Monday, September 17, 2012

- Bailing Out The UAW

You have to sell a lot of Chevy Volts to make up for that!

You have to sell even more when GM loses $49,000 per volt it sells, but that's politics.


chess said...

Its a 15 bil transfer out of my pocket to GM.. R&R would have a field day with it...But just wait if BHO gets back into the WH.
This isnt an election .This is a referendum on the stupity of this country.
Tea Party really needs to show up....Mitt may not be the guy they wanted but its easy to see the guy they dont.

Anyone seen Paul Ryan?? Did he go away with Eric Holder??? Dammit. The one guy that can make BHO/BIDEN heads spin and where is he?

Anonymous said...

They lose money on every one but they make it up in volume.