Wednesday, September 12, 2012

...About That Foreign Policy

A somewhat astute scholar of US military history explained to me that he is voting for Hussein because of his successful Foreign Policy. The scholar in question also revealed to me that he always votes democrat anyway, but he felt (without solicitation) that he needed to qualify his conclusion towards election day.
While he agrees that the economy is utterly horrendous and posssibly irrecoverable if we continue this direction, his tipping point was that Romney and Ryan are "War Hawks" and that Romney has already insulted Russia and China. He then said that Romney obviously would start an "unwinnable" war with Iran.
I asked him if he thought there was any "merit" to Condoleeza Rice's speech where she remarked about our obvious lack of foreign policy:
He contended that Condi's words and actions are nullified because of the Iraq War.
It is a duplicitous response from the left, as he believed that Afghanistan was just and Iraq was specious.
However - it doesn't address foreign policy in tutto.
The Lynchpin of why he believes Hussein to be a Master of Foreign Policy:
  1. The death of bin Laden and other terror leaders during his watch
  2. Arab Spring
 The argument was that Hussein was able to insert the SEAL Team into Pakistan without escalating into international turmoil over extradition, invasion etc...
He also believed that the Arab Spring was the epitome of a perfected use of diplomacy. He also commended the appointment of Hillary Clinton to the Sec of State post. I contend that this was designed to neutralize any left-over Clinton venom rather than elevating an astute schoalr of US Foreign Policy. Hillary Clinton is possibly one of the worst Sec's of State in US History : in close company with Madeline Albright and Warren Christopher. I believe Hillary has been fed to the dogs by the administration as an insult to injury. She was a Lawyer, a first lady, and a Senator from New York. The First Lady part gives her a mere-sliver of credibility as a suitable Secretary of State. She has been embarrassed on the world stage, not only by her own lack of knowledge of History and Geo-Politics, but by her own Boss!
That discussion was a few weeks ago. This morning I sent him a note "highlighting" yesterday's events in our Arab Spring nations, as well as a brief history of the Hussein Foreign Policy.
We'll start with the Western Hemisphere:
Obama 'meddles' in Honduras -- and chooses the wrong side
Obama on the wrong-page with his Sec of State re: Columbia Free Trade and Mexico
Obama Alienates Canada And Mexico At Three Amigos
Obama’s Keystone Denial Prompts Canada to Look to China Sales
Brazil Stiffs Obama on Oil Deal, Exposing President's Incompetence
On to Asia:
Eighty Percent of U.S. Asia Policy Is Just Showing Up
Obama's Asia frustrations raise protectionist risks
Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Britain – 2012 edition
President Obama Causes Outrage with Reference to ‘Polish Death Camp’
Obama Chooses to Play Golf rather than attend Poland Funeral
Caught on open mike, Obama tells Medvedev he needs ‘space’ on missile defense
Israel / Midddle East:
Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Israel

I could go on, but I am too angry about the lack of response to the mobs storming the US embassy in Cairo and the Death of the US Ambassador in Lybia yesterday...
... Foreign Policy, Indeed!
Sultan Knish blog deserves to be read today:
Excerpt mine:
So, no we will not fight back after September 11. Nor will we fight back when our embassies are attacked. The good people running things will take stock of what we have done that could have caused this and apologize for it and remind us to feel good about being such good people who diplomatically apologize to others instead of bombing them from the sky. They will feel worse about a burnt Koran than about a dead American because they are sociopaths with no more understanding of right and wrong than the teleprompters who feed them their lines. All their morality is learned behavior and their teachers were liars, morons and lunatics who passed on their disease to the next generation.

Gingrich says,This is not just about Libya. You don’t get, simultaneously, attacks in Benghazi and Cairo, in Libya and Egypt on a purely local basis. And you don’t get them on 9/11, a day we’re already honoring terrorist attacks against the United States, without a fair amount of collusion and a fair amount of planning. I think you have to look at this in a larger context…. There’s a substantial faction, particularly in Benghazi, which was sending people to Iraq to kill Americans. There’s a substantial faction in Egypt which wants to defeat the United States and destroy Israel. That faction looks for opportunities to do things to hurt the United States and yesterday was the example of an attack that’s part of a very long war that we’re going to be at for a very long time.”

I just endured Hillary's mealy-mouthed apology that "a small group was responsible" for the attacks.
What an embarrassment!
Our man chess is correct: this is Obama-stein's Monster run-amok!
Gingrich for Sec of State?


chess said...

