Friday, September 28, 2012

- Arm The Populace, And Seal The Border

The title of this post was the advice offered to PJ O'Rourke by a young US Army captain from Texas on how to best handle the situation in Mogadishu. It seems to me the same advice might apply to certain portions of Chicago.

"I never kill before but if I had my.... if I had a gun in my possession" ... Thank god for that across the board gun ban in Chicago huh?

I feel safer already.


chess said...

Tom.Tom.Tom..Just take a big deep breathe and let it all out. They just need mo money for education. Mo money for headstart programs.Mo money for day after contraception.
Mo money for free cell phones. Mo money for "urban housing". Mo money to buy better guns.
And they need yo money to do all dat. where is yo patriotism for the economeeeeeee.

chess said...

I think this solution was already envisioned

chess said...

Didnt know where this would fit .@ videos and the first one says it all. But for the life of me I dont know what you do except kill a few and scare the shit out of the rest... They are way past being reigned back in......

Any ideas other than methodically picking one off and waking the others up?? Any?

chess said...

This am while i was adding more plaque to my coronary arteries it occurred to me that our society was repeating the fate of the Jews in late 30s Germany. How you ask?

It began so small/ Lets burn some books. Lets paint some swastikas on store fronts. And slowly but surely with no resistance the next thing they knew they were being put on trains. 6 million dead . No fight . No revolt. The smart ones had already left.

We are progressing down the same path. 50% live in some way off others taxes. It will slowly get worse and yet no revolt. No rioting by pussy white men as Derbs would say. The smart ones will have left by the time BHO wants all your money and guns and freedoms. Yet just apathy.. Get on the trains America. You will be fine.

P.s. For the 65% of Catholics who will vote for BHO please go fu.. yourselves. You will vote for a man who platform booed God.Whose love of women means nothing but free abortions and contraceptives for 14 yos. May the day come when you stand in front of your maker and he asks " you backed a man that didnt want to recognize my existence?" Yet you want in my kingdom?". Lets see how that works for you.


chess said...

I made a call to tell someone to adjust this bitch's medications.At one time was #3 in line to the presidency... wtf?

chess said...

Sort of an interesting read that I hope is correct for other parts of the country... The comparison of 08 and now when you can wear a R&R shirt and not get cursed at is a good sign.