twisted by decades of wrongheadedness, reacts angrily toward anyone who shows alpha traits. This has given rise to a new kind of post-feminist man. Someone like Obama who is obviously a heterosexual man but who has idealized only the feminine virtues. But to real alpha's - the kind that actually put the bullet in liberty valance, he just looks like a girl. He'll take to violence the same as any alpha, but he'll only do it wh - not en he's sure to win like a bully - never as part of a fair fight.

One interesting phenomenon that always struck me is how many of my friends (virtually all of whom show strong alpha characteristics) have wives raised outside American 'feminist' culture. And even those that were raised here come from cultures so dominant that they didn't buy into anything Maureen Dowd has had to say. Korean girls, Chinese, Philippine, Chilean, Indian, Argentinian, Danish... even my wife is from Hungary. Off the top of my head I can't think of one of one that has a traditional 'American' wife. Of course, some of us do have American ex-wives. Funny how that seems to have worked out. I guess we're going where we're valued.

But that makes me wonder how much longer 'Americans' will still be known for their John Wayne style brashness. Barry Obama would have never shot Liberty Valance, he'd have only sued him. He'd have had the justice department investigate him for election tampering, and order his taxes audited. They'd have charged him with illegal possession of a bull whip. And all the post feminist women would cheer him for it. But we on our side - we'd have still shot the son of a bitch. And our 'foreign' wives would have privately celebrated us for it and thanked god for a husband with such good sense.

And just like he did with those Navy Seals and Bin Laden, it would have been a guy like Obama would have taken credit for it.

I have a lot more to say on this topic, but this is a working vacation, and my schedule commands attention.


ikaika said...

I had to administer an online cuffing to a lib yesterday.
He assumes that Romney will get 0% women votes. I told him to keep his inadequecies out of politics.

It's not a general belief, but it is a core belief among liberals that women can't reason for themselves.
This is the beta and possible 'epsilon' males that espouse liberalism as a projection of their own shortcomings.

They will cry and scream about the rights of women, and yet they could never stomach the fact that women can be their equals or superiors. Hillary was inferior to them and could only rise to the level of veep if possible.

I'll never go out of my way to tell a woman what to do, but according to liberals women are fickel, weak, stupid and incapable - unless of course they are lesbian or project a air of masculinity that obscures or obliterates any notiuon of sexuality.

They despise Sarah Palin because she is a devoted wife and mother as well as Alpha without the dykish-asexual stereotypes that liberals want our daughters to become.
They despise Bachmann because she has the balls to say what they are afraid to think.
They despise Ann Romney for the same reasons they despise the traditional nuclear family.

chess said...

The dems just added 9 more women speakers to their convention.I expect an Akin look alike to be hung from the rafters.Maybe even a pinatta or whack a mole game. with his likeness.

Anonymous said...

Just one little nit to pick here: As I was saying over at Steve Sailer's place the other day, the Game Theory crowd is very careful to point out that a woman's Alpha Male is not necessarily the same thing as a man's Alpha Male.

A woman's Alpha Male makes women uncontrollably wet between the legs, whereas a man's Alpha Male makes the other men piss in their pants in terror.

Now there is often a large intersection between the two categories, but they are NOT always one and the same.

chess said...

Now that you put it that way I have known a few alpha women..And I always thought it was just dating me that turned them into lesbians

Man Who said...

It's "fixkle", Dom boy--and "liberal" and "conservative" mean nothing when the "Liberals" want to prevent you from marrying a Russian, and the "conservatives" want to borrow trillions from China to invade/occupy Aghanistan. Reification is the mistake of thinking something is real when it is a fuzzy abstraction.