Pump up the volume Ikaika.Tom told me a few weeks ago to pace myself and not get to angry but who saw this shit coming(we all did) but not right now.
Once again the Hitler rant of "that cow in a pants suit"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 6:15:32 AM · by moneyrunner · 10 replies
The Virginian ^ | 9/12/2012 | Moneyrunner
"THIS IS TURNING OUT WORSE THAN CARTER: U.S. Ambassador To Libya Killed In Benghazi Attack. That whole Arab Spring thing is looking kinda overrated." Glenn Reynolds The attack on our Egyption embassy was on page 10 of the Virginian Pilot. DANIEL DREZNER: “How in the hell do the attacks in Cairo and Benghazi not make the front page of the New York Times?”#ProtectingObama

Long pissed off day coming.

Tom said...

My whole day is tied up interviewing people so you won't hear much from me today. but I'm surprised how stunningly similar this all is to the Carter era. Weakness is weakness I guess, and our enemy's always notice.

chess said...

Tom.... While you are interviewing try not to look at all the tats and nose rings etc...See their inner person ...And remind them "Hell yes I did build this"

ikaika said...

The apologizers are out in force today. I've been entertained with "why do we have an ambassador their?"
"Who's idea was it to show the movie clip?"
'We should just not get involved?"

This is from the centrists.

Sultan Knish did it again today - spot on.

chess said...

Exactly Sultan............This (other than pizza) is about only thing I like bout Chicago

This is my answer when you want to come over the wall.

ikaika said...

Hillary - apologizes.
They don't get it!
It's not that the attack occurred "at the hands of a small group" as she put it, but as a result the governments and societies to exist without fear of reprisal from the US.
This is the direct result of foreign policy leading with an apology.

This will continue and the Muslim Brotherhood will shrug their shoulders and say "don't look at us".

chess said...

Newt just ripped BHO a new ass saying this was coordinated and 9/11.NOT COINCIDENCE YOU IDIOTS.

Mitt just gave a good comeback

BHO is about to come on heres a song for what you will see

ikaika said...

Tom - while the impression is Carteresque in appearance, Obama made this mess.
Carter: The Shah was run out of town and the kooks took over and Jimmah tried to glad-hand them.
Lybia and Egypt: Obama Admin actively removes the strong-men from power and fill the void with a wink to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even Carter wasn't that bad!

Anonymous said...

To RFNJ moderator: Great job as always. I love your passion.

Am I correct in my feeling that the US is today so emasculated... so devoid of a sense of national pride and manly outrage that unlike Carter's time when Reagan was able to capitalize on our frustrations... the opinion today seems to be, we did this to ourselves, we are hateful..we must learn to respect Islam, etc. I look at BHO. I look at at my streets and see just an enormous underclass, its hand out, its hiphop music loud and subversive, drug addicted, uninformed, angry... it's all going like clockwork right down the toilet. I continue to prep and watch this shit unravel with grim satisfaction that I'm not imagining it. A world on fire, stoked by the internet, a fragile economy that really does need to collapse, 1 EMP away from total breakdown. Find a temperate climate and some good company. We are headed towards historic times.

chess said...


ikaika said...

sultan knish today:
If we do decide to get rid of one tyrant, it would be a very good idea to have a tyrant in mind to replace him. This new tyrant will not be our friend, but he might be sufficiently frightened of us to do what we say. In Libya, we already had a tyrant like that, and we hunted him down and watched him be sodomized to death by the brave Libyan people in the name of freedom, democracy and apple pie. And then nearly a year later, the brave Libyan people were playing with our ambassador's corpse the way that they had with their tyrant's-- because once you unleash the savages, they don't just go back to hoeing olive trees and dragging sacks of sand through the desert. Why would they, when they can make ten times as much by enlisting in a militia and burning our consulates to the ground?

chess said...

Id say BHO cant put these genies back in the bottle .. But then that makes me thing of Jeannie (Barbara Eden) and shes too special to use in a sentence with BHO. Jeannie and I spent alot of special moments together in my early teen years!!

chess said...

Timeline: Obama Admin Took 16 Hours to Disavow Embassy Apology
Thursday, September 13, 2012 5:11:42 AM · by afraidfortherepublic
Breitbart: Big Government ^ | 9-13-12 | John Sexton
A timeline of yesterday's events shows that it took the Obama administration 16 hours to disavow a statement posted on the US Embassy in Cairo website. It appears that the administration's failure to correct the embassy and the doubling down by embassy staff 13 hours after the statement was published prompted Mitt Romney's curt comments about the administration's response. Here is a partial timeline of events. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST), 6 hours earlier than Cairo time. 5:50AM - Cairo Embassy publishes a statement on its website which rejects those who "abuse" free speech. This is a reference...

Id like to shove this up Brian Williams ass.

chess said...

We are a nation of idiots.... The media is so sad I cant begin... We need Radio free America so I can listen to something.
CNBC,...?I guess Ill flip over to Hillbilly Catfishin